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Various Compatibility Patches for Unique Landscapes and the many mods which conflict.

Permissions and credits
On this page you can find all of my compatibility patches for Unique Landscapes, as well as some patches made by Arthmoor, Chaky, David Brasher, mhahn123, Thomas Kaira, WalkerInShadows and others. Also I provide some links to other UL patches available elsewhere.

Links to the Unique Landscapes mods themselves:
Ancient Yews | Arrius Creek | Aspen Wood | Beaches of Cyrodiil: The Lost Coast | Blackwood Forest | Bravil Barrowfields | Brena River Ravine | Cheydinhal Falls | Chorrol Hinterland | Cliffs of Anvil | Cloudtop Mountains | Colovian Highlands | Corbolo River | Entius Gorge | Fallenleaf Everglade | Imperial Isle | Jerall Glacier | Panther River | River Ethe | Rolling Hills: Roland Jenseric's Farm | Silverfish River Valley | Skingrad Outskirts | Snowdale | Stendarr Valley | The Dark Forest | The Eastern Peaks | The Great Forest: Ancient Redwoods | Lush Woodlands | The Heath

The Unique Landscapes Compilation contains all the mods in a single download, including an option to install a single merged ESP.

Note that you still need to download the original mods separately to use these patches, the links provided below will take you to the original mods. If there is no link, then I'm afraid I don't know where the mod can be downloaded from. If a link is dead, please let me know so that I can either correct it or remove it.

Patches found in the "Updates" section of the Files tab are not presently in the Wrye Bash BAIN compilation package. They will be added to the compilation at some point in the future.

A French translation of this patch compilation is available on La Confrérie des Traducteurs, maintained by A .

Patches for the following conflicts are available on this very page (in alphabetical order):

Patches for the following conflicts are available elsewhere. Links are provided:

Unrelated to Unique Landscapes, here you can find a few other compatibility patches I have created in the past.

Recent Updates/Additions
Periodically this list will be culled to keep it from getting too big. Click on the "LOGS" tab at the top of this page to view the full changelog.
04/11/2023 Version 1.0 of the patches for Skyrim for Oblivion Crafting and Chorrol Hinterland & Silverfish River Valley uploaded
24/06/2023 Version 1.0 of the patch for Ancient Dwemer Ruins, TWMP Skyrim Alive and Jerall Glacier uploaded, provided by Lena Wolf
17/06/2023 Version 1.2 of the patch for TWMP Skyrim Alive and Jerall Glacier uploaded, provided by Lena Wolf. Combined into a single archive with the v1.2 update of the Snowdale patch
14/01/2023 Version 1.0 of the patches for RealSwords Breton and Skingrad Outskirts uploaded
09/09/2022 Version 1.2 of the patch for TWMP Skyrim Alive and Snowdale uploaded, provided by Lena Wolf for her v2 release of TWMP Skyrim Alive
31/07/2022 Version 14 of the BAIN-ready Patch Compilation uploaded, adding all patches which have been uploaded here since v13 was released. Fixed some errors in the BAIN install script

Reported incompatibilities not yet looked into
Chapels of Cyrodiil - ???
Frostcrag Reborn v4.0a+- Snowdale
Frostcrag Reborn v4.0a+ - Frostcrag Village - Snowdale
Landmarks of Cyrodiil - ???
Little Shops - Jerall Glacier
Road Shrines - ???
Servant of the Dawn - Arrius Creek
Settlements of Cyrodiil - Three Villages - Silverfish River Valley
Sewers for Every City - Chorrol Hinterland, Bravil Barrowfields, Cheydinhal Falls and possibly Skingrad Outskirts
Side's Sailing Ships - TWMP Valenwood Improved - Cliffs of Anvil
Tantrivaylia - The Eastern Peaks
TWMP Hammerfell - Sutch Village - The Lost Coast
TWMP Valenwood Improved - River Ethe (conflicting mod seems to already provide a patch)
Valenwood Islands - Cliffs of Anvil (conflicting mod seems to already provide a patch)
Villages v1.1 - Corbolo River

Incompatibilities I have chosen NOT to patch
Following are any conflicting mods I have been asked to make compatible with Unique Landscapes, which I have chosen not to patch. You may have to choose one over the other.