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Added: 05/05/2007 - 03:10PM
Updated: 10/05/2013 - 07:42PM

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Last updated at 19:42, 10 May 2013 Uploaded at 15:10, 5 May 2007


This Unique Landscapes mod edits the boring area around Roland Jenseric's hut. It changes the sparse landscape to a wide-ranging farming area.
Surrounded by high hedges, sheep and horses are grazing on green meadows and chicken cavort on the courtyard. Above this scenery, the wings of a wind mill slowly turn, while the people do their daily work on the fields, in the barn, in the garden and on the meadows.

Unique Landscapes (short: UL) is based on the vision of a diversified and beautiful Cyrodiil. Imagine a world where exploring not only means to find new enemies and treasures but to enjoy gorgeous landscapes, a world where every step could lead to a new and unique visual experience. That is the Cyrodiil UL is working on.

To achieve a goal that huge, the UL project consists of multiple single mods. Each mod modifies a part of Cyrodiil, following a single theme. Usually UL mods get developed completely independently from each other. This way each modder has a maximum of freedom to work on his or her vision, so every UL mod gets its own style and contributes to the diversification of Cyrodiil.


Unique Landscapes project (search there for "Unique landscapes")
Author: malachit_2@online.de or send a message in the board mentioned above to Malachit.

Important Notes

All gates of Rolling Hills are driven by scripts; a few seconds after activating them they close by themselves. The barn cannot be entered by the player. And the chicken don't have ingredients, thus you can leave them alive ;).
You should avoid walking through the wheat fields, because this can result in a major performance hit... If you can't live with this, there also is a wheat-less version in a separate .esp.

It is important to use version 1.3 or higher of Rolling Hills if you want to also use the UL mod Arrius Creek, which at the release date of Rolling Hills 1.3 was still work-in-progress. Previous versions of Rolling Hills will be incompatible with Arrius Creek!

Compatibility Information

Please visit the Unique Landscapes Compatibility Patches page for a list of known and patched conflicts.

All UL mods are compatible with each other. However, there is one issue arising from the limitations of the game's graphic engine: Landscape LOD may overlap for different mods.
To make the landscape look the same in the distance as it does up close, you need to download two tools. Use the Landscape LOD Generator TES4LL to create distant ground, and use TES4LODGen to create distant objects. These tools create entirely different things so there is no conflict between them, and both should be run after you have sorted your load order using BOSS. The results will be unique to your personal game, not a generic combination of only the most popular mods.


At least the official Oblivion patch v1.1 should be installed, otherwise most probably the game will crash from time to time.


Unpack the archive to the "...\Oblivion\Data" folder.

It contains the following directories:
* Meshes
* Sound
* Textures
together with two .esp file, one with and one without wheat (see the Important Notes section).
If you already used a previous version of Rolling Hills, simply overwrite the old files.

Start the Oblivion launcher, select "Data Files" and activate the .esp you would like to use.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MAKE SURE THAT YOU ACTIVATED ONLY ONE .ESP <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


Delete all xulrh-directories in the folders "Meshes", "Sound" and "Textures". Finally you should remove the two .esp files (xulRollingHills_EV.esp and xulRollingHills_EV_withoutWheat.esp) together with this readme.


The chickens in this mod originate from the Farmers Unite! project. Thank you very much for these great animals!
Thanks to RA II, who created all other new models which are: Post mill, mill interior, barn, drinking trough, storage building, new textures for animals, dogs and landscape.
For the animal behaviour script, the gate script extension and his cooperation and organizational support thanks to cthulhu314.
The beautiful new load screens are owed to GlasMond. Many thanks; we look forward to a continuing pleasant cooperation.
I also would like to thank addiktive for having the idea of this mod and of course the UL team.

Licence information

The copyright of the chicken models (rooster, chick, hen) is owned by Farmers Unite!
Every other new model in this mod may not be changed without the agreement of RA II. It is allowed to use them in other mods as long as the maker is acknowledged in the readme.