Servant of the Dawn by Endrek
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Added: 11/09/2006 - 06:05AM
Updated: 07/01/2008 - 11:42PM

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Last updated at 23:42, 7 Jan 2008 Uploaded at 6:05, 11 Sep 2006

Disappointed that the main questline of Oblivion once again forces you to be the "good guy," I decided to make this plugin for myself and all the players out there who wanted to more fully explore the Mythic Dawn faction. This plugin allows characters who have already completed the main questline to "redeem" themselves by joining the second wave efforts of the Mythic Dawn.


+ Starts where the main questline left off - continue with your existing character!
+ Expands the Mythic Dawn faction with a complete set of ranks and quests
+ Many new artifacts and powers to wield
+ Branching questline with several different outcomes depending on your actions
+ Dabble in the inner workings and politics of a Daedra cult
+ Command a host of followers, from acolytes to dremora
+ Rise through the ranks to become the new Master, or perhaps even more powerful...

Since your character will have already completed the main quest they will be at an appropriate level for this mod's difficulty. If you wish to design a new character for these quests you are welcome to; however, you will need to go through the main questline again first.

Unzip to your Oblivion/Data folder. Run OblivionLauncher.exe, select Data Files and make sure the checkbox next to the .esp file is selected. Then start the game. Once you complete the main questline (or if you load a saved game where your character has already completed it), simply make sure you are not in or near the Imperial City. You will be contacted shortly. =)

1. There are minor terrain conflicts with Knights of the Nine and Battlehorn Castle. These conflicts are cosmetic only and do not impact the ability to play the quests. No, I am not going to update this mod to correct these terrain conflicts. I would have to make a version for each possible permutation of using/not using these DLCs. It's not my fault that Bethesda decided to drop their DLC locations on top of mine (this mod was released before any official DLC). If it bothers you that much you can load up this mod in the editor along with the DLCs you are planning to use and correct the terrain easily.

2. 90% or more of the emails/PMs I get with problems are due to mod conflicts. Make sure this mod is the last in your load order. You can do this with Oblivion Mod Manager.

3. A lot of people ask what the difference is between the regular and SI versions. If you are running Shivering Isles, just get the SI version. There is almost no difference between them, but the SI version has a small compatibility tweak for the expansion.

4. There is a walkthrough included in the mod. If you get stuck, check it first before screaming "BUG!!!". If you're one of those people who don't see the walkthrough, you probably won't be reading this either, but oh well.