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Visit the Better Cities Wiki. It's still being worked on so more information will be added over time. If you want to help out by filling in some of the NPC or quest pages, simply register on the wiki and start editing!

A compilation of the Better Cities mods, translated from the original German mods into English, with some other mods integrated in, and then vastly enhanced and expanded upon.

So, originally from Max Ischreyt (aka Bananasplit), you have here:



Imperial City Market District



From Reckless:
Better Cities: Cheydinhal (Reckless German version).

From Wolfslady:
Better Cities: Bruma (Wolfslady German version)

Better Arboretum (Wolfslady German version)

Plus the Integration of the following mods:
From SilentResident:
ImpeREAL Castles
ImpeREAL City

From Ryan:
Blood & Mud Dirt Deluxe Anglais

From Acros and ANDORAN team:
Cyrodiil Rebuild II: Imperial Capital

From jlf2n:
Anvil Bay Expansion

Bravil Docks

From OnWard Softworks (aka TheXanadu & TheLastVoice):
Leyawiin Port

From Nernie:
Numerous gorgeous interiors designed specifically for Better Cities
Bravil River Shack and Village

Waterfront Market

From Lynge:
Lynge's Thieves Highway

From Sjors Boomschors
The IC Waterfront Tunnel Entrance

From TESFU & Hendrix
TESFU Book Collection

From Jadrax:
Moth Priests and Temple Apartments 1, 2 & 3

From Jagnot:
Imperial City Library

From Watchesfromshadows:
The Scribe Supplies (the shop only, the decorations all over Cyrodiil are left inside the fixed ESPs)

From Reaper9111:
Reaper's Arcane University v3 (exterior part only).
Reaper's Waterfront

From Manargo & Zaldir:
Delivery Job

From Zarkis:
Bank of Cyrodiil

-Integration of Cyrodiil Rebuild II: Imperial Capital
Better Cities is modular, so you can choose which cities to have in your game and which to leave out. If you want all the Better Cities, there is a merged plugin of all of them. You can also choose to toggle each city (except the Imperial City) into Open Better Cities, so that the cities can be entered without load screens (so in some places you can go under or over the walls).

This mod changes the layout of each of the Cities/Districts mentioned above.
* Many new buildings throughout the Imperial City.
* The Arboretum is turned into a luxurious garden with some domesticated deer and rabbits, a beautiful pond in front of a new hotel with a bar, bedrooms, public and private bath.
* In the Imperial Market District, the buildings have been elevated and several towers have been placed. Some ancient Ayleid statues, uncovered from recent digging under the city have been placed in the District for the population's admiration. New housing has been built and the passages are now narrow and less bare than before.
* Out on the Waterfront, the poor area has been enlarged, with more buildings and additional occupants. The ground is littered with rubbish, the graveyard has enlarged and includes a church. More ships are docked, and a courier service has opened in the richer area.
* The Arcane University District includes several new towers, plus some raised platforms and magical equipment for the students to practice what they have been taught.
* The other IC Districts have been more subtly changed. The additions are less noticeable, but still enhance the appearance of each location.
* In Chorrol the castle gets elevated and protected by walls, an old prison is now accessible and several new houses have been installed. The general layout is vastly changed. Optionally, the city can be converted into Open Better Cities, but this is disabled by default.
* In Bravil, the aspect of decay has been vastly enhanced and you will understand why this city is called the slump of Cyrodiil. The city contains now several levels of houses with pathways making it a real maze.
* In Leyawiin, the castle surrounding has been flooded but a wood pathway has been built for the guard patrols. The old/poor quarter looks mouldy and really poor. A new harbour has been built, a ship of the Imperial Navy is currently docked there.
* In Skingrad, the city has been made more floral and the Colovian District has been enhanced. New houses have also been built. Optionally, the city can be converted into Open Better Cities, but this is disabled by default.
* In Anvil, new houses have been built, the central place has been redecorated as well as the little lake surround. The Anvil Bay has also been altered to give more life to the place. Optionally, the city can be converted into Open Better Cities, but this is disabled by default.
* In Bruma, the city has been enhanced with a pond and waterfall, and the poor quarter has expanded. Optionally, the city can be converted into Open Better Cities, but this is disabled by default.
* In Cheydinhal, the general layout has been changed and the city has been made more floral. A prison quarter also has been added as well as some new houses. Optionally, the city can be converted into Open Better Cities, but this is disabled by default.

