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This mod is an add-on for TWMP Skyrim Improved. It modifies the Southern Skyrim, from the Eastern to the Western border. It changes the forests in the Rift, adds Riften and Helgen, adds roads and mountain passes to connect it all, extends Riverwood, and throws in a few surprises.

Permissions and credits
This mod fills in South-Eastern Skyrim. It is built from the mod Skyrim Alive by braveheart101, with author's permission, it includes the original mod. This project started because I wanted to replace a few trees!


Upcoming release announcement

I started work on the next release, it is likely to be finished by the end of summer (this year, 2022). The main features will be:
  • Proper roads will cover the entirety of Skyrim, so you could travel everywhere on foot or mounted without the need to teleport, ever. Guides will remain as they are, you can still use them, but you don't have to. Every village will be accessible by road, although admittedly some passages may be too steep or narrow for a horse. But you should squeeze through.
  • There will be over 100 new multi-level dynamically linked dungeons dotted all over Skyrim. Forts, caves, mines. Although they are based on vanilla dungeons, they are sufficiently altered to feel different. The deeper you go, the harder it gets. Watch out for curses, too!
  • New fortresses and high altitude forts seemingly impossible to reach without levitation... But no, this is not Morrowind, levitation is not required. There's always a way, the trick is to find it.
  • Doomstones and rune stones will rise here and there.
  • There are new enemies, including half a dozen new types of bosses dropping special ingredients - ichor. This can be used to eventually make witcher decoctions, or at least my interpretation of it within Oblivion. Don't worry if you don't know what it is! All will become clear. These are no ordinary potions, although standard alchemy is used.
  • Many villages are getting notice boards that have local quests. No world-shattering quests here, no saving the Empire from the jaws of Oblivion or anything like that. Still nice I hope, and people have been asking for quests. Some are fetch quests, but quite a few have lasting consequences, so Skyrim will be changing through your actions, even if only a little.
  • Companions! There are mercenaries about and some of those people you're doing favours for, might agree to accompany you. This is a simple companion system with Recruit, Dismiss, Wait and Follow, and as such it won't interfere with whatever advanced system you are using. No shared inventory but the companions will refresh their gear regularly, so no one will fight in broken armour. Or at least that's the idea. I am not guarding against exploits, that's on you.
  • Unmarked and unjournalled treasure hunts and surprises are also included. Not all surprises may be pleasant (Skyrim is a wild and dangerous place).
  • I expect to build Whiterun, Morthal and Dragon Bridge. Dawnstar will have a symbolic start (may be a house or two, without interiors in this release). I have already built Ivarstead. Whiterun might not be complete in this release - I plan to have the lower town filled in, but Dragonsreach and Jorrvaskr might just be empty shells for now. High Hrothgar already exists, but just as a shell, however now you can walk up to it from Ivarstead. Ivarillion gets an interior.
  • Passes from Morrowind are being added - the Rift Pass, the Dunmereth Pass and a secret pass that comes out in Tolvald's Cave. These passes will have a gate, and you won't be able to cross into Morrowind anywhere else, unless you levitate. Velothi Mountains are very high and rugged, and you really can't cross them just anywhere. If you have Morroblivion with Tamriel Rebuilt installed, these passes will actually connect to the corresponding passes in Tamriel Rebuilt. This will be a separate ESP to be released a bit later, but this is the intention of these passes. Without Morroblivion, you simply open the gates and continue on your journey in TWMP Morrowind which is currently pretty empty.
  • Dwemer ruins from David Brasher's mods will be imported from Morrowind and placed in Skyrim, with modifications.
  • Castle Volkihar will rise in the Sea of Ghosts. No quests at the moment, but enter at your own risk! Think you can take on Lord Volkihar?
  • I extended the excellent Alternative Start - Arrive by Ship mod to also dock in Solitude and Windhelm. You can play the whole game in Skyrim! This will be a separate optional patch, all existing functionality fully preserved (you can still get off in Anvil if you prefer).
  • Previews and current progress is published here.


