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This mod grants you a stat boost when you and NPCs wear different sets of armors.

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This mod is based on Extra Armor Effects by HIIMPIEZ (big thanks and go endorse the original mod).

When you wear any 3 pieces (helmet, armor, gauntlets, boots, shield) of an armor set, you get a simple effect. I tried to balance all the set bonus so they are more specialized and have horizontal progression instead of the boring "higher level armors are always better no matter what". Bonus applies to armor mods too as long as they use the vanilla/WACCF keywords. I also used SPID so NPCs can have the bonus if they wear the armor sets.

List of Bonus

Iron Set: +40 health

Hide and Fur Set: +20 stamina, +10% frost resist

Stormcloak Set: +50% stamina regen

Imperial Set: +50% health regen

Steel Set: +20 health, +40 armor

Leather Set: +40 stamina

Dwarven Set: +10% poison resist, +40 armor

Ancient Draugr Set: +20% frost resist

Thieves Guild Set: +10% sneak, muffle

Bonemold Set: +20% fire resist

Elven Set: +40 magicka

Forsworn Set: +20 stamina & magicka

Orcish Set: +20 health, +25% health regen

Shrouded Set: +25% stamina regen, +10% sneak

Blade Set: +20 health & stamina

Dawnguard Set: +25% health regen, -10% restoration spell cost

Vampire Set: +25% magicka regen, +10% fire resist

Steel Plate Set: +80 armor

Wolf Set: +25% health & stamina regen

Chitin Set: +20 stamina, +40 armor

Scaled Set: +20 stamina, +25% stamina regen

Nordic Carved Set: +25% health regen, +40 armor

Falmer Set (including snow elf armors): +50% magicka regen

Glass Set: +20 magicka, +25% magicka regen

Nightingale Set: +25% stamina & magicka regen

Ebony Set: +5% magic resist, +40 armor

Stalhrim Set: +25% magicka regen, +5% magic resist

Daedric Set: +5% magic resist, -5% all spell cost

Dragon Set: +10% magic resist

-WACCF (keywords are used)
-SPID (only required if you want NPCs to have the bonus)

Installation: use MO2 or Vortex. Use LOOT afterwards.