Fallout 4

About this mod

42 Settlement layouts made with the Workshop Framework
Desperatly looking for your son? Need more resources? Have no time to build a proper settlement for all new friends?
I am the architector, IDK where is your son, but I got you covered buddy:
tap a few buttons, and go on with your avengeful journey!

Permissions and credits
/I am not a native english speaking person, and I am so sry for my bud englesh/

I am helping people build some place safe to live.
26 settlements are covered by 42 layouts and more blueprints will be added soon. Very easy to use.
Nothing fancy - only useful objects and solid walls. Performance friendly - minimum decorations . 
Only vanilla game + main DLC objects that can be build in the workshop mode - no more mods.  

In short:  "Praktisch. Quadratisch. Gut."

This collection may be very useful for those who want to do some other things, than building a settlement.
It contains moslty a FORT-style settlements with all resources covered for proper functionality: 
all workbenches, defences (turrets), crops, water, trading emporiums, beds, and artillery piece.
Minimalistic Industrial design. Nothing extra - only practical things.
I am into game mechanics - not into design, and thus I left the decoration work for your own ingenuity.
You think about quests, I think how to make your settlements work properly. People say "I`ve got your back".

This is not a mod itself - only layouts (blueprints), compatible with the vanilla game(+DLC), thus safe to use with anything. 
To apply them in your settlements you will only need the Workshop Framework mod. And a few other mods to make it easier.
Tell me if you would like to have this WSFW layouts to be converted into Transfer Settlements  bluprints - I will add them in downloads section. You may do it yourseself if you wish. At this point I'm not sure if my works are in great demand. And WSFF is much faster, compact and easier ti use.

The balance between weird game mechanics, usefulness and realism.
All assets are vanilla Fallout 4 + 6 main DLCs. - Don`t be bothered to install anything else - just take it and use!
All settlements are well tested in the game. And happyness is alright!
All objects are well alligned to each other, to the surface and to other inital location objects.
All resources are accesible and working fine. - Settlers will always find the ways to thir goals.  
All defences are in the right places and effectively repel attacks. 
All NPC vanilla animations are not blocked! - Even traveling traders was taken into account.*
As well, I am trying to check and avoid blocking settlment workshop, spawn and attacker markers, to exclude possible issues.


Raze My Settlement - OPTIONAL to make it faster and cleaner 
Scrap Everything - OPTIONAL to make it even more cleaner and necessary for a few layouts
- Place Everywhere - OPTIONAL may be used instead of the Scrap Everything to adjust and remove some objects (extra selection option)
- Transfer Settlements - ALTERNATIVE: WSFW log files (in the archive) may be easily converted into TS blueprints in a few seconds, so...


LIST OF LAYOUTS (blueprints): 

NAMING KEYWORDS are selfexplanatory:

The therm "vanilla" used here not in the meaning of modding the game itself, but reffering to unscrappable objects in the vailla game, that could be removed by mods. And thus layouts are still 100% compatible with vanilla game, but their objects may intersect with original location`s objects giving unpleasant looks, while this building method is possible and often used in the pure unmodded vanilla game.

"VANILLA" (Fort) -  99.99% compliance with the original settlement layout. In some cases one or two objects will be needed to be moved. Mostly crops. all objects are built  OUTSIDE unscrappable vanilla objects. Except the rare and necessary cases: e.g. a big tree at the County Crossing that needed to be included in the walls for better allocation, but it does not interfere with anything, only having a weird view.

"FORT" - 90% compliance with the original settlement layout - intersects with some vanilla objects. some work may be needed to adjust buildings; or using the Scrap Everything (or Place Everywhere) to remove obstacles, thus you may have it as intended by my plan. And I always trying to think well on my plans. Anyway, many of the "Forts" could be used and still working alright without changing anything, just having a weird looks with intersected objects. "FORT" design just ignores some vanilla "silly" objects in order to have a better look as a fort. I scrap such objects in my game, but I test all layouts without Scrap Everything. Oh, just try and deside for yourself - it only takes a few minutes!

"REPLACER" - replaces vanilla "damaged" and other "bad" buildings. Many objects are built "inside" the vanilla objects, mostly with the similar coordinates (x,y,z), if possible, because some objects used in the vanilla game are not the same scale as given in the workshop.
Replacer`s Moto: "The door is a door". Thus replacers may be used in vanilla game to "repair" or "fix" vanilla buildings - just remove everything that blocks the way in the workshop mode. Some replacers have their own foundations, some are not (see layout comments in the game), or even better - check the layout before scrapping, to see what you really need to scrap, then reload clean location, do a scrap job, then apply layout again.

"FORTRESS" - a huge structure that covers most of the building area. Meant to be used with Scrap Everything. Jamaica Plains and County Crossing (in the version 0.0.8 County has vanilla version of this layout).
"BASE" - just a small base with all workbenches, a bed and a waterpump. no resources. 
"OUTPOST" - settlement built and used as a raider`s outpost. Nuka-world objects may be presented.

".10p", ".15p", ".20p" - target population, or rather aproximate scale of the settlement

"Julia", "Teo" and "Bruno" (coming soon) - just a naming prefix used to make a unique names of the different blueprints for the one settlement. Though they vary on styles a little (or not). You will understand it easily when you check the resulting outcome in details. 




I use Scrap Everything and "precombines" turned "ON". I have a small hit to FPS in my settlements after full cleaning.
"Fortress" is most demandable: about 20FPS. "Replacer" almost not noticable. "Vanilla" and other "Forts" cost about 10FPS.


This is a work in progress . The target objective is 50+ blueprints in total and all settlements covered. The .zip archive (optional ) already consists much more than 50 layouts. As well it has logs with scrap profiles for Scrap Everything users . Also logs from this archive may be used to create standalone .esm, Transfer settlment blueprints or your own collection.

*Graygarden initial robots animations is a haywire, but this is more a vanilla game issue. I`d say - do not remove their old crops, use "Bruno" Vanilla layout - the area with crops is clear, or use "Julia" layout and remove concrete foundations in the main building and you`re good.