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Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul is an overhaul mod that aims to make Oblivion a much more interesting, challenging, realistic, and dangerous place, and also offers great rewards for the daring adventurer, regardless of your level.

Permissions and credits


Since Arkngt no longer plays Oblivion and wanted someone to take over maintenance of OOO, I volunteered. This is the "final and I really mean it this time" version. The description here wil be short and sweet, because OOO now has a wiki:


(Thanks to Xae and Dark Creations.org for hosting this wiki - you rock.) And yes, I know the Places section is missing - I'll get around to adding it soon.

Kobal has made a few add-ons that help to bring OOO up-to-date (these are separate from the base OOO found here):
  • OOO Extended - combines the Equipment and Creature Addons and adds additional balancing changes not found in the individual versions.

Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul is an overhaul mod for TES IV: Oblivion. It aims to make Oblivion a much more interesting, challenging, realistic, and dangerous place, and also offers great rewards for the daring adventurer, regardless of your level.

You must be prepared to cast aside your previous notions about Cyrodiil. The world no longer revolves around you, the player. Do not expect to be able to beat every monster or NPC you meet. Previously familiar areas may now be much more dangerous and you will frequently beforced to retreat from enemies who are too powerful to beat until you are stronger. You will probably die a lot more often now. However, if you have the ingenuity, skill, and luck to survive the odds stacked against you then you will be justly rewarded for your bravery!

If you feel overwhelmed by the difficulty when you first start out in this dangerous new world, do not be discouraged. Be cautious at first. Upgrade your poor gear as often as possible. If you find yourselffacing overwhelming odds, run away and return later when you are more powerful to reap revenge on your foes. If necessary, seek help from the guards and legion patrols along the roads. You will slowly begin to build your strength and eventually learn to crush your puny foes with ease!

Changes in version 1.5:

As of v1.5, OOO requires OBSE! Many features already required it, but now it's official. I highly recommend starting a new game before updating to 1.5; there have been many changes to existing scripts and systems, and I'm not entirely confident that a simple upgrade won't break something. If you want to try it, be my guest, but I won't provide support for you.

COBL users: the downloads section has some fixed versions of the "Cobl Tweaks - xxx.esp" plugins.  One of these (depending on LO) and the newest OOO found here will get rid of the message box popups.  These are temporary fixes, providing Cobl is till alive among it's developers.  The Cobl team will have to make a permanent fix.  These files are safe, however.

Geomancy has been overhauled. The basic system still works the same, but I've incorporated the vastly improved (and more efficient)  scripts from sandman's Geomancy & Gem Dust OOO mod. I added new spells for garnets and both tourmalines and rearranged/retooled most of the rest of the spells so they made more sense and were more balanced and useful; these changes were largely based on folklore properties. You can find a full rundown of the system on the wiki. Spells are now titled with numbers (I-IV) to be more immersive (also from sandman), and so they're arranged in the spellbook for better ease of use. I also renamed all the nuggets to Large/Small as appropriate, for the sake of uniformity.

The container scripts are vastly improved, thanks to Malonn. Whereas before all the containers used the same template, Malonn and I  went through and removed all the unnecessary parts - for example, a container that wasn't trapped didn't need the trap code. This reduced the size of most scripts by 1/3, and some by as much as 3/4 - this is why the esm is so much smaller now. The scripts are now streamlined considerably, and several errors have been fixed as well. This update incorporates all the changes from his OOO Script Fixes mod, so if you're using that one, remove it.
Also: tejon has given permission to include Lock Bash Omega! This mod builds off Lap's Lock Bash, which is what OOO originally had. LBO uses OBSE to greatly expand what's possible while making everything more efficient - instead of adding code to every container script, it's a single script that's activated by striking a door or container with a weapon, so those of you who don't want to use can simply avoid it without having to set options or use patches.

==Ini File==
And speaking of setting options... OOO now has an ini file! That annoying Options menu is gone, replaced with a simple file in your ini folder.

I've incorporated dreamed1's OOO Inebriation Fixes esp, which mainly just restores the names of alcoholic beverages back to normal and removes the inebriation script effects. This change is not retroactive - if you've already got the inebriation effect, you'll have to start a new game to remove it.

==Drop Lit Torches==
Malonn has overhauled the DLT system. It still works the same as before, but it no longer uses placeatme and is more efficient overall. His standalone DLT mod is still compatible and has many more features for those who want them.

==Miscellanous Tweaks and Fixes==
* Ayleid Meteoric iron weapons now have a Restore Magicka effect. This was already in place, but several errors in the script prevented it from working properly. The effect is based on the player's Willpower and only works at night (from 2000 to 0600).
* Added blood spray to frost/fire/storm atronachs added by OOO's LLs (the base creatures already had them).
* Set AR for all magical fur shields to 4 (matches the unenchanted shield).
* Moved two chests in Pothole Caverns to avoid a conflict with Bow of Blades/Nicoroshi Creations (thus obviating the OOO-Bow of Blades Patch).
* Moved a chest in the Cheydinhal Mages Guild to avoid a conflict with Cyrodiil Travel Services.
* Renamed Platinum Coin to Ayleid Coin for lore purposes and to fix compatibility with COBL.
* Set min level for the SerpentsTrailOgre to 18 (matches UOP).
* Various minor tweaks, fixes, and optimizations.

v1.5.x Changelog
  • Adjusted numerous objects that were floating, clipping, or otherwise misplaced.
  • Updated the script on Ayleid Meteoric weapons (thanks Malonn).
  • Updated the ini file to make LockBashOmega (lock bashing) optional.
  • Various minor fixes.
  • Carla du Vrey is now levelled, and killing her now adds Fame (matches other named NPC bosses).
  • Fixed a bug in the script on Soris Arenim's drawers checking for the wrong key.
  • Grinding gems now has a chance of increasing Alchemy.
  • Removed all the edits to vanilla records from the esm.
  • Renumbered all FormIDs in the esp that were erronenously being injected into the esm.
  • Various script fixes and optimizations.
  • Minor tweaks and fixes.
  • Fixed script "ContainerTrappedCrimeYes01" (renamed "ContainerTrapped01").  Display case behavior is normal now.
  • Fixed script "DEJHarvestTGIcestaffDisplayCaseScript".  The night stand works normally now when you are the owner.
  • Partially reverted script "OOOAyleidRegenScript" attached to Ayleid weaponry.  Now the script has OnEquip/OnUnequip/OnSell/OnDrop blocks only.
  • Removed a couple unused container scripts.

  • Fixed chest script in the quest "Two Sides of the Coin" from disabling controls if HC is not active.
  • Fixed chest script in the quest "A Brotherhood Betrayed" from not advancing the quest as it should.

  • Made it so container traps can be disabled OR made random.  Configurable in the Ini.

  • Fixed Lock Bashing not working.

  • Added beneficial effects to the alcoholic beverages added by OOO.
  • Fixed a few more typos.

  • Restored the version control quest and updated its script to be compatible with Cobl.

Team Alpha
dev_akm - Project Leader
Corepc - Help with everything
Showler and Shikishima - Improved scripts, bug fixes, beta testing, forum support.
Shadowborn - Improved scripts, bug fixes, Dragonborn quest, LoD fix, beta testing and a whole lot more.
daemondarque - Beta tester, armour mesh improvements, forum support.
Sen-Chan – Massive assistance and support with armor meshes
Arkngt - Extensive beta testing, enormous support with the forum threads.
Malonn - overhauling the container scripts and DLT system, and testing.
....and many others that have been involved over the years.
And of course a huge thanks to Sotobrastos (Oscuro) for his wonderful creation