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Renames variants in Beyond Skyrim mods and the base game to make the origin of each clear.

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Beyond Skyrim Bruma, Wares of Tamriel, and future Beyond Skyrim mods all feature new cultural variants of equipment. An iron sword in Cyrodiil has a different design to the iron sword in Skyrim, or Roscrea, or Hammerfell. This amount of variety is very exciting and certainly makes sense from a lore perspective, however from a gameplay perspective your inventory or crafting menus can quickly become confusing with so many different items with identical names.

This mod seeks to make it more clear the origin of each item in a way that makes sense, by renaming each item with a prefix indicating the culture or region it originates from. There is a separate module for Bruma, Vanilla, and Wares, and I will include more modules as future releases happen.

Update: With the Christmas update of Wares of Tamriel adding its own prefixes for everything except Silver weapons, the Wares module has been updated accordingly.

Bruma Module
Prefix: Cyrodiilic
Affected materials: Leather, Iron, Steel
Example: Iron Sword -> Cyrodiilic Iron Sword

Fur was not changed as it already has a prefix, Colovian. It's possible (though I don't know for sure) that in Cyrodiil's full release iron or steel sets may have a Colovian and a Nibenese variant, in which case I would make changes appropriately.

Wares Module
Prefixes: Cyrodiilic (Silver Cyrodiil weapons)
Affected Materials: Silver
Example: Silver Sword -> Cyrodiilic Silver Sword

Vanilla Module
Prefix: Nordic
Affected materials: Fur, Leather, Iron, Steel, Silver, Nordic Carved.
Example: Iron Sword -> Nordic Iron Sword

The Nordic weapons from Dragonborn DLC have been renamed to 'Nordic Carved' to both avoid confusion and to fix the inconsistency with the corresponding armor set.


Simply install with the mod manager of your choice (recommended) or manually extract the download contents into your data folder. Everything is ESL flagged.

Bruma and Wares modules require those mods to be installed respectively, naturally.


Affects the base items so the changes will propagate to any mod that uses it. Patches available for Unofficial Patch and Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes. If you are using the WACCF patch, you don't need the USSEP patch, since it already contains the changes.


I now have a patreon, if you enjoy my mods and would like to support me, I would greatly appreciate it. However, my mods will never be paywalled or offered early to patrons, so don't worry. It's purely to help me have to focus less on real life and more on modding.