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Craftable plywood, wire mesh, and corrugated metal floor patches using the game's existing resources.

Permissions and credits
The Idea
Upon the release of Window Boards I found many comments asking for horizontal versions of the boards released in the mod. After some digging into the comments I realized that some people already had ideas in mind of how to implement this, so I did. What we have is Craftable Floor Patches. Note that these are not simply horizontal versions of Necrocytosis' boards.

How It's Done
Using existing meshes and textures in much the same way as mods such as Art Gallery, there are approximately 200 variations of corrugated metal (15-20 unique meshes, with 8 or so recolors), 7 variations of wire mesh, and about 70 various wood pieces ranging from planks to pieces of plywood. All of these meshes exist in the game as is, and if you happen to find them in your settlements already you should be able to store them or move them around.*

*I haven't actually tested this part, but hey, nothing like empty promises to start your day, right?
I have actually tested this now and it works wonderfully! Any instance of these statics you find in your settlement workspace will be storable and moveable. This includes in instances where your settlements have been expanded beyond the vanilla borders (provided the the beyond areas have been scrap-enabled).

Installation Instructions
Download and activate via NMM (provided I actually know how to activate the button!).
Drag and drop the .esp file into your Fallout 4/Data folder and activate using your favorite mod-activator-thing.

The wood patches have been added to the default Wood Misc section under Structures -> Wood -> Wood Misc. The metal patches have been added to the default Metal Misc section under Structures -> Metal -> Metal Misc. Metal Misc may be unfamiliar for some as I'm not entirely sure if there was anything in there in the vanilla game, but there will be with this mod, and that section should now appear now that it is populated. The point here is that there are no compatibility issues for the menus, specifically. I recommend using Settlement Keywords. But it is not required for this mod to work.

There are, however, minor compatibility issues with the following mod(s):

Spring Cleaning
- The issue here is minor, but annoying. Spring Cleaning adds many of the wood pieces in this mod to the Scrap list, which disallows moving them around in your settlements. Check out the optional patch if you're using Spring Cleaning! It rectifies this issue.

: There are now two patches for Spring Cleaning: one for those that use the .ini version (ESP) and one for those that use the 'main' version (ESM). Choose appropriately based on what you're using. CTDs will be caused if you choose poorly.

Scrap Everything - Same issue as Spring Cleaning. Fixed in the optional patch!

If you are using both Spring Cleaning AND Scrap Everything you will need both patches. I'm not sure how common it is to use both, but I figure someone will ask eventually. They should merge together fine using the Merge Plugins Script for xEdit if you need to consolidate your load order.

Further Notes
All of the pieces in this mod have Simple Intersection properties enabled already using the properties from the plywood tiles already modified by that mod. Whether this will help or break them, I'm not sure. I laid them out pretty for pictures, but I haven't built anything with them. As well, because there are SO MANY corrugated metal pieces, they have been tagged with the letter 'z' at the front of them to make sure that they load at the end of the Metal Misc menu. The other pieces are all interspersed alphabetically.

Window Boards - Necrocytosis for making the mod as a sort of inspiration and the many commenters on that mod for further inspiration.
Automation Tools - I'd still be working on this if it weren't for matortheeternal and company. These scripts have saved my life. Sort of.
Spring Cleaning - Thank you Nverjos for not only making your fantastic mod, but...I, uh, also used and abused your FormLists for the wood pieces.
Fully created using xEdit. Thanks to zilav and team!