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The Ancient Source - mod by November Rain (Version 1.0)

This mod includes both exterior and interior elements, situated just north of Weynon Priory in the Great Forest outside Chorrol. Building elements include Manor Firewater (easily one of the largest houses in the game) and The Seeker's Tower (includes a circular staircase and a magnificent view of the Imperial City below). Below ground is an Ancient Source and above ground is a waterfall in which your character can go swimming.

All elements have been meticulously set to present a natural feel to the estate and surrounding environment. The interior of Manor Firewater includes several well-designed rooms for your character, including a few benevolent, non-humanoid NPC's to keep the player company. Note that for role-playing purposes, this mod assumes your character has chosen a path of light; darkened or outright evil characters probably will not find Manor Firewater or the Seeker's Tower to be a pleasant home. Future extensions include a humanoid NPC that can partner with your player.

How to install:

Place the .esp file in your game directory; select to include the mod and there you go! Upon startup, the player will feel a "calling" to investigate Manor Firewater and its woodland setting. Two dusty books plus a note will be provided, containing details of the estate.


You are free to redistribute this mod *as long as* this readme file is included unchanged. Please retain this readme file with the mod, as a lot of time and attention went into making this mod. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it!


- November Rain