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Retbury Village v1.1 by Yevic




A quaint Village nestled near where the Corbolo River meets Niben Bay, just west of the Yellow Road. The town itself is home to 11 full time residents, who live life at a slower pace. Boasting an inn and a general store, there's plenty to do, for a town of its size, anyways. There is also a home that has recently come up for sale across from the Inn, perhaps you'll decide to purchase it?


The Inn
Room for rent for 15 gold coins

General Store
Sells bare basics, and the deed to Retbury Cottage

Retbury Cottage
For sale at the general store at a base of 10,000 gold coins.
The main level contains the kitchen, dining area, and a small sitting area/fireplace.
The second floor contains a study that looks out over the town, and a companion bedroom with beds for two.
The Attic contains a spacious master bedroom, with views of the town.
Storage practically everywhere, from the bookshelves, to the dressers, to the stray crates and barrels you'll find laying around the home.


Before updating from any previous version, please move your character & your belongings out of and away from this mod's location. A clean save will be made for you automatically because the plugin name has changed.

The archive may be installed with Wrye Bash, or manually as follows:

1. Extract the archive to a temporary location.
2. Copy the contents of the "Core Files" folder to your ..Oblivion\Data folder.
3. If you have Cobl, copy the contents of the Cobl Version folder to your ..Oblivion\Data folder, & click Yes to overwrite.
4. If you have All Natural, copy the contents of the All Natural support folder to your ..Oblivion\Data folder.
5. Activate the plugin(s) in the launcher.

BAIN Install

1. Copy the entire archive into your Oblivion Mods\Bash Installers folder.
2. In Wrye Bash Installers tab, highlight the new archive.
3. Check the "Core Files (Required)" sub-folder and any other sub-folders/ESP/ESM's as required.
4. Right click the archive name and Install.
5. In Wrye Bash Mods tab, check the ESP/ESM's and rebuild Bashed patch. (Also recommeneded to run BOSS first).


Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.

BAIN Un-Install

1. In Wrye Bash Installers tab, right click on the archive name and Uninstall.
2. Rebuild Bashed patch.


none known at this time

Known Issues:

none known at this time


September 29, 2011 - v1.0 Initial Release

April 5, 2012 - v1.1 Big Fixing & Cleaning

*Re-pathed all resources to unique folders
*Optimized all textures
*pyffi'd all meshes
*Heavy cleaning in TES4Edit
*Removed any remaining extraneous records
*Made exterior meshes AWLS-friendly
*Removed test cell
*Removed extraneous records from plugin
*Fixed all NPC AI
*Fixed all cell ownership/door locking
*Added path grids to cells missing them
*Added northmarkers to all cells
*Gave all NPCs different outfits and names
*Gave merchants barter gold
*Fixed wayward door in inn
*Raised ambient lighting in player house
*Added All Natural patch
*Added Cobl version

Contact Details:

I am no longer supporting this mod.
For permissions, you can private message me at the official Bethsoft forums (http://forums.bethsoft.com).


Mr Siika for SO many things, mainly his Griffon Fortress, and his Highrock meshes, as well as his castle seaview resource and Jurad resource
Stroti for hthe new clutter resource
Meo for Many many things, his modular fireplaces, his window boxes and static dishes
Momo, for the Ivy and hanging clothes
Grond for his Kitchen Cabinets
Washington for his Flag Ropes
Garak for his bookset
side777 for the wonderful sofa/chair meshes he ported from RenderStuff.com
Khettienna for the big fixing & cleaning

Tools Used:

Insanity's ReadMe Generator
Elderscrolls Construction Set


You may use my resources as you wish but you must credit me for my work.
Please do not re-host this file without my explicit permission.