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Main Files are REQUIRED! That means that you need to download them all!
Updates are REQUIRED! That means that you need to download them all!

To improve FPS (frame rate per second) and reduce crashes from game engine overload
Oblivion Reloaded - OBGE
CTD and Memory patch ENBoost
Optimised Distant Land MAX to increase your FPS in Tamriel world
Oblivion Stutter Remover with bReplaceHeap=1 in the ini found in the OBSE folder
MoreHeap by shadeMe. Attempts to improve memory handling to prevent CTDs

Visit the Better Cities Wiki. It's still being worked on so more information will be added over time.
If you want to help out by filling in some of the NPC or quest pages, simply register on the wiki and start editing!

A compilation of the Better Cities mods, translated from the original German mods into English, with other mods integrated in, and then vastly enhanced and expanded upon.

So, originally from Max Ischreyt (aka Bananasplit), you have here:
Better Cities: Anvil, Better Cities: Bravil,, Better Cities: Chorrol, Better Cities: Leyawiin, Better Cities: Skingrad
Better Cities: Imperial City Market District

From Reckless:
Better Cities: Cheydinhal (Reckless German version)

From Wolfslady:
Better Cities: Bruma (Wolfslady German version)
Better Arboretum (Wolfslady German version)

Plus the Integration of the following mods:
From SilentResident:
ImpeREAL Castles
ImpeREAL City

From Ryan:
Blood & Mud Dirt Deluxe Anglais

From Acros and ANDORAN team:
Cyrodiil Rebuild
Cyrodiil Rebuild II: Imperial Capital

From jlf2n:
Anvil Bay Expansion
Bravil Docks

From OnWard Softworks (aka TheXanadu & TheLastVoice):
Leyawiin Port

From Nernie:
Numerous gorgeous interiors designed specifically for Better Cities
Bravil River Shack and Village
Waterfront Market

From Khornate and Qazaaq:
Let the People Drink!

From Lynge:
Lynge's Thieves Highway

From Sjors Boomschors
The IC Waterfront Tunnel Entrance

From TESFU & Hendrix
TESFU Book Collection

From Jadrax:
Moth Priests and Temple Apartments 1, 2 & 3

From Jagnot:
Imperial City Library

From Watchesfromshadows:
The Scribe Supplies (the shop only, the decorations all over Cyrodiil are left inside the fixed ESPs)

From Reaper9111:
Reaper's Arcane University v3 (exterior part only).
Reaper's Waterfront

From Manargo & Zaldir:
Delivery Job

From Zarkis:
Bank of Cyrodiil

-Integration of Cyrodiil Rebuild and Let the People Drink!
Better Cities is modular, so you can choose which cities to have in your game and which to leave out. If you want all the Better Cities, there is a merged plugin of all of them. You can also choose to toggle each city (except the Imperial City) into Open Better Cities, so that the cities can be entered without load screens (so in some places you can go under or over the walls).

This mod changes the layout of each of the Cities/Districts mentioned above.
* Many new buildings throughout the Imperial City.
* The Arboretum is turned into a luxurious garden with some domesticated deer and rabbits, a beautiful pond in front of a new hotel with a bar, bedrooms, public and private bath.
* In the Imperial Market District, the buildings have been elevated and several towers have been placed. Some ancient Ayleid statues, uncovered from recent digging under the city have been placed in the District for the population's admiration. New housing has been built and the passages are now narrow and less bare than before.
* Out on the Waterfront, the poor area has been enlarged, with more buildings and additional occupants. The ground is littered with rubbish, the graveyard has enlarged and includes a church. More ships are docked, and a courier service has opened in the richer area.
* The Arcane University District includes several new towers, plus some raised platforms and magical equipment for the students to practice what they have been taught.
* The other IC Districts have been more subtly changed. The additions are less noticeable, but still enhance the appearance of each location.
* In Chorrol the castle gets elevated and protected by walls, an old prison is now accessible and several new houses have been installed. The general layout is vastly changed. Optionally, the city can be converted into Open Better Cities, but this is disabled by default.
* In Bravil, the aspect of decay has been vastly enhanced and you will understand why this city is called the slump of Cyrodiil. The city contains now several levels of houses with pathways making it a real maze.
* In Leyawiin, the castle surrounding has been flooded but a wood pathway has been built for the guard patrols. The old/poor quarter looks mouldy and really poor. A new harbour has been built, a ship of the Imperial Navy is currently docked there.
* In Skingrad, the city has been made more floral and the Colovian District has been enhanced. New houses have also been built. Optionally, the city can be converted into Open Better Cities, but this is disabled by default.
* In Anvil, new houses have been built, the central place has been redecorated as well as the little lake surround. The Anvil Bay has also been altered to give more life to the place. Optionally, the city can be converted into Open Better Cities, but this is disabled by default.
* In Bruma, the city has been enhanced with a pond and waterfall, and the poor quarter has expanded. Optionally, the city can be converted into Open Better Cities, but this is disabled by default.
* In Cheydinhal, the general layout has been changed and the city has been made more floral. A prison quarter also has been added as well as some new houses. Optionally, the city can be converted into Open Better Cities, but this is disabled by default.

