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Tutorials and resources for creating your own City Plans for Sim Settlements.

Includes a special set of settlement mods to unlock thousands of buildable objects!

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To Players Looking For New Content For Sim Settlements, watch for this logo in descriptions and mod thumbnails!

This Toolkit contains tutorials and resources to show you how to add new City Plans to Sim Settlements!

It also includes the Project Blueprint mods, which unlock thousands of buildable items.

City Planner's Toolkit

This includes a series of PDF guides, and other resources to teach you how to take the settlements you've designed in game, and export them for use as Sim Settlements City Plans that you can share with anyone!

The guides are quite wordy, but most of it is just guidelines on how to create a functional, balanced settlement that will work well with Sim Settlements, the actual tutorial sections are very small, very easy to follow, and most require NO Creation Kit work at all. We've designed an online tool that can convert all of the data, directly into a mod file for you.

Project Blueprint Mods

These are a series of mod that open up new workshop items, these items are all contained within Sim Settlements, which means that sharing City Plans or Transfer Settlements blueprints using this tool will only introduce Sim Settlements as a requirement, rather than the dozens of workshop mods you might have used.

These mods are developers tools that were primarily generated through automation, which means they are inherently rough around the edges, and probably always will be.

If you're looking for easy-to-use, you'll probably want to stick with other workshop mods for many of the pieces in these, but if you'd like the power to use thousands of items, without any new mod requirements - these tools are for you. There are also tons of unique items created specifically for Sim Settlements that you won't find in any other workshop mod.

The Project Blueprint Mods require Sim Settlements and either Workshop Framework or Settlement Menu Manager to use.

SimSettlements.com Support

If you'd like support on this toolkit, or want to discuss ideas, plans, and strategies for building City Plans with others, head to the SimSettlements.com Forums - we've got a huge community, who are passionate about settlement building and love to help with all things Sim Settlements!

Special Thanks

Vaernus of Quarter Onion Games for helping to develop the tools that make this possible!
cdante for Transfer Settlements, without which - City Plans would never exist in the first place!
Donald Strong and Tankthing for putting together all of the documents needed to create the Project Blueprint mods!
Eskanonen for the amazing Scrappy Signs assets!
Ethreon for all of the pieces he let us borrow from his fantastic mods!
Cube for putting in countless hours adding snap points to many of the objects!