Shivering Isles
Shivering Isles Official Patch to v1.2.0416.
Load Better Cities near the end of your load order and after any mod that alters the city worldspaces.
Requires you to read the installation process.

Check the official thread of Better Cities on the Bethesda Forum (the first post) to get the list of mods which are known to work well or not at all with Better Cities.

Compatibility Replacers and Patches for Better Cities are in the Main Archive.
Compatibility patches for Unique Landscapes are available here.
You can also find compatibility patches for some mods which conflict with our file "Better Cities - Imperial Isle.esp" here, created by Kad_Venku.

Bug or Incompatibility Reports:
We accept those on the Comments section here or on the Official Bethesda Forum Thread but not on PM unless we ask you to go on PMs. The fact is that some issues you are encountering and our replies to them can enlighten other users with same problems. Do not PM either Vorians or Ismelda for bug-related issues or for conflict reports but just post your problem where everyone can see it.

Please see our FAQ on the Better Cities Wiki.

Try to put this mod the lowest possible in your load order (the bottom end with the most recent date) so that any other mods which change the cities in any way would not affect it.

If you experience any weird behaviour with the merged files, make a clean save without them (How to make a Clean Save instructions are in the readme). All the important information is in the Better Cities Resources.esm so you won't loose any progress if you don't un-check the master but only the merged ESPs. (You do need a clean save if you updated from a version posterior to v4.3.0)

If you want a single file with all your favourite cities, use a merging utility like TES4Gecko.


Additional Mods
Animated Window Light System and Chimneys to illuminate your windows in the cities by night without any FPS hit and add some smoke to the chimneys.
Let the People Drink v2.4+ created by Khornate and Qazaaq.
Unique Landscapes Compatibility Patches by Vorians

OBSE to get the in-game menu but also because it is a wonderful utility.
TES4LODGen to generate automatically the DistantLOD related to your current list of mods (does not touch distant land height, but rather handles distant placement of objects like buildings and trees).

For your FPS
Oblivion Reloaded - OBGE.
CTD and Memory patch ENBoost.
Optimised Distant Land MAX to increase your FPS in Tamriel world.
Oblivion Stutter Remover.

TES Mod Manager (formerly named Oblivion Mod Manager), OBMM How To & Oblivion Mod FAQ and OMOD Creation.
Wrye Bash and BAIN.
7zip Free file Archiver.
TES4Edit without which not much of this would have been possible.

