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Some patches for SimonMagus' Gourmet - A Cooking Overhaul

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This page contains some patches for mods that add food or change vanilla food. (All patches are ESL Flagged)

Skyrim on Skooma Changes:
  • Disabled Skyrim on Skooma's addiction system in favor of Gourmet's. Dialogue options will check for Gourmet's effects to account for this
  • Drugged screen effects won't play while a Skyrim on Skooma trip is active
  • You can disable Gourmet's visual effects completely by typing this in the console: set GourmetDisableVisualEffects to 1
  • Eversnow can take you on trips!
  • Recommended to have FLM installed! 

If you do not like the "Restores Hunger" tooltip on food, install Hide Hunger Amount!

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