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Skingrad Market Readme
This is version 1.00

0. Requirments:
This mod requires:
- Oblivion 1.2.0416
- Cobl Main.esm
- Shivering Isles ( you could try without it, but you'll have a missing mesh inside Domenick's tower, in which you cannot enter unless you break in so not a big issue)
- OBSE + Elys Universal Silent Voice

Get COBL from here:

Get OBSE from here:

Get Elys Universal Silent Voice from here:

Do not be scared with all this requirments! OBSE & Elys Silent voice are for you to have NPCs open their mouth when speaking and for subtitles to be there a bit longer. Easy to install and use.

1. Description:
We have Salmo for bread, Pickled chick for weapons, Dunmer chick for weird stuff, Gunther for general merchandise, but where to buy FOOD!? At Domenick's stand!!! Every day from 8am to 5pm on the cathedral square!
And now you can earn gold without need to draw your sword! Of course, if you choose to, you have a chance to use the sword. Ask Domenick if he has some job for you.

This mod features:
- Ugliest trader in whole Skingrad, but with full AI and lots of REGULAR food to buy.
- Market stand that works every day from 8am-5pm where you can buy food from Domenick
- Domenick's tower - one of the Skingrad's unused wall towers turned into Domenick's humble home.
- 9 quests with 152 lines of dialogue, new icons and items
- 12 new NPCs
- 1 new cave with loot and bad guys [quest related]

You can choose between two locations of market stand. If you run mod 'Markets of Cyrodiil', use file 'Skingrad Market - MoC.esp' to prevent conflict.

2. Instalation:
*** Make sure that you have COBL installed. ***

Extract all files from Skingrad Market.7z to bethesda softworks\oblivions\data. When
you are asked to overwrite files under meshes and textures, select 'yes to all'.

Activate either 'Skingrad Market.esp' or 'Skingrad Market - MoC.esp'. Do not run both files.

Get and install latest version of OBSE (not Beta).
Get and install Elys Universal Silent voice. Just copy all files to Oblivion\Data\Obse\Plugins

3. Conflicts:
Any kind of 'Open City' mods. 'Skingrad Market.esp' will conflict with mod 'Markets of Cyrodiil', use file 'Skingrad Market - MoC.esp' to prevent conflict.

-- Unique Landscapes - Beaches of Cyrodiil --
There is a compatibility patch (thanks to Vorians aka display name is already in use) that fixes landscape conflict. Get it here:

4. Permissions:
Ask me about re-uploading and further distribution please..

5. Author, credits and contact:
Author & contact: "washington" at official Morrovwind forums: http://www.bethsoft.com/bgsforums


Darkness Eternal for market stand from DUNE - part III resource pack, the very essence of this mod.
CS wiki, General TES CS Forum and everyone that wrote anything there.
COBL Team for COBL
OBSE Team for OBSE
Elys for Universal Silent Voice
Quarn for the Bag of Holding mesh & icon which I used here
Vorians for UL-BoC patch
TamaraUK for support
Bethesda for creating Oblivion and giving us the CS.

6. Version info:
This is version 1.00 (first version with quests)

Possible version 1.10 for bugfixes (if there are any).
Possible further versions with voiced dialogue.
Possible plans for upgrading: creating traveling market IC - Skingrad - Kvatch - Anvil
Some more TOP SECRET ideas...

7. Version change log:
Changes from version 0.99:
- 9 quests added with everything that goes along that
- added script to prevent Domenick's stand being open during night
- added new Domenick's AI packages for immersion

*** Thank you for reading***

If you prefer not having quests, use old version 0.99