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Adds six new chapels and two new cathedrals to the wilderness of Cyrodiil.

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This mod adds new cathedrals and chapels to the wilderness of Cyrodiil, some of them with dungeons beneath them. All NPCs/creatures added by this mod will not respawn, so once they die they're gone forever! Unique items can be found in many of the locations, some of them hidden away.

EDIT: As of the 1.3 update all creatures and NPCs in this mod have been deleveled. I also removed a few floating rocks behind Goodwill Chapel.

Colmurry is a small settlement consisting of Colmurry House and the Colmurry Cathedral. It can be found deep in the swamps of Blackwood. Colmurry is currently inhabited by a group of necromancers, lead by a high elf called Father Rot, who are in a bit of a pickle. Read Father Rot's diary to gain insight into the mess they're in.

Goodwill Chapel
On the Imperial Isle you will find Goodwill Chapel, which is run by a kind orc named Father Manson. Father Manson sells restoration spells and some potions during the day. He's also a journeyman trainer in Restoration. You can receive a blessing at the altar, restoring your attributes and curing you of disease no matter your infamy. However, if Father Manson dies the altar will stop working!
A small bridge in front of Goodwill Chapel connects the Imperial Isle to the surrounding land.

Chapel of the Helm
On the tip of the Gold Coast, you'll find the Chapel of the Helm. It is rumored that the dungeons under this chapel hide the Helm of Eternity, which legends say will bless whoever wears it with a suit of  armor. The Followers of the Helm will fight to the death to defend this ancient relic and beware, for not all the Helm's followers are human...
Note: All Followers of the Helm wear unique Padded Robes, which are robes that act as light armor.

Hillside Chapel
High up on a hill, deep in the Colovian Highlands sits the Hillside Chapel. Dark and seemingly abandoned, under this chapel is a small dungeon where three vampires worship a dark and forgotten deity. Dare you brave the darkness and face Kraag, Bringer of the Unholy Flame?

Isolated Chapel
In the snowy Jerall Mountains you will find an Isolated Chapel along the unmarked road from Dragon Claw Rock. Here lives a tribe of strange Rock Ogres who worship ancient rocks. Under the chapel is a set of tunnels which will lead you to a secluded mountain pass, where you will find their shrine. Fight your way to the shrine and learn the secrets of the rocks!

Ruined Cathedral
The Ruined Cathedral and its crypt is hidden away in the forests of The West Weald. An evil and powerful lich known as Vegfarandi resides here, with his group of undead made from the cathedral's previous owners. Clear out the unholy infestation and claim Vegfarandi's staff as your own!

Chapel of the Valley
A lonely chapel sitting at the end of the Panther River, run by a non-hostile vampire named Eilifur and his pet wolf Chocolate. Eilifur sells restoration, alteration and mysticism spells along with a few custom spells of his own. The altar here will cure you of disease, restore your attributes and bless you with the Blessing of the Valley, which increases your strength and speed for a long time. If Eilifur dies, the chapel will forever be haunted by his angered spirit.

Chapel of the Spider
Daedric influence has overtaken this chapel, situated high in the harsh wilderness of the Valus Mountains. Strange, faceless Dremora stalk dark halls under the chapel. Fight your way through the dungeon and face the Queen Spider.

Could run into problems with mods that change the landscape a lot. Refer to the map locations.
I highly recommend playing this mod along with AWLS. This will make the cathedral and chapel windows look so much better.
This mod has been cleaned with TES4EditQuickAutoClean.
This mod can run into problems with older versions of Wrye Bash (older than Wrye Bash v.310) due to problems with the NPC Checker feature.

Just extract the "ChapelsofCyrodiil.esp" file to your Oblivion/Data folder.