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Get ready to explore the DLC's!
* All companions available
* All settlements connected
* Non-Moded savegames to have a secure and save starting point (tsg1 only, tsg2 and higher use a mod for 'clean up')

I've played over 800 hrs without DLC's, this savegame is supposed to give a headsup start to conquer those new lands.

Permissions and credits
Fallout 4 - The Save Game (TSG)
With TSG I wanted to have a 'basic' start for my prefered gameplay: Building Settlements
Keyword beeing 'building', not 'establish good connections and secure the neigbourhood'.

This said, I've prepared TSG for myself - to continue after the part I'd played often enough - and be ready to start with all the DLC content.
TSG was played completly without Mods - to verify a clean and proper ability to continue from where TSG lets you 'start'...

Also, since I've played each faction at least once, I've completed the MAIN STORY LINE quite often already as well,
so TSG makes sure I dont have to replay that again. (I had 800 hrs gameplay before I got my hands on (all) the DLC's!)

So while all factions are still open to join, all companions and special NPC's are already recruted.
With Curie still beeing a Robot.

I was so focused on removing Mods, that I only realized very late that I still had the DLC active.
I didnt start any DLC quests just yet, however, one of the recieved BoS quests sends you to Far Harbor.
While I ignore that quest for now, I also have no idea how this would behave if you want to continue this savegame without the DLCs - then again, TSG is not intended to be played without DLC, as I've done that more than enough times.

Character Info:
  • Name: Nora
  • Gender: Female
  • Age/Lvl: 40-49 (obviously depends on savegame; 1-10 Perks to spend)

Special Faction Info:
  • Minutemen:
    • Played too many times in my non-DLC-times, so....
    • Preston is still in Concorde Museum (tsg1 + tsg2)
  • Rail Road:
    • was used to do the teleporter plattform to enter the Institute (Outpost Zimonja)
    • unlocked ballistic weave
  • The Institue:
    • I love the institute for fast travel in survival
    • 1 more quest (Massfusion) and you'll sign up (was required to get X6-88)
  • Brotherhood of Steel:
    • was only played to get Danse

TSG comes with 6 savegames:
First a very brief overview:

  • TSG1: Basic starter
  • TSG2: Cleaned up (Req. Mod: "Scrap Everything" from here on!)
  • TSG3: Access to Vault 88
  • TSG4: Access to Mechanist Lair
  • TSG5: Minutemen done anyway - for really ALL settlements (Preston @ Outpost Zimonja)
  • TSG6: 'Start' in Nuka World (to allow an easy 'Raider Start')

A Detailed overview:
  • Savegame 1:
    • All villages accessable (Exceptions: Spectacle Island, The Castle & Warkwick : I cant set up a route to 'The Prydwen' for some reason)
    • All companions available
    • Basic working routes established
    • At least 1 bar and 1 scraping station per village
    • Curie's Synth Quest available
    • Notes on "Murkwater Construction": Upon Discovery, it'll has 'buged' (still, even on 3rd playthrough) trading routes - at least on my end - I hope it's better for you ; This said,  I had to get there for tsg5
  • Savegame 2:
    • Cleanup (like: dead bodies, un-scrap-able stuff, aso)
    • Requires Mod: Scrap Everything to see the cleanup ; Playing without this mod leaves the settlements 'dirty'.
    • Notes on "Egret Tours Marina": House had 'loose' floors anyway, so I removed all the debris
    • Notes on "Coastal Cottage": Garage House had 'loose' floor too, but had to keep it, so at least something could be placed -> beds.
    • Notes on "County Crossing": The floor in the default house was 'loose' to begin with
  • Savegame 3:
    • Vault 88 is ready to be built within
    • Spectacle Island is now available for fast travel
  • Savegame 4:
    • Convinced the Mechanist to stand down
    • Connected Mechanists Lair to the settlement trading routes
    • Isabel Cruz @ Mechanist Lair
    • Jezebel @ Graygarden
    • Ada @ Red Rocket
    • Got MacCready's 'Killshot'
  • Savegame 5:
    • Rescued the wannabe Minuteman Preston...
    • Conquered the Minutemen Fortress
    • Kingsport Lighthouse
    • Murkwater Construction
    • Preston's Location: Outpost Zimonja
  • Savegame 6:
    • Cleared Nuka World Entrance
    • Followed Gage's advice and killed former leader
    • Talked to Gage
  • Savegame 7 (optional, modded !!):
    • Added 5 Vaults using "Build your own Vault"
    • Player Start is the MM Castle - Vault, see 'Description.txt' for the intro-story.
    • Includes a 'minimal' plugins.txt file of what I consider the most basic and generaly required mods
    • OPTIONAL: Clothed vault dwellers with skimpy clothing using Serphajins Outfit Sets, requiring: EasyGirls and Absoulte Skimpy Attire ; these 3 can be ignored ; but you'll need to re-dress the settlers (Original clothing is in their inventory).
    • If you want to start as a synth (intended 'story'), use "bat tsg7", if you want to play as regular human, just use "showSpecialMenu" --> This allows you to play with different names!
    • (NOTE: I consider this a synth G4 allthough it has less SPECIALs than ANY vanilla npc that is G3).

Final Note:
This applies to TSG1 - TSG6.
While you may like the stats and perks I've chosen, you can change them (and your NAME!!) pretty simple.
Just open the console and enter:
bat tsg-script

The first line will reset all your stats and perk points, so you can actualy use the "showSPECIALmenu" without loosing points.