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Cleanup of the area directly around Diamond City.

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Ever feel disgusted by the filth around what is arguably the oldest, most well defended "city" in the commonwealth?

Then LCatDCParking is for you.  

What started as a simple cleanup of the parking lot near Mass Pike East for a Conquest settlement, rapidly turned in to a cleanup and security upgrade for the block Diamond City sits on.  I mean come on!!!  210+ years and no one bothered to clean the seagull droppings off the ground near the statue?  Kessler didn't set up a covered caravan stop? Only half dozen guys defending the place with next to no turret support? And don't get me started on the nasty amount of trash, junk and filth in the area.

This mod removes the vanilla mongrel dog and rad-roach spawns from the roads around D.City, while leaving all the green-skin and raiders in place and untouched. Caravan support is increased with the addition of the caravan trade post. Also added are Covenant walls with some additional turrets to help the security detail defend the area. Trash and junk vehicle removal.

!![NOTE 1]!!  If you are using a mod that adds additional creatures to the area, like Varx's More Spawns (High version is what I use) Bring lottsa ammo and move fast! Picture a very large pack of mongrels with nothing to block/slow them in the parking lot!!!

[Note 2] No turrets on the walls near Mass Pike East as they angered the Raiders. Messing with or adjusting encounter areas farther out than the parking lot itself was NOT on the list.

[Note 3] You can drop this mod in to your game at any time.  Not sure about removing it mid game tho..

[Note 4] I know it isn't perfect and there are a few spots you can see a minor gap at the bottom of a sidewalk.  Well? with my NOOB skills, I am not ready to attempt a terrain edit in such a congested area.  Maybe in the future when I'm more comfortable in the Creation Kit.

[Note 5] It seems Scrap Everything with the scrap expansion option selected IS a requirement..