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Heim aims to provide an overhaul to smithing with minimal edits to ensure compatibility. Now you will need to find forging manuals in order to unlock each respective category in the forge menu. Those books work as a "declutering" option too.

Easy to patch for supporting new weapons and armors and compatible with almost everything

Permissions and credits
Heim - v. to forge, work at a forge/n. forge; forging in Dragon Language

Heim aims to bring a lightweight modification to smithing in Skyrim. I made it for myself after finding "Ars Metallica" mining XP too cheaty when building a hearthfire home. This is my first time ever doing anything in the CK.

Oh, sorry for the formating and typos

This is the breakdown of its features:

1. Using a tanning rack or a smelter will give you smithing XP (just like Ars Metallica).
2. In order to craft ingots, you need the corresponding perk (just like Ars Metallica; iron, silver and gold excluded)
3. New recipes have been introduced for vanilla items that could not be crafted otherwise (scroll down for a list).
4. For some items, you will need to complete specific quests (scroll down for the list).
5. The majority of the items that can be crafted in the game need, besides the corresponding perk and quests, a "Manual" in the inventory to be crafted.
6. Minimal modification to vanilla recipes, most notably, the high-tier ones (Ebony, Daedric and Dragonbone). These changes can be easily reverted in xedit.
7. Breakdown system for vanilla sets and clutter, inspired by immersive silver smelting by dann1telecom
8. Consistency check for all recipes, inspired by other mods (CCOR and Simple Smithing Overhaul) and by the breakdown system.

The Manuals

The most important feature of Heim is the creation of forging books that need to be bought and found in the world in order to craft things.

There are 16 books to be found in the world and 4 schematics:

1. Iron Armor Forging: enables iron weapons and armor.
2. Steel Forging: the same for steel
3. Advanced Armors: steel plate and scaled
4. Light Armor Crafting: hide, studded and leather armors
5 Dunmer Styles: bomemold and chitin.
6. Elven Styles: glass and elven.
7. On Orsimer Metallurgy: orcish
8. Blades Traditions and Techniques: blade set, dragonbone and dragonplate
9. The Blood of Lorkhan: Ebony set
10. Beyond Mundus: Daedric set
11. Kyne's Offspring: Nordic, Stalhrim, Old Nord, Nord Hero, Skyforgesteel and Wolf Armor
12. Imperial Legion Manual of Arms and Armours: imperial gear
13. Mighty Bows and how to craft them: all bows and arrows, except Daedric, Dragonbone and Imperial bows.
14. Notes on Dwemer Metallurgy:  dwemer and falmer set (shellbug included).
15. Witch Hunters new and old: Dawnguard Equipment, silver sworlds and crossbows.
16. Radiant Jewelry: all gold/silver rings and amulets
17. Schematics for Forsworn, Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood
18. There's one schematic to be found in the starter area that enables the blacksmithing mini-quest itens without the books.

Some of these items will need, besides the perk and the book, the completion of specific quests:

1. Dwarven itens can only be crafted after finishing "Unfathomable Depths".
2. Imperial gear can only be crafted after "Joining the Legion". Penitus Oculatus after "Destroy the dark Brotherhood"
3. Dwanguard Gear: after "New Order"
4. Skyforge Steel Weapons and Wolf Armor: after "Proving Honor"
5. Blades set: after "Alduin's Wall"
6. Thieves Guild: taking care of business
7. Dark Brotherhood: with Friends like these

Note that items that in vanilla game already had specific conditions (like Stalhrim and the crossbows) were not changed.

11 Books can be found in various blacksmiths:

1. Iron Forging: Dawnstar, Riften, Riverwood, Warmaiden's, Windhelm, Ghorza's;
2. Steel Forging: Dawnstar, Falkreath, Riften, Solitude, Warmaiden's, Windhelm, Raven Rock
3. Advanced Armors: Eorlund, Moth and Raven Rock
4. Light Armor: Falkreath, Riften, Riverwood, Drunken Huntsman, Ghorza and Raven Rock
5. Dunmer: Brand-Shei and Raven Rock
6. Orsimer: Only on the Blacksmiths of each Orc Stronghold.
7. Kyne's: Eorlund
8. Imperial: Solitude's blacksmith.
9. Bows: Falkreath, Riften, Riverwood, Solitude, Drunken Huntsman, Windhelm and Ghorza and Raven Rock
10. Dwemer: Cacelmo.
11. Radiant Jewelry: Solitude (Radiant Raiment)

The last 5 books have been hand-placed in 5 locations in the world, where it could make sense:

1. Daedric: in the atronach forge.
2. Ebony: in a corpse in Yngol Barrow
3. Elven: in the last room of Northwatch Keep.
4. Blades: Skyhaven Temple.
5. Witch Hunter: in a corpse outside Mehrune's Shrine.

