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In the spirit of Requiem, no longer will the world feel like it solely resolves around the player. New NPCs — powerful or feeble, ally or foe, generic or unique — will wander, adventure and pillage throughout the lands of Skyrim.

Permissions and credits
Trailblazers is an adaptation of MINPC (More Immersive NPCs).

MINPC is an amazing mod that adds a vast number of NPCs to the world of Skyrim without going overboard. They all come with their own factions, leveled lists and AI packages, meaning they roam around, visit cities, enter shops, fight bandits and so forth. Trailblazers is an adaptation of MINPC that befits my vision of Skyrim, while enabling compatibility with Requiem.

In short, the following has changed:

  • Added Crime factions and edited behavior towards crime.
  • Changed AI behavior and Faction disposition towards the player.
  • Edited stats, added spells and perks.
  • Changed AI packages.
  • Edited and added loot lists, inventory and outfits.
  • Several small fixes and balance changes.
  • Removed all free followers.
  • Edited, added and removed Merchant factions.
  • De-leveled leveled lists and NPCs (for Requiem users).
  • Added some RP flavor (see images).
  • Added, removed and changed a whole bunch of NPCs.
  • Added a ton of idle animations.

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Standalone — But Requiem Approved
Trailblazers is designed to be compatible with Requiem, but is fully functional without.
It does make use of Dragonborn assets, so Fozar’s Dragonborn patch is recommended.


Plug 'n play, although Drunk Sinking Head Idle Fix is recommended to fix a vanilla animation glitch. Requiem users will have to run the Rectifier.

This mod is balanced around Requiem (in combination with Engarde), meaning that NPC power levels are static and don’t scale alongside the player. For a more vanilla friendly experience, you can check out the original MINPC

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Thanks to ThyMartyrdom — for providing open permissions and developing the wonderful MINPC.
Ogreboss & Xarrian — for Requiem.
Bethesda for Skyrim and the Creation Kit.