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In the spirit of Requiem, no longer will the world feel like it solely resolves around the player. New NPCs — powerful or feeble, ally or foe, generic or unique — will wander, adventure and pillage throughout the lands of Skyrim.

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Showcase of Trailblazers v.18
Starts at 10:37 min
Thanks for the spotlight, RTD!


In the spirit of Requiem, no longer will the world feel like it solely resolves around the player. New NPCs — powerful or feeble, ally or foe, generic or unique — will wander, adventure and pillage throughout the lands of Skyrim. 

Approximately 100 NPCs have been voiced using carefully edited vanilla (and cut vanilla) dialogue. As with any true RPG, sometimes you will be forced to make decisions ...and face the consequences of your actions.

Inspired by the Witcher series, Trailblazers aims to enhance Skyrim with a sense of maturity, realism and dark humor, while staying true to the Elder Scrolls lore.

Riften is home to the deplorables. A city of beggars and thieves, addicts and drunks, squatting in squalor alongside the waterfront. Because crime is rampant throughout the city, you will find many turn a blind eye to another man's misfortune. But don't let this state of lawlessness fool you. While the city's incompetent leadership tries its best to clean house, Maven Black-Briar likes to keep things the way they are. Her enforcers, a band of ruthless mercenaries, will see to this.

Key Features
1 Quest ('Shady Business')
5 High-profile NPCs
2 Unique Encounter
1 Scene
Overhauled Docks Area
1 Potential Follower

Windhelm is Ysgramor's capital. Skyrim's first capital. And now - Ulfric's capital. Home to the rebellion. Of Nord pride and racial prejudice. Freshly scarred by the struggles of war, refugees camp outside, awaiting permission to seek shelter within the city walls. Little do they know that the residents of the Gray Quarter are not much better off. You will find that the citizens of Windhelm approach you differently based upon your race.

Key Features
3 High-profile NPCs
1 Unique Encounter
Refugee Camp (Windhelm's Entrance)
1 Marriable Character

Solitude is Skyrim's capital. Seat of the High King. And the province's bedrock of art, politics and culture. The harbor city accounts for the second largest trade hub in the province. And since the Imperial Legion has established their provincial headquarters here, their military presence can be felt throughout the city.

Key Features
2 High-profile NPCs
1 Unique Encounter
Penitus Oculatus Outpost (Solitude's Entrance)
Refugee Camp (Solitude's Entrance)
1 Marriable Character

Despite the brewing conflict of an ongoing civil war, the Reach is perhaps the most dangerous region in all of Skyrim. Emboldened by current events, the Forsworn are looking to gain their independence once more. In absence of any military assistance, the Silver-Bloods have decided to take matters into their own hands. To retake the Reach, for better or for worse. Assist in taking over Karthwasten, or help the natives reclaim their village.

Key Features
2 Quests ('On the Prowl' & 'Blood, or Silver?')
2 Silver-Blood Mercenary Camps (Markarth & Karthwasten)
2 High-profile NPCs
Forsworn attacks

Built around the Skyforge. Surrounded by vast farmlands. And home to the fabled Companions. Whiterun embodies the commercial heartland of Skyrim. Because of its neutrality, Whiterun is often regarded as the safest hold in the region despite all the bandits that infest the area.

Key Features
4 New Companions
Bandit Raids


Located in the deep, backwater woods bordering Cyrodill, Falkreath is a large settlement with a Colovian history. The town is famed for its large cemetery that - over the duration of countless battles - has held many Nords, unknown soldiers and forgotten heroes. Because of Falkreath's strategic location, bandits and robbers stalk the forests, preying on refugees looking to escape Skyrim's civil war.
Key Features
2 Unique Encounters
1 Unmarked Quest
High-profile NPCs

Standalone — But Requiem Approved
Trailblazers is designed to be compatible with Requiem but is fully functional without.
Unique NPCs' levels are static and have been given appropriate perks.

Requires USSEP.
Drunk Sinking Head Idle Fix is recommended to fix a vanilla animation glitch.
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul and Clothing Clutter Fixes recommended to fix vanilla dialogue and item bugs.
Requiem users will have to run the Rectifier.

Trailblazers adds NPCs and objects to the game world.
This means that it's not compatible with a lot of the city, town or location overhauls affecting the same areas (see spoiler).
See this article for mods that go well with Trailblazers.


All of CHIMGarden's DAR mods
Known Issues



    Q: Help, I'm oblivious and incompetent! Also, I'm experiencing the black face bug, what do I do?
    A: Either the facegen files are missing or somehow overwritten. You can install
    this to fix dark face issues permanently.

Q: Is this lore-friendly?
A: I did a fair bit of lore-digging to keep everything lore-friendly, but don't hesitate to discuss your concerns - I like to keep things that way.

Q: Help, my NPC is stuck!
A: Sometimes AI packages don't fire for some reason, you can wait until the NPC responds, or some of the below console commands:
~ disable, enable.~ kill, resurrect.~ disable, recycle actor, enable, moveto player (this is the most rigorous one).


Thanks to ThyMartyrdom — for developing the wonderful MINPC, which this mod was based on.
Ogreboss & Xarrian — for Requiem.
Bethesda for Skyrim and the Creation Kit.