To access Skyrim or any area outside of Cyrodiil, you need to turn off borders in Oblivion INI file. See this Wiki page on how to do it.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT use Vortex to install the TWMP suite of mods! Several users have contacted me with a completely messed up installation. I do not know if other installers are any better, I always install everything manually, then use Wrye Bash to set the load order.


The Rift now has aspens and birches in autumnal colours and Riften is a fairly large town on the lake. It has inns, shops, a temple, a castle, dungeons and other fun, with some 60 citizens and 25 guards to keep them in check. There is even a house for sale. There are no quests, just the city. Plenty of rumours though and some Easter eggs.

The guards will arrest you if you have bounty, but you will be taken to Bruma for processing or to serve your sentence. They don't want any Cyrodilic scum in their lovely city...

Travelling between various locations in Skyrim is done by talking to a guide. Riften has two guides that can take you anywhere in Skyrim, but guides in other places do not have Riften on their list. You can travel to a nearby village though - Sungard.

Taking the road back to Cyrodiil, you will now find roads going West just as you cross the border, and connecting to the Northern Road leading to Bruma. Road signs along the way now include Riften. Continuing North from the Dragonclaw Rock, you can follow the Old Pale Pass over the mountains - watch for burning braziers and remnants of a paved road visible under the snow. This pass is horse-friendly. It brings you into Skyrim at Helgen. From there the New Pale Pass climbs up to come out at the Cloud Ruler Temple (TWMP Skyrim Improved). This pass now has complete path grids so that NPCs can use it on their own. In addition, the gate at the top is now usable for followers. Don't take your horse though - they break their legs on the steep stairs.

Going North from the Helgen, you come to Riverwood. It has an inn and a smith, as well as some familiar characters. There is no Riverwood Trader, but Delphine at the Sleeping Giant Inn will buy your odds and sods. You can rent a room from her or, if you are a member of the Blades, you can sleep in her bed - if you dare.

When you rent a room at the Sleeping Giant Inn or the two inns in Riften, you actually rent the whole inn - all rentable beds are given to you and your followers to use for the night (they belong to PlayerFaction). So there's no need for your friends to camp at the bar while you are hogging the bed. Similarly, the beds in the house for sale in Riften become usable for your followers once you buy it (no, not before).

There is an extra surprise as well.

Crystal Chasm
by twoshedzzz and my patch for Crystal Chasm and Red Mead Hall are now both integrated into this mod. Please remove the stand-alone version of Crystal Chasm, but empty your chests first! If you are using the Red Mead Hall, you no longer need the patch with it. If you are using OOO, please use my patch for Crystal Chasm and OOO to save those bandits from falling into the chasm.

There are now three new horse-friendly mountain passes and several new roads connecting all of Southern Skyrim, from Riften to Falkreath and on to Elinhir in Hammerfell. There is a new access road into Skyrim right next to the shrine of Hermaeus Mora. All these roads are marked on the map - you can choose between a static map and a module for the Dynamic Map.

A static map replaces the in-game Cyrodiil map with one for the entire Tamriel. It has no performance cost and doesn't flicker, but it also does not zoom and the choice of maps is limited. See Tamriel in-game maps in HD.

Dynamic Map is a separate mod that puts together a correct map for your personal collection of mods, with the correct module. It allows to zoom the map but also has a performance cost and sometimes glitches on some hardware. To install it, you need the following:

Further smaller features of TWMP Skyrim Alive include the following:
  • A Guide to Riften is found among similar books throughout Tamriel and at some locations in Cyrodiil replacing duplicate copies of other guides. It is also available from all reputable book sellers. Another travel book is also added - look around.
  • A few new fiction books are added to random book selections in loot and stores. They are also found somewhere in Riften for those who want them.
  • Three new editions of the Black Horse Courier were published, two of which are found at some locations in Cyrodiil.
  • Ice Worms and Mammoths in Skyrim changed from CreatureFaction to Prey to stop them attacking horses. They were already leaving people alone, just going for horses... weird.
  • The inn in Greenwall filled in with more furniture and beds, and the innkeeper now has a more extensive schedule. The services are not changed though - the beds are still free.
  • Orcish portable camping gear is available from most general traders, but Borba in Cheydinhal always has more.
  • Path grids everywhere! NPCs will now actually use the roads... It is not guaranteed as I did not alter the road records, but the path grids have preference nodes along the roads and I have observed various NPCs to actually follow them.

