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Makes some stuff scrappable in Conquest created settlements.

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I created a settlement using conquest at the Red Rocket in Lexington.  I wasn't quite happy with all the garbage sitting around that I couldn't get rid of.  So I downloaded the Creation Kit to see if I could do anything about it....

To be honest, I am a bit suprised that this works.  What I really need is a few guinea pigs... erm... people to download this and goof around with it.  I'd like to know if it: works for other people in the same location, affects other locations, or does absolutely nothing for you.

The test to see if it is working would be to make a settlement at the red rocket in lexington (I put my workbench behind the red rocket) and try to scrap the nuka cola machine laying on it's side.  I was able to scrap all kinds of stuff after creating my mod, including the big coolant price sign out front.

The only thing I really did was some formlist editing on the busted up nuka cola machine behind the red rocket, and somehow it made all kind of other stuff scrappable... Intentional? Nope!  Did I want that to happen? You bet!  Don't know how it works, don't care so long as I can clean up the trash!

There are not any dependencies on the following mods (although I did mark them as required), but installing this mod without them would be pretty pointless.

Conquest - Build New Settlements and Camping - by Chesko

Scrap Everything - by shadowslasher410 and Kuroitsune

Install this mod using NMM.


I am not responsible if it breaks your save game or melts your computer, download at your own risk!

Thanks to Chesko for an incredible mod that'll let you make the commonwealth your own!
Thanks to shadowslasher410 and Kuroitsune for letting me scrap all that crap laying around, it was driving me crazy!

(8/3/16) - I had the PITA invisible pip boy bug today after exiting power armor.  It could just be a coincidence that it happened when using this mod, although it sounds like plenty of people have had this bug before without mods.

Just in case, here's how I fixed it (copy & pasted from this steam thread: https://steamcommunity.com/app/377160/discussions/0/496881136906736235/?ctp=4#c392184522707238600 )

Mar 24 @ 2:28pm
player.equipitem 001909D6
(This is the AtomCat Item code from base game)
Enter Power Armor
player.removeitem 001909D6 (untill item count = 0)
Exit Power armor
Player.removeitem 00021B3B
(This is pip-boy item code from base game, remove untill itemcode = 0)
Player.additem 00021B3B
player.equipitem 00021B3B