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Fixes bugs and inconsistencies for Skyrim's weapons, armors, clothing, jewelry, and clutter items.

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This mod fixes bugs and incorrect settings for Skyrim's weapons and armors, as well as changing values, keywords, and other properties to achieve greater consistency between the different weapons and armors.

  • Corrects many of the bugs found in the vanilla weapon, armor, clothing, jewelry, and clutter records.
  • Improves consistency and balance between different items (value, weight, damage, keywords, etc).
  • Weapons and armor will scale in a predictable and consistent manner.
  • The strength of an enchantment on a piece of enchanted jewelry is now properly reflected by the quality of the base jewelry.
  • Perks that didn't apply consistently to all items in the game have been fixed.
  • Female clothing variants will now use the correct texture in first-person.
  • Changes the crafting categories to help organize and declutter the crafting menus.
  • Increases the speed of arrows and bolts by 50% and makes them fly at a slightly flatter trajectory.
  • Changes the stats and keywords for the dragon priest masks to better balance them with other gameplay options.
  • Adjusts the stats of Dwarven, Elven, and Orcish weapons to make them consistent with the rank and quality of their respective armors and the progression of the Smithing perks.
  • Switches the values and stats of Daedric and Dragonbone weapons, so that Daedric are the more powerful.
  • Some previously unplayable or inaccessible items are now playable and/or accessible in game.
  • Allows circlets to be worn with hoods.
  • Almost all instances of hooded robes have been removed from the game and replaced with separate robe and hood combinations.
  • Adjusts the loot found in certain furniture containers to be consistent with both the class and the type of furniture.
  • Certain items have been renamed for easier sorting or to better fit the in-game appearance of that item.
  • Necklaces and/or rings that were invisible when worn with certain clothing can now be seen.
  • Potion bottles will now use the correct meshes, and Poison bottles will no longer appear flat and dull.

Install the main file. If you wish to use one of the optional texture resolutions, install it after the main file and allow it to replace the original .bsa file.
If you are using a Bashed Patch, then you will need to use the WACCF_BashedPatchLvlListFix.esp file, as explained below. If you are not using a Bashed Patch, then you can delete this file. If you are adding WACCF to an existing game, please ensure prior to installation that you are not wearing the Archmage's Robes (unequip them, if necessary).

WACCF_BashedPatchLvlListFix.esp contains a copy of the leveled list edits from WACCF and is basically a "helper" file for creating a Bashed Patch.  The reason for this is that the Bashed Patch doesn't do a great job at combining the type of edits that WACCF makes to the leveled lists.  Often, if you have another mod that edits the same leveled list, the Bashed Patch will end up reverting the leveled list changes from WACCF.  By loading this helper file last, it will help to ensure your Bashed Patch contains the correct edits. However, the good news is that when you build your Bashed Patch, Wrye Bash will merge this file into the Bashed Patch, meaning that it won't actually take up an additional plugin slot. After creating your Bashed Patch, this plugin can be disabled.

Version 2.0 edits certain containers in Jorrvaskr, the College of Winterhold, the Ragged Flagon Cistern, Fort Dawnguard, and Volkihar Keep. Any items stored in these containers prior to updating should still be present in those containers after installing the update. However, as always, it is strongly advised that you make a backup of your save prior to updating this mod.

Version 2.1 just makes a few small edits to the plugin.  I don't foresee any issues with updating from v2.0 to this version mid-game.  There were no changes to any of the textures or other assets, so you can continue to use the v2.0 texture options with the v2.1 update.

Please be aware that it is never recommended to uninstall a mod mid-game. This mod is no exception. Do not expect to receive support for issues that occur due to uninstalling this mod mid-game.

Weapons Armor Clothing & Clutter Fixes.esp should be placed near the very top of your load order; AFTER the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.
WACCF_BashedPatchLvlListFix.esp should be placed at the very bottom of your load order so that it loads last (or nearly last).

Recommended load order:
- Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
- Weapons Armor Clothing & Clutter Fixes
- WACCF_Armor & Clothing Expansion
- WACCF_BashedPatchLvlListFix.esp (this should be at the very bottom of your load order)

I want to thank the following mod authors for providing assets that were used in this mod.
Thank you so much for permitting me to use your work and resources!
Gamwich for creating the beautiful new textures
Teh-Husky for the female Executioner armor mesh
Krucify for Hearthfire Display Case Fix
Gojirex for Actually Dented Dented Iron Shield
Sabrio204 for Enchanted Bonemold Fix
mrx16 for meshes from Playable Skeleton Races
progr3550r for Female Falmer Heavy Armor Fix
DLXJFV for female mesh from Alternate Ancient Falmer Cuirass
ReflexShooter for meshes from Ragged Cap -Beggar Cap Fix
thegrobe for the Emperor's Robes and Elven Boot mesh fixes
jg1 for Orcish weapon meshes from Believable Weapons
LeanWolf for Orcish weapon meshes from LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Weapons

The changes in this mod take several forms. Some changes are straight-forward bug fixes. These are things that are obviously wrong, such as shoes that have the ClothingBody keyword instead of the ClothingFeet keyword, a weapon that has the wrong bash/block data, or an item that's using the wrong mesh or texture.  The second type of change is slightly more subjective and was made to improve consistency and balance between different items. Weapons and armor types were designed to scale in a particular way, and some items rather obviously break from that established pattern. This mod attempts to bring these wayward items into line with the normal progression of value, weight, damage, speed, and other properties.

Click here to see a more detailed list of the types of changes included in this mod.

Beyond straight-up bug fixes, this mod also changes the value and properties of some items so that they conform better to established patterns of progression among different item and material types.  Many of these changes are fairly obvious when looking at a list of item stats.  This spreadsheet lists many of the changes this mod makes to weapon and armor stats.  Certain items were also renamed for great consistency and to allow for better inventory sorting. Finally, there were a few changes that I felt were consistent with the appearance and/or lore of the item, but did not strictly conform to the vanilla conventions, such as making the spectral Drainblood weapons silent. While these changes are subjective and were personal choices on my part, I felt they were justified given the nature and/or established lore of the item.

Some of the changes made by this mod were meant to improve the balance of the game, and do have a slight effect on gameplay.  For example, the speed and trajectory of arrows and bolts has been modified to make archery feel more realistic and aiming more natural.  All hooded robes have been removed from the game and replaced with separate robes and hoods, allowing for more diversity in equipping and enchanting those items.  The dragon priest masks were also modified to better balance them with other gameplay options, and weapon progression has been modified to align with armor progression and the arrangement of the perk tree. Click here for more details about a few these changes. 

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