LOD for this mod comes in two forms: as a plain archive and as a BSA - they contain the same files. Which one you use, depends on what you do with the other LOD resources and whether or not you use SkyBSA. I assume you know what you are doing... If unsure, choose the plain archive which will unpack individual files into your Data folder. It is not necessary then to use LOD BSA, but it won't break anything if you do.

It is always best to generate your own LOD files for your personal collection of mods. However, it is not necessarily trivial.

I have also added a separate optional mod called TWMP Skyrim Less Scary which reduces the number of monsters being spawned in Skyrim and modifies Skyrim Oblivion gates to be less obtrusive. This does not affect vanilla Oblivion gates in Cyrodiil! This mod makes the 125 Oblivion gates in Skyrim and Hammerfell different from the standard Oblivion gates and completely independent from the Main Quest. The Skyrim gates are now transient - they appear and disappear every now and again, and continue doing so until you go in and close them. Once closed, the gate does not reopen, so you can in fact clear them all up! Also, the red sky phenomenon is much more localised with these gates compared to standard. Mehrunes Dagon finally spread himself too thin, it seems... Load after TWMP Skyrim Alive.


For detailed installation instructions please see How to install TWMP Tamriel. This is particularly important if you don't have TWMP installed yet. The installation must happen in a particular order, and this guide explains how to do it.

For those who just want a quick list of prerequisites, here they are:

Install the mods in the order listed above, followed by this mod. Some files get overwritten as you go along and it has to happen correctly, so the order in which you install the mods, is very important. The above is also a good load order. In addition, OBSE 21 is required. For a more detailed installation method, see this page.

The dialogue in this mod is silent. To avoid skipping through the lines too quickly, silent voice files for this mod and TWMP Skyrim Improved are provided in a separate archive. Alternatively use OBSE Plugin: Elys's Universal Silent Voice - then you don't need the silent voice files.

If you use any mods that modify the areas of Southern Skyrim or Northern Jeralls near the Skyrim border, generally load them before this mod, otherwise roads will be overwritten.


This mod conflicts with Unique Landscapes Snowdale and Jerall Glacier. Please download patches from the Unique Landscapes Compatibility Patches page.

Recommended additions

Here are some suggestions for the area - mods that work well with this mod and TWMP in general (I have them in my game):
  • Skyrim Observatory - North-East from the Dive Rock. Causes minor land tears near Aerin's camp.
  • HESU Mod Collection - Skyrim Temple - West from the shrine of Azura.
  • The Ancient Dwemer Ruins - sits right on the road. Conflicts with UL Jerall Glacier - choose either one or the other. Load before Skyrim Alive - the landscape in Skyrim Alive has been altered to match that of the Ruins, so no compatibility patches are needed. See also my patch for the Dwemer Ruins to fix automatic doors - this is a fix for the mod, not a compatibility patch, it does not edit the landscape. Load the fix right after the Dwemer Ruins mod. Load the Ruins after the HESU Skyrim Temple to avoid land tears.
  • Jerall Home Remastered - puts a house North of the Dragonclaw Rock, right where my Pale Pass comes into Skyrim. Load before Skyrim Alive to keep the roads intact. Conflicts with UL Snowdale - choose either one or the other.
  • Ancient Dwemer Ruin Vornhuzduc - in Cyrodiil West of Bruma.
  • Pinevale - in the Jeralls West of Bruma. There is a pass from below.
  • Ghastley's Falkreath - no longer available on Nexus.
  • Nordinkarst- Nordic Meadhall - in the Jeralls West of Pinevale. Easy access from Falkreath! Use this patch with TWMP. Load the main mod and the patch after TWMP Skyrim Alive.
  • Red Mead Hall - just West of the shrine of Hermaeus Mora. Load this after TWMP Skyrim Alive. No patches required.

