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There are a few game spots that are popular for modders. The road to Cheydinhal near Barren Cave is one of those open, scenic areas that are perfect for building. Unfortunately none of the great mods for this region could co-exist without some tweaking. This is another one of my attempts at stitching together several mods that overlapped each other in unsightly ways.

Most of us already know that Unique Landscapes transforms and beautifies the countryside.
FB Dark Crusader adds some really nice weapons and female geared armor, along with a guild Headquarters which becomes a home base after a few quests. Verwen Brewery adds a small village containing NPCs, their homes, a pub, a brewery, and...oh yeah..beer!

This is a Version Of Verwen Brewery that acts as a patch for and is comapatible with
the FB Dark Crusader headquarters mod, Unique Landscapes Ancient Yews, Unique
Landscapes Arrius Creek, and the Patch to connect Arrius Creek and Ancient Yews.
You DO NOT need any of the other versions of Verwen Brewery, as it is fully included
here. Using any other version of Verwen, or Verwen patches alongside this will cause problems.


This mod is located, next to the road between Cheydinhal and the Imperial City, just
across from Barren Cave, and stretches south towards Muck Valley Cavern and
the edge of the forest added by Ancient Yews.


Adds (in addition to the UL and FBDC content)

Three Residences
One Pub
One Brewery
Two Barns and with fenced off area
Nine NPCs
Fence beside the road in
Eight new beers (Previously released in "ICEXPAND")
Four new beers
One sign for the Brewery


1. Extract to your Oblivion Data folder either manually or using the mod manager
of your choice.
2. Set Load order as listed below
3. Play and enjoy


FB Dark Crusader 2 FHQ
Unique Landscapes-Ancient Yews
Unique Landscapes Arrius Creek
UL-Ancient Yews and Arrius Creek patch v 1.1 (found with Arrius Creek)

Load Order (suggest using BOSS)

verwen-FBDC-UL patch.esp


Obviously any other mods that use any of the same game cells. The only other one I know of
is "The Abandoned Village of Lily". There is already a UL patch available for it. I most
likely will not be attempting to patch it in with the rest of this as Lily takes up
about 80% of the space occupied by these mods. Which would require extensive relocation
of objects and extensive landscaping.