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John G. "Ash" Connors, Maya Esteves, Melinda Swanson and Judd Johnson are return in Fallout 4, almost a few years since the release of the PS2 launch title X-Squad in 2000. Join the Brotherhood of Steel, for Maxson, and say goodbye to the Institute!

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It's been 22 years since the release of the ill-fated PS2 launch title X-Squad in the year 2000, John G. "Ash" Connors, Maya Esteves, Melinda Swanson and Judd Johnson are returning in Fallout 4. The PS2 launch title X-Squad is basically a cross between Rainbow Six and Syphon Filter. The PS2 launch title X-Squad went on to become the starting point for Ubisoft's Ghost Recon series.

Elder Maxson calls the new team called the B-Squad (B stands for the Brotherhood of Steel).

About the B-Squad

After the defeat the Enclave, Elder Lyons congratulates the four Brotherhood squires (John G. "Ash" Connors, Maya Esteves, Melinda Swanson and Judd Johnson) into the Brotherhood of Steel's B-Squad program. By 2287, they are welcomed back to the Commonwealth by the Brotherhood of Steel under Elder Maxson.

Ash Connors

John G. "Ash" Connors is loyal to Elder Maxson's command, but his superior attitude to wastelanders is more typical of those in the Brotherhood with lingering sympathies for the Institute. Ash Connors has a very strong patience with wastelanders stumbling into the line of fire. His attitude towards his sister Melinda Swanson suggests he is not convinced that wastelanders should be recruited into Brotherhood ranks. Despite this harsh attitude towards outsiders, Ash cares about the people of the Commonwealth as much as Judd does, and will not hesitate to protect anyone that needs help. Additionally, fighting alongside the Brotherhood of Steel has made him more tolerant about wastelanders. Like any other Brotherhood squires, Ash loathes raiders, feral ghouls, and super mutants. As a squire in 2277, Ash Connors fought for Elder Lyons's chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel until his death. Afterwards in 2287, he became one of the most respected commanders in the Brotherhood of Steel by Elder Maxson. Despite Elder Maxson's leadership, Ash Connors continued to fight on the frontlines. 

Melinda Swanson

Melinda Swanson is a no-nonsense, professional type. She is Ash Connors's second-in-command. He relies on her for her experience and she serves as her sister to Ash Connors himself.

Maya Esteves

Maya Esteves is a worthy fighter, but she has not yet mastered the fine art of conversation, a shortfall that almost led to an altercation with a Diamond City resident. Still, her commanding presence ensures that undesirables stay well away from the Prydwen.

Judd Johnson

Judd Johnson, a "baseball" enthusiast, is the recon of the team. By 2281, Judd Johnson was involved in Elder Maxson's original expedition to the Commonwealth, under Paladin Brandis. By 2287, he is in charge of training initiates and turning them into hard-nosed Knights and Paladins. He is unhappy with Elder Maxson's method of taking on volunteers from the wasteland, but still performs his duty to the best of his abilities.
Surprisingly, X-Squad were listed by critics and gamers as one of the most disappointing PS2 games ever made due to its outdated graphics akin to the PS1 games.

Many people and gamers still remembered EA Games's exclusive PS2 launch title X-Squad for being a starting point for Ubisoft's highly successful Ghost Recon series in 2001, due to its innovative design, technical aspects, and inventive gameplay mechanics. The first Ghost Recon game in 2001 borrows most of its gameplay mechanics from the original PS2 launch title X-Squad.

On the other hand, Bohemia Interactive's Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis also borrows most of its gameplay mechanics from the original PS2 launch title X-Squad, due to its innovative design, technical aspects, and inventive gameplay mechanics.

If you endorse this mod as much as it did so, in honor of fallen Brotherhood of Steel Knights and Paladins, please join the Brotherhood and say Ad Victoriam to Ash Connors and the B-Squad!
And if you like and enjoying the original PS2 video game, please purchase the original copy of PS2 launch title X-Squad on Amazon.