Known bugs

There bound to be floating trees here and there! I could not check every single one... If you find one, let me know and I'll bring it down to earth.

There is a line on the lake in Riften when you look at it from the Keep - this is where "near view" changes into "distant view", I think. I have no idea how to fix it. There is no line when you come closer.

Users reported a possible incompatibility with Oblivion Character Overhaul (OCO v2) leading to game crashes. The problem seems to reside with OCO though, please use OCO Compatibility Edition as a solution.


This mod uses textures and models from the following mod resources included in this mod:

I did try to use existing assets as far as possible, this mod adds only a few things - see folder "Skyrim Alive" under Textures and Meshes. The sign resource was used to make new signs, while the house models were used directly. The emblem for Riften on rugs and banners was copied from TWMP Skyrim Guard Armors and Shields mod to keep it consistent with the guard armour. The rug and banner texture itself is based on that of Kvatch - the idea came from Kvatch Rebuilt but I did my own GIMP magic on the textures.

Silent voice files were generated with Silent Voice Generator.

This mod has been tested and cleaned with TES4Edit. Many thanks to starlessmao81ac for explaining things about the order of masters to me.

But what about...

But there aren't any quests... No, not in this release. I shall be revisiting it later, so perhaps then. However, there are still things to do, places to explore, rumours to inquire about... Don't dismiss it just yet. Poke your nose everywhere. And consider this: not everything is about fighting.

The prison of Riften is in Bruma? Yes. I didn't do anything special for it to happen! The game must be using the nearest prison or something. I'll look into moving the prison to Riften in one of the future releases.

The citizens of Riften swim a lot. Yes, they do! The whole area has path grids, but because Riften is situated in the mountains like that, it is rather spread out. The AI is not always able to look far enough to calculate a sensible path, and then it sends the NPCs in a straight line. So they jump into the lake out of despair. Which is why I have installed rope barriers along all piers, so you will see a lot of NPCs walking against them, but from what I observed in my game, they do recover after a while. Yes, they often choose crazy straight paths, but it all seems to work out all right in the end.

When I travel with a guide, my followers' horses are left behind.
Yeah, I noticed. Travelling with a guide in Skyrim is a part of TWMP Skyrim Improved mod, I didn't touch it. They move your followers but not their horses. Your own horse travels with you. Moving your followers' horses is generally difficult, also when you fast travel with vanilla game. Of course, vanilla followers don't use horses!

Does it crash a lot?
No, not in my game. I've had it in for months now - literally, and all the while I've been changing this mod, going back and forth, reloading old saves (a big no-no), so some confusion did occur, but no crashes. Seems to be stable. My big thanks for that go to everyone who worked on the TWMP mods on which this one is based.

Do I need a new game for this?
No. I loaded the whole TWMP suite at 800 hours into a game - and it went without a hitch. It is probably a good idea though to load it while your hero is located outside of the affected area, just to be on the safe side.

Can I use it with Valenwood and Elsweyr?
Yes. This mod itself only modifies Skyrim, but TWMP mods do work with Elsweyr, as well as with Morroblivion, and there is a TWMP version of Valenwood Improved. See my TWMP installation guide for the entire Tamriel.

I want more pictures!
For a look behind the scenes and the "making of" of this mod, see this thread on Chorrol forums - I'm posting updates there as I go along.

Where do the stories in the fiction books come from?
"I am Lena Wolf" on Chorrol. Not all of the book stories have made it into the main narrative yet - some are just glimpses of the future.

But I don't want the rest of TWMP! Then you cannot use this mod. Sorry.

What's in the future?

Going North... Whiterun, Morthal and Castle Volkihar. See the detailed announcement at the top.

You can follow the development on this thread on Chorrol forums.