The guild schematics can be made at the tanning rack once the respective quests have been completed. The blacksmith tutorial quest is enabled by default at the start of the game. It can be created at the tanning rack.

The forsworn one can be randomly looted from forsworn

New Recipes for Vanilla Items and tweaks to high-end itens:

In adition to the crafting system, the following items got recipes:

1. Wolf set and skyforge steel weapons.
2. Dawnguard set (weapons and armors).
3. Imperial sword, bow, studded armor, Penitus set, officer's and full helmet
4. Silver swords
5. Long and hunting bows, Scaled horned armor.
6. Blade's set
7. Thieves Guild armor set
8. Dark Brotherhood armor set
9. Forsworn weapons and armor
10. Falmer weapons and armor:
10.1. Normal variants require the "steel smithing" perk (just as vanila bonemold)
10.2. Heavy Armor variant and honed weapons requirer ebony smithing, along with the "normal" variant

The following set's were changed to conditions and values taken from "Morrowloot Ultimate"

1. Ebony, Dragon and Daedric: can only be crafted in the skyforge.

Breakdown system

If you have the relevant perk and item in inventory, most of the weapons and armor sets can be disassembled at the smelter or the tanning rack. Itens will not give you ingots, though.

1. Each type of metal has a "scrap" variant, that weights 1/10th and is worth 1/10th of the corresponding ingot. 10 scraps can be melted down to create an ingot.
2. Leather based itens can be disassembled at the tanning rack and will give "leather scraps". 10 can be used to create a "patchwork leather" and 2 of those can be used to make regular leather.
3. Some clutter and all jewelry can be melted in the smelter too.
4. The following misc itens can be melted:
4.1. Silver bowls, plates and platter, the 2 goblets and jug
4.2. Flagon
4.3. Cast iron pot (2 variants)
4.4. Kettle
4.5. All 3 candlesticks
4.6. Dwemer bowls (4 variants), pan, dish, 3 types of cups, plate, cuttlery.
5. The following sets cannot be disassembled:
5.1.  Ancient nord bow
5.2. Stalhrim
5.3. Daedric and Dragonbone
5.4. Forsworn weapons
5.5. Falmer Weapons

This was made so that you can loot the tons of corpses that some mods (immersive patrols) will leave without breaking the scarcity and economy of the game. And as a way of showing that the equipment might be in bad shape, so not all of it was salvageable :)

Consistency in vanilla recipes

All game recipes have been modified in order to be consistent. The ingredients are divided in 4 categories (primary/secondary/leather/leather strips). Furthermore, all itens have been separeted in 5 "classes".

1. Cuirass: 5 primary/3 secondary/ 2 leather/ 3 leather strips
2. Other armor slots (shield included): 3/2/1/2
3. 2-handed weps (bow included): 3/1/0/2
4. 1-handed weapons: 2/1/0/2
5. Daggers: 1/1/0/1

Note that some armors (i.e,  hide) will not have that many ingredients since you will use primarly use leather anyway. Other's will have the primary or secondary ingredients "splitted" into more than one tipe. Finally, some 2-handed weps need firewood to make the handle/hilt and in some cases (improved bonemold, dragon and ebony/daedric) the recipes will follow different rules. All the rest will always abide by the consistency rules.

Hopefully this will make crafting a bit better and consistent tthroughout all the game. There's no difference between the 2h and 1h classes because the choice between those weps should be made in accordance to perks and build.

Here's a breakdown of some of the modifications:


1. Orcish: secondary ingredient is corundum
2.Dwarven: steel
3.Imperial: iron
4. Elven: quicksilver
5.Leather: steel
6.Scaled: corundum
7.Glass: moonstone
8.Ebony/Daedric: primary only, with double values
9. Dragon: double values and ebony as secondary
10. Heavy Chitin: bone meal and corundum
11. Bonemeal: double values on the primary ingredient (bone meal)
12. Nordic and Stalhrim: secondary split between quicksilver and ebony
13. Improved bonemold: just numeric tweaks, all special ingredients were left untouched
14. Wolf cuirass: one of the leathers is replaced by one wolf pelt
15. Dawnguard: primary split between silver and steel
16. Falmer Heavy Armor: extra ingredient in the form of the flowers (to simulate the dye in the skirt)

Compatibility and Patches

Heim was made to be as compatible as possible. In essence, it will be incompatible only with mods that change the vanilla recipes and, still, this can easily be patched via xedit, the exception being large scale smithing overhauls.

In other words: all replacers are out of the box compatible as long as the recipes were not changed.

New armors and armor mods and replacers with new recipes: your game wont explode, but the new itens wont be affected by the manuals

With that in mind, the vast majority of patches provided are integration patches, and not conflict resolution patches, since there are very few and far between conflicts that need to be patched

Redundant with Ars Metallica and similar smithing overhauls. 

