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A patch to make tattooofhername's Daedric Shrines Prodded With A Stick compatible with Unique Landscapes.

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This is a patch to make  tattooofhername's Daedric Shrines Prodded With A Stick compatible with Unique Landscapes Compilation.

Daedric Shrines Prodded With A Stick is ALMOST compatible with Unique Landscapes Compilation. This patch closes that gap and achieves compatibility.

AAzura's Shrine:
The tents and barrels at the campsite were right in the middle of the path through the mountains.
They have been moved off to the sides, so that they are no longer in the way.
A camp fire and basket of food were clipping into a rock and were moved.

Namira's Shrine:
A bench, bed, and some decorative junk were sunken beneath the earth. They have been raised out of the dirt.

Meridia's Shrine:
There were floating candles that have been placed on top of a rock. A tent was stuck in the middle of some rocks. It has been moved over.
Moving the tent out of the rocks brought it in contact with a tree, so I moved the tree as well.

Nocturnal's Shrine:
A tent was sitting in the middle of a trail, so it was moved off to the side.
A camp fire was also a little too close into the trail, so that was moved off to the side as well.

Peryite's Shrine:
Camp fire was pretty close to the bridge's exit. It was moved off closer to a tent.

Vaermina's Shrine:
A tent was was clipping through a tree, but it isn't anymore, because I moved it.

Daedric Shrines Prodded With A Stick and Unique Landscapes Compilation - Who could have guessed?

Download my mod, unzip the file, and Drop the folder titled "data" in your Oblivion directory. 

Special Thanks
1. tattooofhername's Daedric Shrines Prodded With A Stick for existing.
2.  VoriansUnique Landscapes Compilation for existing.