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Fixes inconsistencies between WACCF and Summermyst

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This patch aims to fix many inconsistencies between WACCF and Summermyst, which happen even when using a Bashed Patch.


  • All existing weapon and armor records from Summermyst have been patched to match WACCF's prices & names.
  • All enchanted necklaces, circlets and rings from Summermyst now follow WACCF's tiered progression.
  • New Orcish weapons of Drain Magic Resist / Absorb Speed / Steal Weapons etc... have been added to the levelled lists to replace the Elven weapons using the same enchants (these weapons were put in the same levelled list as the Paralyze enchantment, but WACCF changes the weapon progression, removing Elven weapons with Paralyze and adding Orcish weapons instead).
  • For the same reason as above, tier 2 and tier 5 Summermyst enchants have been created for elven and orcish weapons, respectively, and put in levelled lists.
  • Summermyst hooded robes have been removed from leveled lists.
  • Add Summermyst enchants to the Bonemold Armor, Reinforced Bonemold Armor, Reinforced Iron Armor & Reinforced Steel Armor from WACCF.
  • Add Summermyst enchants to the Dragonbone weapons from WACCF.

In addition to that, this fixes a few inconsistencies and errors in Summermyst:
  • New Ancient Nord Honed Swords of Frost Hazard and Frost Damage Piercing have been added (Summermyst has War Axes, Greatswords and Battlaxes but no swords).
  • Removed Ancient Nord weapons from the Dragonborn DLC's Nordic weapons leveled lists.
  • Some leveled lists errors. Example: Orcish battleaxe with tier 3 Killstreak enchantment being unobtainable


Should be compatible with anything that doesn't alter Summermyst weapons or armors.

A Bashed Patch will be necessary to fix conflict with mods that edit the same leveled lists.