User reported incompatibility with Honed Metal (you can only order the itens if you have the books in the inventory)

Heim edits the vanilla recipes, some locations in Skyrim (where some books were handplaced) and, one leveled list (forsworn random loot) and some vendor's chests (bashed/smashed patch needed).

Perk Overhauls: should be compatible whitout patches to most of them.
1. Ordinator: confirmed compatible
2. Vokrii: confirmed compatible
3. Adamant: patch provided
4. Master of One: should be compatible without patch
5. Misti: should be compatible without a patch

The following conflict resolution patches are provided:

1. Uesp: foward the investor keywords in chests.
2. WACCF: if you want WACCF changes to recipes and keywords. I personally do not think its needed.
3. MLU: to keep the Daedric smithing conditions (black books and time of day).

poppyfish has uploaded some tweaks to the blacksmithing mini quest that you should check out:

Heim Tweaks

The following mods got patches in order to be integrated into the manual's system:

1. New Legion: just integration and removal of duplicates
2. Realistic Armor: just normal integration and removal of duplicates
3. Race Armor Expansion: warchief armor is unlocked after "the Cursed Tribe"
4. Skyrim Immersive Creatures: just integration
5. Jaysus Swords: integration and new books
Some swords are locked behind quests:
a. Blade of dibela: Heart of dibela
b. Legionarie Sword: joining the legion
c. Akaviri Sabers: Alduin's Wall and can only be crafted at the skyforge
d. Dragonbrand, Gungnir, Azurebrand and Dovahluv can only be crafted at the skyforge
e. Azure e Dovah need the "Arcane Blacksmith" perk
There are two new books (Exotic Crafting and Iliac Bay) that serve as manuals for the majority of weapons.
a. Iliac: the scimitar and all the swords that fit the Scotish/European aesthetic
b. Exotic: for the argonian and khajiit weapons.
c. Iliac bay book can be bought from Moth and Solitude's blacksmith. Exotic is only avaliable on the caravans
6. Skyrim Spear Mechanic
a. Ebony, Dragonbone and Daedra variants can only be crafted in the Skyforge.
7. Unplayable Faction Armors
a. Stendarr's Paladin can only be crafted in the Skyforge
b. Redguard Armors and Weapons can be crafted with the Iliac Bay Book.
c. Blood Horkers and Black Blood can be crafted with the "Pirates of the North" book. There's one copy in Broken Oar Grotto and one in Japhet's Folly Exterior.
8. Dawnguard Arsenal: removal of 2 duplicates and integration (witch hunter book and new order quest)
9. Animated Heavy Armoury:
1. Integration and tweaks: dragonbone, ebony and deadric can only be crafted at the skyforge
2. Dawnguard Equipment only at dawnguard forge
3. Draugr weapons were not integrated because the main file still does not supports this crafting category
4. SPO recipes were not patched because main file still does not supports SPO.
10. Vaultman Armor Extended: integration

Aditional patches made by CurvedSwords here: Heim - aditional patches:

1. Nordwar Armor Variants
2. Ancient Nord Stalhrim
3. Silver Bolts
4. Soulsbourne Themed collection
5. Animated Armoury - DAR version
6. Mephala's Prelate Armor
7. Morag Tong Grandmaster armor
8. Redoran Exile Armor
9. More Silver weapons
10. Project AHO
11. Reforging - to the masses
12. Silver Arrows

More patches by TheMissingGod here: Heim  - various patches

1. Bruma
2. Armor Variants Expansion
3. Bonemold Expansion
4. Creation Club
5. Finally a nordic light bear armor

Styyxus has uploaded patches for Lore Friendly Rifles and Lazy Weapon Pack, be sure to check out his page!

sspalex77 has made some CC patches, check them out!

Even More Heim - Smithing Tweaks and Lightweight Overhaul Patches

More patches are planned, but since I just cannot integrate every armor and weapon mod in the nexus, users are free to make patches.

Regardind CCO: I started making a patch to integrate just the book funcionality from Heim, but both mods create the same recipes for vanila itens and it looks like too much work for something I do not use. If users want, I can upload it here and someone can finish it.

Recomended Mods

Not all ores are created equal: great tweak to mining 

Crafting Recipe Distributor: for breakdown recipes

Future plans

Tweak the vanilla recipes for consistency
A quest for the handplaced books
Integrate more armor and weapon mods. Find a way to make it easier to integrate those
A more immersive breakdown system that gives more than just one type ingredient back
Lite version without books


Nordwar for his awesome amor series
Darkfox for his creation kit tutorials
The authors of Morrowloot Ultimate and WACCF
Arthmoor, for throwing his tantrum and with that, making me want to ditch Ars Metallica :)

This mod has no assets, just esps. The permissions are completely OPEN, just credit the original page and do not gate any modification with paywalls.