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V1.0 -- Shipwreck Home
MystykStar 2008

My Oblivion mods are now as is. I can't troubleshoot any issues as I haven't modded the game in years. If you have issues with any of my mods, and can't find an answer in the comments, it'd be best to ask on the Oblivion Mods forum. There's likely people there who still play the game and can better help you.

A small furnished home inside the only intact part of the shipwreck located North-West of Beldaburo. A map marker is available but it cannot be travelled to until 'found.'

The images have not been brightened or altered in any way to show the dimness and brightness within. They are also not the most current and up to date. I've shuffled some clutter around and plopped a round mat in the top room as it was a bit bare.

Instead of using candles or ambient lighting the only light sources are the two beams coming through the broken windows. They turn off of a night (about 7pm) and back on of a morning (about 6am). Of a night it's possible to see the stars through the windows. If you are using a night sky mod which has nebulas they are also visible.
The only thing I haven't researched how to do is match the outside weather with inside. I'm sure it requires scripting which I don't know how to do from scratch. I'll add that in as a future update when I can borrow the skills of a scripter.

There are some new objects in there. I tried to minimise clutter and useless junk due to limited space. Every wall is taken by a painting, most of which are Monet prints. The painting on the easel is one of my old screenshots depicting a nebula from the first Night Sky Fire & Ice mod by Sahardoom. I still use it to this day :-)

The interior has a slight tilt to it. I was originally going to do 45 degrees but was kindly told on the ORE forum that was too extreme :-)

There are two storage places. A small chest on the bottom shelf of the bookcase, and a hidden safe.
I haven't done a whole lot to the outside. There's a plank going from the tilted deck to the shore as I was sick of jumping to get on the boat. A campfire and cooking pot stand near the largest rock, in a small sheltered bit.

New Items:
- A glass vase stands on top of the small bookcase. It holds gemstones and lavender. I'd advise not to touch the lavender as they may get angry and fly all over the room.
- Watch out for Jay Dee, he's stuffed (static) but looks rather scary nonetheless. He may be hiding, though. Remember they are more scared of you than you are of them. I've never believed that, though.
- The previous occupant actually lived in the wreck for a short time and left some stuff behind, the most noteable being in the hidden safe.
- There are some other objects which I'm sure you'll spot during your time there. I won't list them all you can find them on your own.

- The 1.2 patch

It conflicts with Unique Landscapes - The Lost Coast.
A Compatibility patch is available, but, I refuse to link to it as the author of the patch series didn't ask permission to make the patch...and he moved the boat. Editing someone else's files without asking is a big no no around here. He refused to remove my file and was rather hostile that I'd dared to even request it.

Many thanks to JDFan for testing, suggestions, general help and allowing me to use his two unique creatures.
Thanks also to Ogramirad for helpful suggestions and initially volunteering to test.

Other objects are thanks to the following modders for their resources:
Orchids by Andysaurus
Fishtank and fish by Phitt
Sofa by Xiamara
Glass vase and single stemmed rose by me.

If you wish to use any parts of this mod in yours please ask me first as some are not to be redistributed.

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