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Name: RealSwords - Breton
Version: 1.0
Date: 10/03/2007
Category: Weapons and Armor
Author: waalx ([email protected]m)
forum: http://waalx.com/RealSwordsForum/index.php
usage: patch to 1.2 version of Oblivion is required

The file named RealSword Breton v1.1 is an update to include the falchions to the merchant inventory. You still need to download the first file, 1.1 is just the 4 modified esp and contain no models or textures.
After you installed the first download, overwrite the esp in your data folder with the new ones, from the second download (1.1).


In this module is a folder with a new reflection map for the windows reflection shader. This is a temporary tentative in my quest to find a better way to simulate metallic surfaces in Oblivion. Keep in mind that the RealSwords mods are only previews of what Realswords will be in the end. and this reflection effect is not the final effect I'm after..

This module continue building the Axes, Bow and Maces module. There's 2 bows of Breton origin, and they give the Breton user a marksman bonus similar to the one the blades give.There is also a special selection of 6 differents arrows.

Breton introduce two new NPC and a new location. This is the way the next four other races will be as well, and I will go back later to the previous modules. As you may have noticed or will notice, Jeremy and Gita Breon are both fat. This is going to be the case of several of the new npc I will create for the mods. So in the end you will end-up with a collection of fat clothes that can make a bunch of fat NPCs...the clothes are not body mods, they are a visual effect that is meant to make a difference in the way NPC look without having to create new races and what not..the NPC are still slim under their suits, but as they aren't really meant to be unclothed, this should never show.


The Breton module features an assortment of swords, maces, bows and arrows that can be wielded by any race, but the Bretons get a bonus!

the current count for the first 6 Realswords mod (including this one) is 132 weapons, (over 200 different models if you count the scabbards and quivers and other stuff separately!)

Divided into 10 modules belonging to each race and 1 extra module called Legendary Blades.

Another 12th module will give all the blades of RealSwords to the 10 differents races and also to bandits and some monsters, and will include a quest and several books on the history of the blades and their origins. This module is being worked on, and several new things are being made for it.

After that, Axes,Bows,& maces, and a final module for racial armor design: RealArmors will complete the armory I have in mind..

for more info: http://waalx.com/RealSwordsForum/index.php

Each Module is made in 4 version:

- 'Race' - LO : The blades damages and stats are adjusted to fit those of Vanilla Oblivion. The blades are sold by a merchant and in locked displays. No weapons change to the NPCs.
dmg range from 5 for the lowest like daggers, to 32 for the most powerful blade of the module.

- 'Race' - HI : The blades damages and stats are much more lethal than the weapons in Vanilla Oblivion. The blades are sold by a merchant and in locked displays. No weapons change to the NPCs.
dmg range from 20 for the lowest like daggers, to 60 for the most powerful blade of the module.

- 'Race' - LO-NPC : Use the low blade damage of 'Race' - LO, the blades are distributed between the NPC of the race, sold by a merchant and in locked displays.

- 'Race' - HI-NPC : Use the high blade damage of 'Race' - HI, the blades are distributed between the NPC of the race, sold by a merchant and in locked displays.

Weapon Bonus

The weapons give bonus abilities if used by the race of it's origin.

It fortify the blade attribute by 5, the agility by 5, and ease the wearer fatigue by 10. It doesn't add more damage, it act more like a "feel natural" bonus. This bonus stay the same for the four esp.

The bows bonus fortify the marksman attribute by 5 instead of the blade...but the two other bonus are the same.

The maces will give the user a blunt bonus as well.


These swords and bows are sold by Jeremy Breon, a new fat Breton npc that has a house near the road North of Skingrad.

They are powerful, and they are expensive.

Only Jeremy is selling Breton made gears in any esp you run.


1. Extract this archive to any folder and then copy the contents to oblivion/data folder.

Or you can extract the archive directly in your oblivion/data.

2. Open your oblivion/data folder and there should be 4 .esp files related to this mod. Choose the one you want between the 4 and put the other 3 somewhere else for back-up (or deleted them and just keep the archive).This step is to help unclutter your data folder with unused .esp files. It is on you to remove the unused esp and not have any in your data folder as it can cause trouble to have too much esp in there, that even if they are not active.) if there's an esp that you never activate, from any mod, remove it from your data folder, your game will even 'feel' better.

3. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, and enable the one .esp file you choosed to use.


1. Be sure you are running Oblivion pacthed to the 1.2 version.

2. please verify your installation before asking for help, as this is the cause 99% of problems you could have with the mods. check your installation. and recheck your installation.

©2007 RealSwords and related material are copyrighted work of Alex Brisson aka waalx. All models and textures are freely distributed to be used in the game Elder Scroll IV: Oblivion only. NO OTHER USES OF THE MODELS AND TEXTURES ARE PERMITTED.

While I deliver these swords to the public domain via this mod, most of them have been designed and created by smiths in the real world. Those artist have their own copyright, and I didn't recreate their design to have them stolen for commercial purpose, let alone the commercial use of my models. So, as long as you use these models for your own enjoyment and don't try to make any commercial attempt with them, it's good.

That mean you CAN use them in your own mods if you want. You can retexture them pink with blue spots and make them glow green if you want (please! if you do something like this don't show me ok?).

But if you do something cool with them, in your mod, or a retexture that kick ass..show me, I'm interested to see.

I would also appreciate a lot if you could give me credit if you are using them in your own things.

Thanks, love, and see you in the next pack...

waalx, 3dsmithstorian

visit my forum at http://waalx.com/RealSwordsForum/index.php for more information about the progress on the upcoming other modules.And please register to show you support my work!

Special thanks
to Elhazan! for editing the Chronicles of Steel text I wrote for this module, that is presented here in the form of a letter. A lot, and I mean it! a lot more will come in the Chronicles...And more to come from this guy in the Chronicles...

to Vocha, whose wonderful work in the Chronicles of Steel you have yet to discover in future yet to be unveiled stories...

to Mormacil for always answering on my every posts in my forum or wherever and giving me comments and support! May you crack some Skulls with a few Mor Macil bashing!

to you all others who support and like my mods either secretely or openly on the Workshop...or elsewhere :)

and thanks to the team at Bethesda for their great game!