TWMP Valenwood Improved by Haldar
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Added: 24/07/2013 - 12:50PM
Updated: 25/07/2013 - 10:18PM

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Last updated at 22:18, 25 Jul 2013 Uploaded at 12:50, 24 Jul 2013

This mod is not supported anymore and should be considered abandonware.


Well, name says it all. This is Eldarie's Valenwood Improved refitted, with permission, to work with TWMP.


TWMP Valenwood Improved is (atm) completely Incompatible with TWMP Valenwood-Elsweyr.

TWMP_ValenwoodImproved.esp -- core. Nothing changed compared to Eldarie's original version, so this is just a replacer .esp. You'll need original Eldarie's resources to use it with.

TWMP_ValenwoodImproved-Elsweyr Patch.esp -- a patch to work with Iliana's Deserts of Anequina. Also it fixes various land tears around VI, removes extra TWMP landmass to the south of Valenwood. I've also added objects and encounters to this region, named now Xylo Savannah. And i've removed collision boxes that prohibited to go from Elsweyr west, to Valenwood.

Dump them into /data and activate. Original Valenwood Imroved and Elsweyr patch should be disabled.
After it - regenerate LOD quads (with tes4ll) and LOD data (with tes4lodgen).

Load order:
Check the place of TWMP_Hammerfell.esp in BOSS masterlist and load esp and patch after it. It goes just before Arthmoor's villages and UL mods.

Daedric Shrines patch should go right after Elsweyr patch.

UL patches - right where their originals for original Valenwood Improved are.

Other patches:
UL - done. Was easy to make, just changed master.
Daedric Shrines by David Brasher - done. Was easy to make, just changed master. And i doubt i'd be able to do it myself w/o a lot of dancing around with CS. Thanks David!
Shezrie's towns - should work as is.
Order of the Virtuous Blood - should work as is.

1. Updated Elsweyr patch to 1.1. Removed unneeded edits.

Future plans:
I hope to expand and update it when i get some more time.

Eldarie - for Valenwood Improved
Ilyana - for Elsweyr and the patch
Bethesda for the game
God for us all.