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****"Let the People Drink!"****

Aqueduct/Fountain Mod

Version: 2.6
Date: 05-feb 2012
Category: Quest/Landscape/New Meshes/New Textures
Recommended: Oblivion Mod Manager, Cobl
Authors: Khornate and Qazaaq
Source: TESNexus and Planet Elder Scrolls.
German Translation: Scharesoft.de (2.6), Ei der Zeit (2.5)
French Translation: TES Nexus
Russian Translation: AnvilBay

Note: This is only part of the readme, bits and pieces are left out. See the ReadMe for install instruction etc.

"Let the People Drink" breathes life into the very dry Imperial City, it adds multitude of fountains as well as a Great Aqueduct running from Charcoal Cave to the city. This Aqueduct was built by none other than Tiber Septim himself. Discover what Bethesda's Imperial City should have been like; take a drink from the fountains and enjoy the view from the aqueducts, this mod is for you!

As well as including a great aqueduct worthy of the mighty Imperial City, this mod also adds fountains to the Arboretum, Green Emperor Way, Temple, Talos and Arena districts. These fountains do not simply use existing oblivion waterfall meshes, but custom, specifically water meshes. It also adds a quest with FULL VOICE ACTING and a secret treasure which only those witty enough will find.

In total, this mod adds over 30 new and customised meshes and textures. A lot of work has went into this mod and each model has been given the same amount of attention and been finalised to a point which Qazaaq and I thought was perfect.

Starting the mod
There's a quest that needs to be done to unblock the aqueduct and activate the fountains in the Imperial City. You can start the quest by talking to the water worker who resides near the Charcoal Cave waterfalls (at the start of the aqueduct), or by reading one of the poster in the Imperial City. You can find the posters in various districts, next to the district gates like the Gray Fox posters.

Version 2.6 (by Vorians):
- Archive is now also BAIN-ready.
- All deleted references have been undeleted & disabled. This prevents crashes caused in combination with other mods.
- Most persistent references in the IC districts are now parented to a single persistent object to reduce save-game bloat.
- Charcoal Cave door is duplicated and disabled instead of script-repositioned.
- Better Cities compatibility toggle tweaked.
- Some other minor edits.

Version 2.5:
- Fountain only version, with and without Cobl support.
- Automated compatibility with Better Cities.
- Fixed compatibility for Better Cities (removed circle of pillars).
- Fixed the name of the voices folder.

Version 2.4:

- Giving the water worker a unique race to prevent conflicts caused by filtering dialogue.
- A script to prevent the Charcoal cave door to be stuck at the original position.
- Instructions for generating distant LOD files with TES4View.
- COBL aware plugin file that marks the fountains as water sources, this includes a COBL options menu.
- Compatibility with Bananasplit Better Cities 1.9.7 and higher.

Version 2.3:

- Fixed some errors the book about the aqueduct.
- Fixed a land seam.
- Moved a few rocks on the bottom of the waterfall to prevent the player from getting trapped.

Version 2.2:

- Fixed more clipping grass.
- Corrected Floating rock.
- Fixed the Temple Fountain water’s misalignment.
- Got rid of sound of water before the quest was completed.
- Fixed a couple more floating meshes/other errors.

Version 2.1:

- Updated a few textures and meshes to blend in better.
- Fixed a few graphical bugs.
- Fixed grass clipping issues.
- Better cleaned plugin file.
- Fixed OMOD script errors.

Version 2.0:

- Redesigned Aqueduct, now boats can sail underneath.
- Revamped Normal Maps, now they look nicer.
- Moved the Waterworker's house to the left side of the waterfall to avoid conflicts with glenvar castle (Now fully compatible).
- Changed the tunnel leading from the endpool to the waterworker's house.
- Fixed a few graphical issues with the Temple fountains.
- Many repositioning of meshes (floating meshes etc).
- Altered some textures to blend in better.
- Added compatibility with all the big LOD mods:

Almost Everything Visible When Distant 2.8
Tamriel Visible When Distant 0.5
Unique Landscapes Dark Forest 1.0.1
Unique Landscapes Imperial Isle 1.3

Version 1.2:

- Fixed invisible LOD meshes for some people.

Version 1.1:

- Fixed the CTDs by adding a cave instead of ladders.
- Fixed more CTDs.
- Fixed the trapdoor animation.
- Raised the Arboretum fountain basin a little, to avoid trapped NPCs.
- Fixed the collision mesh for the Temple fountains; removed the yellow box.
- Fixed the aqueduct water sounds, the volume depends on the distance now.

Version 1.0:

- Initial Release.

Feel free to send me or Qazaaq an email here if you have any questions and/or
issues (replace % with gmail.com):


You can also contact either me or my partners on the Elder Scrolls Forums,
our user names are as follows:

- Khornate (Me)
- Qazaaq
- Zanos

--The Core Team:

- Khornate (Me)
- Qazaaq

--The Rest of the Team:

- Zanos - Ideas, Dialogue writing and Book Writing
- Arbiter of Change - Voice Acting

--Special Thanks to:

- Earendur Surion for the initial idea and supporting our progress.
- Ghogiel for helping Qazaaq with some object collision issues.
- Hypno for some CS help.
- ElminsterEU for his awesome tool TES4View and for his help with analyzing the pathgrid and landscape conflicts with Glenvar Castle.
- how? for pointing out the errors in the aqueduct book.
- Ismelda Lasombra and Display name is already in use for their help with solving the compatibility issues with Bananasplit Better Cities.

- Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
- TESNexus.net for its resources for authors and players.
- lhammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.
- The Nifskope team for making alot of this possible.
- The authors of various tutorials on the CS Wiki that were read during the creation of this mod.
- TeamGecko for creating such an amazing tool.

(Forgive me if I forgot someone or something)

You must contact myself or Qazaaq and obtain permission from either of us before re-packaging any part of this mod. If neither of us respond within 4 weeks, feel free to do whatever you like with this mod.