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This mod adds additional Mages Guild quests.

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This mod adds additional Mages Guild Quests. This version contains 43 quests.

        There are seven quest-givers: 

(1) Livia Agripina at the Arcane University Arch-Mage's Lobby.  She has 25 repeatable alchemicalingredient collection quests issued in random order.  

(2) Orynthale at the Bravil Mages Guild hall.  He has eight repeatable quests where you attack and  clean out eight Necromancer lairs.    

(3) Vilwen at the Skingrad Mages Guild.  She has a quest where you work to help her collect Mages  Guild Dues from various mages who have fallen behind.

(4) Talimsha at the Cheydinhal Mages Guild.  She has an alchemy puzzle quest.

(5) S'drassa, at the Leyawiin Mages Guild, the same one who has the vanilla Oblivion "Tears of the Savior" quest, has another quest for a different kind of crystal he wants to add to his collection.

(6) Ogmar Evil Eye at the Chorrol Mages Guild hall.  He has six repeatable quests where you attack and clear out six Necromancer lairs.

(7) Garothmuk gro-Khagdum at the Cheydinhal Mages Guild.  He has a huge collecter's quest where the objects you seek are scattered all over Cyrodiil.

        Non-quest extras:

(1) A companion who you can recruit at the Anvil Mages Guild.  She has 3000 health points,  has wait, follow, and dismiss options, teleports to catch up and therefore won't get lost in Oblivion gates, has custom silent dialog, and is set up so that you can access her inventory and add or remove things.  This functionality does not require CM Partners or other mods.