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A self-sufficient, well-protected settlement. Built using only in-game resources (no mods).

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Welcome to Sanctuary City!

Inspired by the pseudo-civilization achieved by nearby Diamond City and the stories of Nevada's Vault City, Sanctuary City is another attempt to spit in the face of the apocalypse. Using scavenged segments of various Vault sites, Sanctuary City boasts some of the best defenses in the Wasteland. The settlement is self-sufficient in resources, and possesses the means to supply many other settlements as well.

All feedback and suggestions are welcome!


  • An impressive wall encompassing the settlement
  • A mutfruit farm and a line of industrial water pumps
  • Two nuclear reactors
  • Functional control switches in the reactor room (and in the switches' respective buildings) that enable you to toggle power on/off for specific sections of the settlement
  • Furnished stores (a clinic, a cafeteria, weapon/armor/clothing/general shops)
  • A gym (featuring the zero-risk exercise bikes from the Vault-Tec Workshop)
  • Jury-rigged repairs/furnishings for the pre-existing houses
  • Two brand-new furnished apartment blocks
  • A Power Armor garage
  • An Overseer's office
  • Overseer's/Player's housing
  • *NOTE: Non-Workshop items that you see in the screenshots (like dishes, Power Armor, displayed weapons, etc.) are not included in the blueprint

IMPORTANT Notes for importing/using this blueprint:

  • Remove all junk/furniture/etc. possible before importing. This blueprint uses up a lot of available space.
  • Finish all of Preston's/Sturges' starting quests for Sanctuary (build beds, defenses, etc.) before importing; a quest bug might occur if you download before all steps are finished.
  • DON'T "fix power grid" if prompted in the workshop menu (I forget if that's a base game feature or if it comes with a "transfer settlements"/workshop mod); it seems to actually break the proper reception of power in areas of some buildings. The power grid isn't actually "broken", you shouldn't have to worry.
  • Follow the mod's suggestion to leave the settlement for a while after importing to give it time to... well, settle.

Required mods:

  • None
  • *besides Transfer Settlements, duh

Recommended mods:

Required DLC:

  • All

About the Creation Club "required" content:

Apparently this blueprint lists Creation Club Content as a requirement. I'm not sure where that could be (if you spot anything, please let me know!), but it should only be an item or two at most. Don't worry about it.