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A whole new complete playable guild for Oblivion with 17 main quests and 13 extra side quests. Heavy focus on choices and consequences make the quests highly replayable.

Permissions and credits

- 17 main quests and up to 13 additional sidequests depending on your choices in the main quests.
- Heavy emphasis on choices and consequences, the choices you make during the quests will affect your later quests and the ending itself.
- Great replayability, play it through a second time to see what effect choosing the other path would have.
- Plot intertwined with the Fighters Guild storyline, now you get to experience it from the other side.
- Interesting and varied quest design styles that are best expressed as the Fighters Guild meets the Dark Brotherhood.
- Face difficult choices during the storyline such as testing your loyalty to the Blackwood Company or to the Dark Brotherhood.
- Approximately 950 unique lines of dialogue, though you won't get to read it all in one playthrough.
- Estimated 6 hours of gameplay multiplied by two due to replayability for a total of 12 hours of gameplay.

You can join the Blackwood Company by talking first to Ja'Fazir, the Khajiit in the Blackwood Company Hall in Leyawiin, or Jeetum-Ze, the Argonian in the same place. You will also receive a journal update if you read the Black Horse Courier article about the Blackwood Company and are not already in the Fighters Guild; one of these may be found in the Leyawiin Mages Guild Hall. Membership is mutually exclusive with the Fighters Guild, so you cannot join the Fighters Guild if you are a member of the Blackwood Company, and vice versa. If you have not yet completed the Fighters Guild quest 'The Master's Son', you can still join the Blackwood Company, but you will have to get yourself kicked out of the Fighters Guild first, such as by killing or stealing from another Fighters Guild member.

Voice acting is planned for the mod and is in progress, however as of this release it has yet to be completed. Silent sound files have been included to allow you time to read the text. Lip files will also be included in the later release with voice acting.

NOTE: There are no quest markers. This mod does not hold your hand - you're required to think and do a little work on your own. Read the journal entries, pay attention to what people tell you, and you'll be fine.


Oblivion 1.2
A working brain


Extract/drag the esp and sound and texture folder into your Oblivion/data folder. Enable the esp in Wrye Bash or OBMM, and rebuild your bashed patch, if you're using one.

NOTE: If you're upgrading from any version to v1.2, you must make a clean save!


If you find any bugs, then please report them in either the thread on the official forums or in the comments on the file page itself.

Known Issues
* The docks in Canulus Village don't line up straight. It would require too much work to make them mesh properly, so they're staying the way they are.
* If you're using Better Cities and Holger gro-Orum leaves through the east gate of Cheydinhal during the Ambush or Escort? quest, he'll get stuck between the vanilla gate and the one added by BC. To fix this, open the console and type tcl, then go through the gate, click on Holger and type tcl again. He'll run through the gate and wait for you, whereupon you can continue the quest (just remember to turn collision back on for him!).
* There are a few quests where you have to follow an NPC. Oblivion pathing being what it is, they sometimes tend to wander all over the map. They will, however, get to where they're supposed to go (eventually), so be patient and just follow along.
* During the Second Deal quests, Ja'Fazir may not follow the player. Despite numerous attempts to fix him, his AI only works some of the time. If he doesn't follow, you could either try reloading a save, or simply open the console and type "setstage LingBC14SecondDeal 20". He will then ask if you want to bring him along or not; I'd recommend saying no.


OOO/MMM/FCOM etc - Please use the OOO patch for compatibility. It should be loaded after the C&C - The Blackwood Company mod.

Compatibility with Unique Landscapes is unknown but any conflicts are likely to be inconsequential as most action takes place in interior cells. The area immediately next to Fort Blackboot has several extra farm houses.

Compatibility with Better Cities and Open Cities is fine. The mod will detect if Open Cities is installed and make changes to ensure compatibility.

Reneer's Guard Overhaul - in one of the quests Reneer's Guard Overhaul will reduce the players bounty to 0 when they need it above 40. You can open the console and type player.modcrimegold 40 to get around this.

T.I.E - there is a really big monster near the first quest location. You may want to open the console click on the creature and type kill.

Lake Canulus Village - The Lake Canulus Village mod is used in this mod. If you have Lake Canulus Village installed you will need to deactivate it as running both mods at the same time will cause duplication errors.