Official Forum Thread
IRC Channel

- Corrections to names, weights & values for various items from CRII
- Added keys to various NPC inventories from CRII so they don't get locked out of their homes or offices
- Corrections and adjustments to AI packages, stats and inventories for NPCs from CRII
- New compatibility patch for Alternative Start Arrive by Ship and Better Cities: Leyawiin (this is our own version of this patch, the starting point is on the deck of a ship, and the traveller's sack will be visible in front and slightly to the right as soon as you arrive)
- Fixed compatibility patch for Origin of the Mages Guild and Better Imperial City: Arcane University to use the new version of the Imperial City world map
- Fixed the patch for Oblivifall: Losing My Religion to work with "Better Cities Full.esp" as intended
- Fixed the FPS patches for the IC Waterfront so the game does not crash when launching
- Fixed crash when loading a save if already in-game. This crash is caused by a game engine bug mishandling a poorly written script. As the script was part of unused test content from Cyrodiil Rebuild II, it has simply been deleted
- IC Aristocratic District: Popilia Rienci now has a key to her house so won't be stuck on the doorstep when the door is locked
- IC Market District: Dro'Hajat in the Bank of Cyrodiil now correctly provides your account balance when requested
- IC Arena District: Nathanial the Bard, who plays in Pub 102, now remains in Pub 102 for his meals, and when spoken to no longer informs you that he plays daily at the Merchants Inn
- IC Arboretum District: Fixed Government, Ministry Offices interior missing its content due to a game engine bug
- New optional ESP added "Better Cities - Imperial Isle.esp" which adds the reshaped land and the walls to the Aristocratic District, plus the extended walls of the Arena District to the Tamriel worldspace, making them visible when outside the city. This will conflict with mods such as Unique Landscapes: Imperial Isle, which is why it is optional
- New optional integration ESP added for MOBS
- Corrected names of a small number of items added in v5.5.0
- Fixed most content from Aristocratic District being invisible (caused by a game engine bug)
- Fixed BAIN installation wizard script which lacked two "EndIf" entries, causing some compatibility patches to not be installed
- Integration of Cyrodiil Rebuild: Imperial Isle - all of the inner Districts (except Green Emperor Way) have new buildings with new residents, and a new outer District has been added, the Aristocratic District (only accessible if you have installed Better Cities IC Elven Gardens.esp or Better Imperial City.esp). Take a look at our world map for the Imperial City in-game to see it all
- Ingredients overhauled by Mercer Meka, providing a better balance of magic effects
- New clothing meshes provided by WyndChyme to use with Roberts Male and Roberts Female Body mods (optional of course) - these are for the clothing which were added to Better Cities in v5.4.1
- Fixed the in-game BC Menu options for Bravil, some of which were broken in our previous two versions
- Fixed script for quest The Case of the Missing Body to prevent rare possibility of being unable to meet the doctor on a future date if you missed him on his first visit
- New compatibility patch for Reclaiming Sancre Tor and the Arena District (as required following the integration of Cyrodiil Rebuild: II)
- Removed Item Interchange files, no longer needed as Vacuity has updated his mod
- Removed Dwemer Subway compatibility patch, no longer needed as the conflict has been removed from Better Cities: Skingrad
- Removed Halcyon Island compatibility patch, no longer needed as the conflict has been removed from Better Cities: Anvil
- IC Talos Plaza District: Replaced upper level balconies and walkways with new custom meshes, replaced stairs leading to upper level with a single central spiral staircase
- IC Market District: Bank of Cyrodiil merged with bank from Cyrodiil Rebuild: II. Bank manager Cornelius now has his office upstairs, a new NPC Dro'Hajat stands behind the counter downstairs. To open a bank account or to have access to the vault you still need to speak with Cornelius - once you have an account, speak with Dro'Hajat to access your account, and also to access the vault in the basement. The gate and door leading to the vault will automatically lock each time you leave the bank, requiring you to speak with Dro'Hajat again to unlock (or a good lockpick)
- Anvil: Fixed script which handles exiting the cabin of the ship The Evening Star, the game will no longer freeze on the load screen each time
- Anvil: Replaced all respawning containers on board The Evening Star with non-respawning containers
- Anvil: When the city is toggled open, the exterior doors to Benirus Manor will correctly become owned by the player once the player has completed the quest to own the manor
- Bravil: Gore toggle added, allowing those who dislike the hanging corpses to disable them
