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Fill your empty bottles with water!

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One more mod to fill all those empty bottles with water! This is directly extracted (and improved) from my old "Animated Food Drinks and Chems with Empty Things and Bottled Water Modules" mod.

The main idea is to come up with a bottle filling mod that doesn't make the game too easy. Thus, the water bottles obtained are not those of vanilla game but are new items. Their value is low in order to prevent you from getting rich too quickly, their weight is more than vanilla water bottles (1.5x by default), the dehydration restoration is lower, the radiations from non-purified water bottles more important. The bottles can't be used in recipes (outside purification one) involving water to avoid making those too easy. The goal isn't to give you infinite Rushing Water...
More details below. You can configure the mod to your liking via the MCM.

Short story for people who don't want to damage their eyes:
You can fill bottles by activating any water source while holding the AIM key (mouse: right button, gamepad: left trigger). This function can be disabled meaning the filling menu will pop out when activating a water source.

Details for voracious readers:
  • Never Pure: this option forces pure water source to result in dirty water bottles. Indeed, the main problem with bottle filling mods is, in addition to unbalancing the game economy, making access to pure water extremely easy. Fallout New Vegas is full of pure water sources. This option will therefore attempt to thwart the problem by preventing the player from easily making bottles of pure water and retains the usefulness of spending capsules to buy vanilla pure water from the merchants, or use purification recipe.
  • Bottle Cap Required: This option makes it mandatory to "spend" a capsule to fill a bottle (than could be returned, or no, with another option some lines below). It doesn't change much at the gameplay, it's mostly for the immersion.
  • No Health Regen: simply remove health regeneration from handbottled water. Use only in Hardcore mode.
  • Refinement: with this option disabled, it will be impossible to improve the quality of the mod's water bottles already present in the inventory. If enabled, all lower quality water bottles than the water source will be upgraded.

  • Purified Recipe: this simple option add a recipe allowing the purification of handbottled water at the campfire, requiring the same ingredients as the vanilla recipe for the vanilla water bottles.

  • Weight multiplier: allows you to adjust the weight of the new bottles of the mod. Making them heavier than those in the vanilla game seems to me a good way to limit the ease of play that this type of mod brings.
  • Return Chance: you can adjust the chance (in %) of receiving an empty capsule and/or empty bottle after consuming handbottled water. If the returned bottle chance is set to 0, setting just below will be obviously unavailable.

  • Fav Bottle & Returned Bottle: choose from the following list which will be the favorite empty bottle (the one which will be filled first before the others) and which will be returned if the previous option is activated.

  • All empty bottles from the vanilla game as well as compatible mods will be displayed afterwards. You can choose which ones can be fulfilled and which ones cannot.

  • The mod is compatible with my Animated Ingestibles mod as well as with Food Scraps by the great slippyguy wich I recommend if you want a very great and light "return empty things" mod.
  • The mod also auto-support any mod adding empty bottles to the NVDLC03AllEmptyBottlesLIST formlist (that's why OWB is a requirement). Empty bottles from other mods will be displayed in the MCM following the vanilla ones, so you can choose if they can be fullfilled or not. The mod handle up to 24 empty bottles.
  • I use some colors for the MCM to make it more readable. Sadly, 'Vanilla UI Plus' mod disable all coloring functions for the MCM. So, do without colors or delete the Prefabs/MCM folder in 'Vanilla UI Plus' mod.

Rocket Shaped version:
ZZ version: those files will change the shape of the bottle of water from the mod to a rocket one. YOU NEED either the full mod Nuka Cola World - Drinks and alcohol overhaul by zzjay or the optional file Nuka DEPENDENCIES - For other mods on that mod's page.
Credits to zzjay who ported this awesome 3D model to New Vegas (original by anathlyst´╗┐).
Jok version: simple meshe provided by Jokerine. No requirements.