Any other compatibility problems then please contact me.

Version History - contains spoilers

1.09 (by WalkerInShadows)
* Fixed a couple bugs in Ri'zakar's dialogue that prevented him from talking after the Massacre at Forsaken Mine quest.

1.08 (by WalkerInShadows)
* Fixed a bug where the Head Ringleader wouldn't talk to the player.
* Fixed a few bugs in the final quest that prevented the player from peacefully taking over some guilds.
* Replaced the door to Fenrus Farm (I forgot to do this after moving it a few updates back).

1.07 (by WalkerInShadows)
* Fixed an error in Saryoni Bero's AI.

1.06 (by WalkerInShadows)
* Ensured that the flaming cart in Taking the Back Road is actually enabled as it should be.

1.05 (by WalkerInShadows)
* Fixed a bug that prevented some doors in the BC Hall from reappearing if the mod was uninstalled.
* Moved Fenrus Farm to avoid a conflict with Elsweyr Anequina.

1.04 (by WalkerInShadows)
* Fixed a bug in Ja'Fazir's follow package during the Second Deal quest.
* Fixed a bug where Fighters Guild members would have the "Join the Fighters Guild" topic even if you're a Blackwood Company member.
* Minor updates to the spoiler file.

1.03 (by WalkerInShadows)
* Fixed the Black Horse Courier broadsheet not adding a journal update.
* Fixed the bug where the Bandit Ringleader was getting attacked by his own people, and where he would run off into a wall instead of leading the player to the Marauder Warlord.
* Fixed the bug during the Escort quest when the guards would run off the map.
* Fixed the bug that prevented players from receiving light armor versions of the Blackwood boots and shield.
* Fixed the bug where you couldn't get the papers from Marlen Previa through force.
* Fixed a bug where killing all the creatures in Glademist Cave didn't advance the quest.
* Ensured that the junk is cleaned out of Glademist Cave and the new stuff enabled as it should be after the recruits move in.
* Fixed the bug where the recruits would wander around the cave in their sleeping robes, or nothing at all.
* Fixed the script for the traps in Glademist Cave so only Fighters Guild members set them off.
* Added dialogue for Ajum-Kajin in the Ambush or Escort? quest if all the couriers are killed. 
* Fixed a bug that prevented Ja'Fazir from following the player during the Second Deal quest.
* Added a missing AI package to Ja'Fazir so that he comes to talk to you if you decide not to challenge Ri'Zakar after the Second Deal quest.
* Fixed the CTD bug caused by looting Sinweaver from Argoth.
* Fixed several bugs in the Massacre at Forsaken Mine quest that prevented the quest from being completed.
* (Possibly) fixed the "never-ending fire damage" bug that appears after completing Massacre at Forsaken Mine.
* Fixed a bug in Defending the Outpost where the FG members will sometimes spawn in Glademist Cave every time you enter.
* Fixed a bug in Endgame where Vilena Donton would sometimes not have any dialogue.
* If you fail to convince a specific Fighters Guild hall to convert during Endgame, the members will now automatically attack you. Killing them is now murder and will result in a bounty.
* Sabine Laul will now remain in the basement when you go to the Chorrol guildhall during the Endgame quest, so you don't have to search all over town for her.
* Fixed bugs where you could break various quests by killing people you're supposed to talk to first.
* Moved the Black Bow Recruiter to Rockmilk Cave so it's easier to find him, and added dialogue so that you could refuse to join.
* Added more dialogue for various quests, and map markers for all quests (but no quest markers).
* Added a patch script for compatibility with UL Arrius Creek.
* Added a walkthrough.
* Fixed several dirty/wild edits.
* Fixed various grammatical/spelling errors.
* Various minor bugfixes and improvements.
* Added bash tags: Actors.ACBS, Actors.AIPackages, Factions, Invent

1.02 Added several bug fixes and the voice acting completed up to this point (about 40%)

1.01 Several minor bug and compatibility fixes. OOO compatibility patch added to main archive.

1.0 Rereleased version including numerous bug fixes and making the Blackwood Hall more liveable. Also removed Cobl dependancy.

0.91-1.0 Heaps of bugfixes.

0.9 Initial release.