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ScanTheCat and Dividus and DjxJt13

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The mod you didn't know you need! Buildable Debris ranging from concrete, to metal, wood and more!

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Have you ever wanted to build a scrapyard but you lacked the crap to decorate it? No? Well now you want to! Always got the feeling carpets ain't doing the trick with filling all those empty spaces on your wide ass floors? Well grab your shit and be ready to throw it all over the floor! Introducing: Just Debris; spicing up the wasteland with destruction since 2077!


!!Disclaimer!! This mod contains objects that are only removable with console commands. They are marked with !!, for example "JD-!pile of rubbish!", they are also detectable by looking if they've got an outline around it. If they do not have an outline they are not removable with the building system and have to be removed with console. They are only removable by selecting them and writing "disable" in the console. We're currently working on fixing this but for now be very carefull when placing them.


Unlike all other "Cleaner Settlements" mods, this mod adds about 140 Debris objects to your workshop under the floor covering section. It ranges from concrete to wood, metal and more stuff! All new added workshop objects are from the base game but have been modified for building. It has no custom menu for now to avoid conflicts with other mods that adds custom menus.
The diffrence when using Just Debris and not using it while building by DjxJt13

Video by DjxJt13

Video by Oxhorn

Video by CordlessVII


Place everywhere by TheLich is required when using Just Debris. Without place everywhere it would be extremly hard to place anything where is looks good.
Just Debris does not require any DLC. Just the base game and place everywhere. 

-Bugs and adding things

If you want any debris objects added to the mod let me know in the forums-tab and if I see it and believe that it's a valid object for this mod I'll add it and release an update with that included. More objects will be added in time.
If you're experiencing any bugs while using just debris feel free to post about it in the bugs section. I'll try to fix any bugs that are known.


-ScanTheCat for making the mod.
-Dividus for ideas, motivation, pictures and other
-DjxJt13 for idea and motivation, pictures and other


Don't redistribute this mod within your own mods or on other pages without the author's permission! You all know the rules, but I guess it should be mentioned either way.

Yours truly