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It's been 21 years since the release of Core Design's penultimate title, Project Eden, four team members Carter, Andre, Minoko and Amber is back in Fallout 4. Join the Brotherhood, for Maxson, and the mission is destroy the Institute!

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After Project Eden. Carter, Andre, Minoko and Amber is back in Fallout 4.

But after 21 years since the release of Core Design's Project Eden, the game was a last major critical and commercial success for Tomb Raider developers Core Design. But since then, Project Eden was their last major success for UK's Core Design, until the company closed it doors for good in 2010 due to the massive critical and commercial failure of Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness. Due to its major gameplay innovations, technical aspects, and inventive technology, Core Design's Project Eden would become as the influence to many recent video game titles, most notably Ubisoft's Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon.

About the Project Eden

In 2278, following the massive victory for the Brotherhood of Steel during the defeat of the Enclave in the Capital Wasteland and the battle of Adams Air Force Base, the Brotherhood of Steel takes Dr. Joseph Molensky to the Citadel as the prisoner who betrays the Brotherhood of Steel, but the Brotherhood forces Minoko to be a squire. He initiated Project Eden at the behest of John Henry Eden. By 2287, someone need to know about the four individuals whom keeping the Project Eden to the Brotherhood of Steel.

Carter Dorlan

Born in the Capital Wasteland to parents he never knew, Carter Dorlan became the squire of the Brotherhood of Steel by Elder Lyons in 2274. According to Carter, engaging targets at long range meant one did not take too many chances in the treacherous Capital Wasteland to stave off death for another day. When Carter turned twelve in 2277, he took to wandering the wastelands in search of a place called Rivet City. In the course of his travels, he met a squire named Minoko, who was claimed to be an adopted daughter of an Enclave scientist named Joseph Molenski. Minoko always had Carter's back and helped him through the darkest of nights in the wasteland. With her at his side, he could press ahead no matter the horrors that faced him. He told her that she was a Brotherhood squire, out of fear that he might lose Minoko if he revealed that Minoko was a raider or an Enclave recruit. She never learned the truth. She gave him a miniature sentry bot model in his hands, something he always kept on himself regardless of where he went. By then, Carter moved to the Commonwealth searching for a new life with his job as a trader in Diamond City. When he arrived, the raiders were recruiting goons into their ranks and Carter joined up to amass money for his ultimate goal. Though the caps were plentiful, the raiders' lack of scruples and indiscriminate approach to collateral damage were at odds with Carter's personal code and the promise he made to Minoko herself. Reuniting with Minoko, Carter broke ties with them and resumed his duty with the Brotherhood of Steel.

Minoko Molensky

By 2287, dissatisfied with her father Joseph's imprisonment by the Brotherhood of Steel, Minoko Molensky is a grown woman and one of the Brotherhood's finest scribes. Brotherhood through and through, she is as dedicated and decorated as her father when he was younger. In fact, Minoko was one of the Brotherhood squires to have achieved the illustrious rank of scribe, and now joins her father's scientific program, Project Eden. Minoko routinely went on routing super mutants from their various raiding posts in the Commonwealth and would later help her cousin Carter Dorlan defeat the Institute during the battle of the CIT, destroying the Institute's reactor at a glance and just behind Liberty Prime. Minoko fought for Elder Maxson's chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel until his death. Despite her essential leadership position, Minoko continued to fight on the frontlines under Scribe Haylen.

Andre Herderman

Andre Herderman is in charge of all the day-to-day operations of the Prydwen and assisting his cousin Amber Torrelson with training new members. He follows Elder Maxson's ideals on the new direction the Commonwealth faction of the Brotherhood of Steel is taking very closely. He is serious and does not take any crap, but he is also very wise. Like a few others, he was a part of the original expedition that discovered the Cambridge ruins with Paladin Danse. Andre has a close professional relationship with Carter Dorlan whom he befriended since he was a squire. Andre has climbed through the ranks of the Brotherhood of Steel and attained the status of a knight. He acts as an operation specialist, planning many of the offensives in defeating the Institute in the Commonwealth.
Amber Torrelson

Amber Torrelson's earliest memories are of growing up an orphaned teenage girl living in the Commonwealth in 2280. As a child she made a dangerous living by collecting chems until she could afford to open her own chem stand in Diamond City with her cousin Solomon. It was at that time she befriended a future Brotherhood knight named Andre Herderman, and together the two joined together as chem addicts. When the Brotherhood of Steel began recruiting, Amber and Andre agreed it was "the best way out of [their] nowhere lives." Under the command of Paladin Brandis they both became successful soldiers, but a year after being posted to the Prydwen, Andre followed her on assignment. Amber spearheaded a three-day search for the missing squad which ultimately led to a raider outpost. There it was revealed that Amber herself had been killed by the raider leader, and Andre himself had been forced to fleeing from the raider ambush. The experience incited an intense hatred in Amber of most non-humans including super mutants, ghouls, and synths, but she was killed and burned alive by the raiders. By the year 2287, while reuniting with Andre, Amber had resurrected as a prototype robot to become one of Arthur Maxson's most respected senior scribes. Rebuilt and resurrected as a Sentry Bot/Mister Gutsy hybrid prototype, she was assigned a reconnaissance team and dispatched to the Commonwealth to investigate the Institute, but her fortune quickly increased their force to few more survivors.

Sadly, Core Design closed its doors 12 years ago today, but Project Eden was Core Design's last major success. After Core Design closed its doors for good, Project Eden would influenced later video game titles, most notably Ubisoft's Ghost Recon series, starting with Ghost Recon 2.

Many people and gamers still remembered Core Design's Project Eden for influencing Ubisoft's highly successful Ghost Recon series, due to its innovative design, technical aspects, and inventive gameplay mechanics. Starting with the release of Ghost Recon 2, Ubisoft's Ghost Recon series still using Core Design's Project Eden as its main influences. 

Ubisoft's Rainbow Six series is the another video game series that was largely influenced by Core Design's Project Eden. Starting with Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield, Ubisoft's Rainbow Six series still uses Core Design's Project Eden as its primary influence, much like Ubisoft's Ghost Recon 2. In fact, both Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield and Ghost Recon 2 were influenced by Core Design's Project Eden.

Tom Clancy's The Division and The Division 2 were among the newest Ubisoft video games that still using the continuous influence from Core Design's Project Eden, but Ubisoft began to use as their influence for both Ubisoft's Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon series, starting with the releases of both Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield and Ghost Recon 2. Ubisoft called Core Design's Project Eden as the granddaddy of all modern tactical shooters during the early 2000s.

If you endorse this mod as much as it did so, in honor of fallen Brotherhood of Steel Knights and Paladins, please join the Brotherhood and say Ad Victoriam to Carter, Amber, Andre and Minoko!
And if you like and enjoying the original video game where Carter, Amber, Andre and Minoko was originated (Project Eden), please purchase Project Eden (Core Design/Eidos) on PC and PS2.