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Ever feel like scrapping everything in your settlement? With this mod, you can scrap houses, grasses, trash and debris, roads, sidewalks, and much more!

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To use this mod across the entire wasteland (with mods that let you build anywhere) change the following line in your fallout4.ini (under the heading [general] ): bUseCombinedObjects=1 to bUseCombinedObjects=0. Do not use the ini edits otherwise, they hurt more than they help. This can also be set using the FOMOD installer. 



Put this file at the absolute END of your load order, or else you will get areas in which scrapping doesn't work as advertised!

This mod fixes the glaring oversight Bethesda made when they chose to only make a small fraction of objects able to be scrapped. With Scrap Everything, you, the user, has the final say on what stays and what goes. Want to scrap your settlement down to the bare bones and have yourself a whole bunch of empty land to go wild on? Done. Want to scrap things like trash, debris, vines, bushes and even dead machines, animals, and people, but leave the buildings and trees? Done. This mod allows you to scrap literally everything in each and every one of your settlements, should you so choose. 

This mod scraps everything that these mods do (and more): Spring Cleaning, Scrap Dead Things, Scrap Scrap, Scrappable Commonwealth

Permissions:Users may change, modify, add, remove, etc. whatever they want for PERSONAL USE. If you want to upload a MODIFIED VERSION or a TRANSLATION, YOU MUST GET MY PERMISSION VIITS'S PERMISSION FIRST! This mod is NOT to be made available on ANY other site without my permission, with the exception of ONE COPY for ARCHIVAL PURPOSES ONLY (ONLY on dedicated mod archive sites).

In order to upload ANY VERSION of this mod (whether it be a modified, archival copy, or a translation) you MUST:
1) contact me VIitS (and wait for a reply). If I do not reply to you within thirty days of your message, chances are I have gone AWOL (you still have to follow the other rules, though). 
2) credit me as the original author
3) Provide at least one CLEAR AND VISIBLE link on the main page of the mod's description back to this page (unless the Nexus gets shut down for some reason).

Edit: As shadowslasher410 has relinquished control of this mod to me (VIitS), I am the one you would need to contact for permission.  

No, this is NOT going to be ported to any type of console due to memory issues, lack of debugging, and the fact that Bethesda.Net has an absolutely HORRIBLE interface for uploading and maintaining mods. PLEASE STOP ASKING ME!!



Is this your first time installing a Fallout 4 mod? Please go here and make sure you have followed the instructions in order for your mod(s) to work!

Nexus Mod Manager/Mod Organizer:
Download the file and add it to your mod manager of choice. For NMM, use the "Add Mod From File" button (it looks like a green + sign in the "Mods" tab) or use Mod Manager Download option. For Mod Organizer <TO BE ADDED>. Then simply install the mod, make sure it's enabled (AND LAST) in your load order, and play!

Manual: Unzip Scrap Everything.zip and transfer the Scrap Everything - Core.esp file into your Fallout 4/Data folder. If you want DLC support, make sure to add the respective plugins to your Data folder as well. Go here for more information on installing mods manually.



  • sprinting bug - Use the .ini file provided or add fPlayerDisableSprintingLoadingCellDistance=0 to your Fallout4Custom.ini under the [Gameplay] heading (if the heading or the file doesn't exist, create it).
                       - Note, this bug was fixed several years ago. If you are experiencing this bug, it won't hurt anything to add the line to your .ini file, but it only occurs if you have an extremely broken mod loaded. 


This mod allows scrapping of the following:

Everything in each one of the 30 settlements (including Home Plate, Boston Airport, and Bunker Hill)!

Update notes for 2.4 and newer are available from the Logs tab under Changelogs.