Shivering Isles
Shivering Isles Official Patch to v1.2.0416.
Load Better Cities near the end of your load order and after any mod that alters the city worldspaces.
Requires you to read the installation process.

Check the official thread of Better Cities on the Bethesda Forum (the first post) to get the list of mods which are known to work well or not at all with Better Cities (although some of this information could be out of date).

Compatibility Replacers and Patches for Better Cities are in the Main Archive.
Compatibility patches for Unique Landscapes are available here.
You can also find compatibility patches for some mods which conflict with our file "Better Cities - Imperial Isle.esp" here, created by Kad_Venku.

Compatibility patches made by mhahn123 (some of these may need updating since Better Cities v6 release, mhahn is aware and will be updating when time allows)
Alternate Start Town Lindum Patches
Black Cat Jewelry Store-Skingrad Outskirts Patches
Castle Highrock-Fighters Guild Quests Patch
Fighters Guild Quests
My Island Palace Patches
Settlements of Cyrodiil-Legion Outposts
Settlements of Cyrodiil-Regional Farms and Inns
Snowy Road to Bruma Patch Collection
Suliin Village
The Hesu Mod Collection
Topal Island Patches
Topals Deep
Trails of Cyrodiil Patch Collection (provides replacer version of Trails of Cyrodiil, use instead of the original version, no patches needed)

Please see our FAQ on the Better Cities Wiki.

Try to put this mod the lowest possible in your load order (the bottom end with the most recent date) so that any other mods which change the cities in any way would not affect it.

If you experience any weird behaviour with the merged files, make a clean save without them (How to make a Clean Save instructions are in the readme). All the important information is in the Better Cities Resources.esm so you won't loose any progress if you don't un-check the master but only the merged ESPs. (You do need a clean save if you updated from a version posterior to v4.3.0)

If you want a single file with all your favourite cities, use a merging utility like TES4Gecko.


Additional Mods
Animated Window Light System and Chimneys to illuminate your windows in the cities by night without any FPS hit and add some smoke to the chimneys.
Unique Landscapes Compatibility Patches by Vorians

OBSE to get the in-game menu but also because it is a wonderful utility.
TES4LODGen to generate automatically the DistantLOD related to your current list of mods (does not touch distant land height, but rather handles distant placement of objects like buildings and trees).

For your FPS
Oblivion Reloaded - OBGE.
CTD and Memory patch ENBoost.
Optimised Distant Land MAX to increase your FPS in Tamriel world.
Oblivion Stutter Remover.
MoreHeap by shadeMe. Attempts to improve memory handling to prevent CTDs.

TES Mod Manager (formerly named Oblivion Mod Manager), OBMM How To & Oblivion Mod FAQ and OMOD Creation.
Wrye Bash and BAIN.
7zip Free file Archiver.
TES4Edit without which not much of this would have been possible.

Official Forum Thread
IRC Channel

*note to Modders: We use the range of ID of 0000FB00 to 0000FBFF for our injected records into Oblivion.ESM. Thanks for not using any of these ID in your own projects.