- Bruma: Castle and city walls now all have Visible When Distant meshes. After installing, run TES4LODGen to make the castle and city walls visible when viewing the city from afar
- Skingrad: When the city is toggled open, the exterior doors to Rosethorn Hall will correctly become owned by the player once the player owns the hall
- Fixed the Oblivifall cathedral meshe to stay lit all night for the Blood & Mud textures
- Addition of the patch for Oblivifall and Better Cities Full with the corresponding meshes
- Removed Better Cities Bravil as master to Oblivifall for Bravil only patch
- New compatibility patch for FCOM and Better Cities: Bravil (this replaces the one which comes with FCOM v1.0)
- New compatibility patch for Oblivifall: Losing My Religion and Better Cities: Bravil (this replaces the BC Bravil and the Blood & Mud patches which come with Losing My Religion)
- Cobl integration patch updated to handle new retexture of the Bravil stonewall well
- CUO Bravil patch updated to use the low stone wall meshes from the retexture BSAs
- Compatibility with Enhanced Economy assured with Bravil B&M merchants, you no longer need a separate compatibility patch for this
- Fixed dialogue for Ingrid the Librarian in Talos Plaza District
- Fixed condition checks on dialogue for bathers in Chorrol Bath Houses
- Fixed BC in-game menu to correctly toggle Bravil Open/Closed
- Fixed BAIN install wizard in Primary Resources archive to install Bravil Vanilla BSA when selected
- Fixed BAIN install wizard in main archive to install Storms & Sound patch when selected
- Bravil Form ID range reset to prevent overlap in the merged Full ESP with Bruma and Cheydinhal
- Bravil: Low stone wall meshes added to the retexture BSAs
- Bravil: Corrected hand carts to use the retextured version from the Bravil BSAs
- Bravil: Removed a bottle from the pedestal of the statue outside the chapel - bad collision on the pedestal caused this bottle to float
- Skingrad: Removed a duplicated wall piece in the castle inner courtyard
-Blood & Mud completely integrated into Better Cities thanks to Ryan O.Hershey giving permission (so Blood & Mud should be uninstalled now)
-Tweaks and minor fixes made to Blood & Mud content
-All books which were still in German are now translated into English
-The player ownable castle has been relocated to a pocket dimension to ensure it doesn't cause extra strain on FPS around Bravil and to reduce conflicts with Unique Landscapes: Bravil Barrowfields
-Quest logs have been reworded slightly, and some additional logs added - you still won't be told what to do, but now you will get occasional log updates to tell you when you've done the right thing
-Merchants in shops from Blood & Mud will now close their shops at night and sleep
-Dialogue subtitles now match the entirety of what the Blood & Mud NPCs say, not just showing the first 5 or so words
-Alternate versions of Better Cities: Bravil and Better Cities Full for use with Blood & Mud removed as now redundant
-Optimisations to AI packages throughout the entire Better Cities mod
-Toggle added to all Wander packages telling our NPCs to wander the streets of a city - may improve FPS if toggled off
-New voice files by Tardischan for Captain Saxa (Bravil), completing the final lines which had not been voiced before
-New voice files by iwantmodsplz for Tonyant Diskie (Cheydinhal) and Peg Head Jack (Anvil)
-Several merchants throughout Better Cities have had their barter gold reduced to more reasonable amounts
-Anvil: Castle DistantLOD mesh added
-Bravil: All buildings and NPCs from Blood & Mud are now found in Bravil
-Bravil: Three texture packs offered for the buildings and city walls: Blood & Mud, CUO Bravil, or Vanilla - pick the BSA you want, and swap them whenever you change your mind
-Bravil: Rathmer's Books shop from The Lost Spires mod added - our compatibility patch for The Lost Spires will link the quest dialogue to Rathmer to provide seamless integration
-Bruma: Final adjustments to the new city walls
-Cheydinhal: Quest fix - Ma'Calto the Cursed can no longer repeat his dialogue during the Rangers Guild quest line
-Chorrol: The bathing houses again have gender-restrictions set on the doors
-Leyawiin: Larahiid the baker can now be bartered with again
-Skingrad: Complete overhaul of the castle exterior, by Sigurd
-IC Market District: Corthio's Curiosities will now lock at night, and will not show the trespassing mouse cursor during the day
-IC Market District: Bank of Cyrodiil (plus Gold Horse Courier branches) now allow depositing or removing 10,000 gold or 50,000 gold. Interest rate reduces from 0.5% to 0.3% (Mercantile skill still adds a small bonus)
-IC Arboretum District: Suranie Marelle from the Arboretum Hotel now correctly handles renting a room to the player
-IC Waterfront District: FPS patch is now much more extreme in removal of less-important content

Full changelog can be found in the main archive.

*note to Modders: We use the range of ID of 0000FB00 to 0000FBFF for our injected records into Oblivion.ESM. Thanks for not using any of these ID in your own projects.