v 2.2 -
   • Added Nuka World support
   industrial frames (those giant beam things next to walls)
   quarry stone blocks
   Monorails (trains)
   Redid the Precombined/Previsibility in the Mechanist's Lair and Vault 88 - no more FPS drops/texture issues/world randomly disappearing bugs
  Redid the fomod installer to include the Nuka World Add-on as well as more .ini options for the folks too lazy and/or those who don't want to do it themselves.
v 2.1 -
   • Greatly expanded Far Harbor and Automatron support (pretty much everything that can be added to a scrap list is added now)
   • More work on dividing up the more general categories into multiple, more specific categories (no, I'm not going to tell you all the categories I added, there are like 50 of them...)
v 2.0 -
   • Added Far Harbor and Automatron support (in separate plugins)
   • Separated all the different types of roads into separate formlists
v 1.96b -
   • Preliminary beta version to try and fix the occlusion bug
v 1.95 -
   • Renames certain objects (that I added names to) for better compatibility with NX Pro Farming mod
   • Allows all types of flora (that you can't store in the workshop) to be scrapped (no, I don't know how to make them storeable) (Examples: hubflower, bloodleaf, glowing fungus, thistle, etc.)
   • Preliminary work for allowing scrapping of everything in non-settlement areas (Vault 111, Goodneighbor, Diamond City, etc.) when used with mods that let you build anywhere
v 1.91 -
   • Removes Light Sources scrapability to fix lighting bugs that appear as a result of light sources being scrappable
   •  Adds components for the new categories added in 1.9 (I forgot to add the components in the last release)
V 1.9 -
   • Names for ALL the objects my mod lets you scrap
   • Light Sources (the actual beams of light itself)
   • Overhauls the categories (formlists) and adds about 15 separate categories for objects that were once part of a larger general category
   • More dead people/animals/machines
V 1.8 -
   • COMPLETE SCRAPABILITY FOR ALL THE SETTLEMENTS!!! YAY!!!! (well, preliminary scrapability, anyway. I probably missed a few things here and there - Make sure to tell me if you find anything you can't scrap!)
V 1.7 -
   • Complete (hopefully) scrapability for Covenant, Starlight Drive In, Tenpines Bluff, and Oberland Station
   • Also (hopefully) complete scrapability for Outpost Zimonja, Greentop Nursery, Graygarden, and Croup Manor
   • Pier kit pieces
   • Lots of different Industrial Machines
   • Many types of lamps and lights
   • Roads that I forgot to add earlier
   • A couple of greenhouse water pipes that I missed
   • Covenant NPCs (plus Deezer and Covenant turrets) - may not work on the two generic settlers (if it doesn't just use the console to disable them)
   • Just a ton of random things in lots of different categories
V 1.6 -
  • Spectacle Island scrapability (except for some areas underwater, which will be added post CK because I don't know their location coordinates)
  • The Castle scrapability (except for the walls - scrapping the walls causes major crashes)
  • Stone walls (the low crumbling kind)
  • Lots of different house kit pieces
  • Skeletons and certain dead settlers/raiders/traders/etc.
  • Boats and Barges
  • Consoles and Console towers
  • Lots more miscellaneous stuff...
V 1.5 -
  • Complete (hopefully) Red Rocket, Abernathy Farm, Home Plate, and Sunshine Tidings Co-op scrapability!
  • Most (if not all) Industrial Kit pieces
  • Silos
  • Lots of different kinds of pipes
  • Most (if not all) Deco Kit pieces (note that most of these still need names, which I will do post CK because Bethesda's labels are confusing)
  • certain types of Billboards
  • retaining walls (those stone walls in Sanctuary and other places)
  • Most (if not all) Warehouse Kit pieces
  • Most (if not all) Greenhouse Kit pieces (plus pots and planters)
  • Shipping Crates
  • Seaweed
  • Those advertisements painted on the sides of buildings
  • telephone/electric poles
  • Stone debris (commonly found in the Castle)
  • Lots more stuff that I'm probably forgetting about...
V 1.4 -
  • Fixed a disappearing building at Egret Tours Marina... Whoops!
  • Added Most (if not all) wood and metal shack pieces
  • Added those big static wood and metal shelves
  • Added grocery store shelves (at red rocket)
V 1.3 -
  • Support for existing scrapable items (vines, trash, etc.)  has been added in all settlements, plus non-settlement workshops like Boston Airport
  • Castle debris piles (the ones I know I can safely scrap)
  • Most (if not all) types of trash, debris and decals
  • Most (if not all) types of rocks (statics only. no static collections)
  • Most (if not all) types of roads and sidewalk pieces
  • Certain types of posters
  • Swimming pool pieces
V 1.2 -
  • kitchen cabinets in the players house
  • partial Red rocket and Abernathy farm scrapability
  • NPC invisible furniture markers (no more hammering away at nothing!)
V 1.1 -
  • Posters
  • Certain types of rocks
  • Dormer (upper house part/roof)
  • Fireplace
  • Other stuff that I missed with the first version (different types of objects detailed below)
V 1.0 –
  • Sanctuary house walls, foundations, carports (where the cars are parked) and roofs
  • Grasses, shrubs, trees, hedges, vines, brambles, leaf piles, and other plants
  • Sanctuary Roads and sidewalks
  • Halloween decorations (pumpkins, skulls, cats, skeletons, and more)
  • Ceiling, floor, and wall lamps and lights
  • Candles (and melted candle puddles)
  • Playground Equipment (monkey bars and jungle gym)
  • Floor grates
  • Office papers
  • Trash and debris
  • Dogmeat’s Doghouse (can’t be scrapped when he is in it, so make him move before you scrap it)
  • Kitchen counter (there was a type that wasn’t scrapable)
  • HVAC units (found in the laundry rooms of the Sanctuary houses)
  • Towel hooks (in the bathroom)
  • Bathroom grab bars
  • Makeup? Drawer (in the bathroom)
  • Fire extinguisher holder
  • Showers and shower curtains
  • Soap trays and toilet paper holders
  • Wallpaper scraps (the flowers sometimes found on the walls in certain houses)
  • Ceiling fans
  • Foot Paths (in the backyard of some houses in Sanctuary)
  • (static) oil lanterns
  • Planters
  • Garden hoses
  • Thermostat
  • Plywood door