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Adds 31 new landmarks to Cyrodiil.

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This little mod adds 31 new landmarks to Cyrodiil. They add a bit of history and color to the landscape and can be interesting for the player to explore. For players who don't use fast travel, they can be used to navigate as well.

Most of the landmarks have some loot to be found. Unique items can be found at some of the landmarks. Some landmarks can be interacted with, granting the player bonuses (or curses). Enemies can be encountered around some landmarks, they don't respawn except in Putrid Grove and Hangman's Bridge.
All the landmarks have map markers. A few of them are in hard-to-reach locations. A list of their general locations can be found in the readme file, but I think it's much more fun to explore and discover them yourself.

EDIT: The 1.3 update delevels all loot and enemies added by this mod. It also fixes problems and errors that were present in the mod, like a few dirty edits caused by my inexperience at the time and the CS being buggy. I've manually removed these and tweaked the mod a little, so enjoy!

Some of the landmarks will probably not work with Unique Landscapes.
I recommend playing this mod with Really AEVWD. This will make the landmarks visible from far away.
This mod has been cleaned with Tes4Edit.

Just drop the "LandmarksOfCyrodiil.esp" file into your Oblivion/Data folder.