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A couple of mods and patches I made for my playthrough. You may also find them useful.

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This page is a collection of several mods that (IMO) are not feature-rich enough (yet) to have a separate page. Also a couple of patches and tweaks for some of the mod I am using.


Furious Combat
An updated and trimmed version of my Mortal Combat mod since I now have a different combat setup.
  • Fluid and speedy movement for both player and humanoid enemies. Included combat, non-combat and sneak movement.
  • Implemented the stamina regeneration mechanic form TDG's Advanced Combat and reduced the value a bit.
  • Improved stamina and magicka regeneration in combat. Reduced regeneration delay.
  • Stamina cost of power attack, bash attack and sprinting are reduced.
  • Power attack requires 30 stamina minimum. Bash attack requires 20 stamina minimum. 
  • Two-handed weapons swing a bit faster. Enemy no ninja dodge and their archery are less accurate.
  • Increased fall damage somewhat counter the increased movement speed so you can't kite the enemies brainlessly without risk in some situation.

The goal of those tweaks is to create a fast-paced combat experience like most modern action RPG.
It is supposed to use with other combat mod like Smilodon. You can check here to see my current combat setup.

Projectile Speed Tweaks
An updated and standalone version of the dodgeable projectile feature in my Mortal Combat mod.
Reduced the speed of projectiles used by enemies. Including spells, spider/chaurus spits, dwarven sphere bolt and arrows. Some of the affected projectiles will be used by players too. The numbers are faster compared to Mortal Combat since I found some of them are too easy previously. But still much more reasonable for dodging than vanilla.
(Limitation: shock/lightning spells are not included due to the way those spell implemented. )

Outdated. Use Action Based Projectiles instead.

Generic Enemy Tweaks
A lightweight enemy mod for my vanilla-plus playthrough. Mostly tweaks the base health and damage of enemies in the race record. Added armors for most of the enemies. Creatures projectiles (like spider's spit) are now deadly and should be dodged. Also most of the enemies now have faster movement speed.
Does not touch any NPC records. Dragon, vampire and werewolf records are untouched for better compatibility. Spell damage are also untouched.
I use ODIN spells for NPCS and Vokrii Perks For NPCS to paired with GET. But Enemy (R)Evolution of Skyrim is also good if you use other spell mods.

Unique Enemy Tweaks
A lightweight boss and unique enemy mod for my vanilla-plus playthrough. Made all the unique enemies and bosses scaled to player's level with reasonable minimum level for an open world experience. Also boosted their stats and tweaked their skill level according to their combat style.
Level multiplier for common bosses: 1.5 (The same as the very hard enemies in OWL)
Level multiplier for guild/artifact quest bosses: 1.8
Level multiplier for End Game Bosses: 2.0
I use ODIN spells for NPCS and Vokrii Perks For NPCS to paired with UET. But Enemy (R)Evolution of Skyrim is also good if you use other spell mods.

Simple Horse Tweaks
A streamlined and tweaked version of my Diversified Horses mod.
Realistic (faster) horse speed and better handling for horse riding. Increased base stamina of all horses.
All buyable player horse are flagged as protect and behave cowardly. (Including Hearthfire horses)
Solitude horse and its counterparts are 10% faster than normal horses.
Frost is 20% faster than normal horses and does not affect stealth meter.
Shadowmere is flagged as essential and does not affect stealth meter. Also is 10% faster than normal horses.
Arvak has massive amount of stamina.

Asymmetrical Difficulty Tweaks
Inspired from Vanilla Plus, I tweaked the difficulty setting to only affect player received damage. This way balancing for other aspects (perk/ability/skill scaling/enemy) will be easier and more consistent.
(Damage dealt / Damage taken)
Novice: x1.00/x0.75 (Vanilla x2.00/x0.50)
x1.00/x1.00 (Vanilla x1.50/x0.75)
x1.00/x1.25 (Vanilla x1.00/x1.00)
x1.00/x1.50 (Vanilla x0.75/x1.50)
x1.00/x2.00 (Vanilla x0.50/x2.00)
(Vanilla x0.25/x3.00)

Or you can just use Difficulty MCM or Fine-Tuned Challenge to do the job. I just provide the value for reference.
I currently play on Expert (x1.00/x1.50).

Weapon Tempering Nerf
Tempering weapon is about 50% less effective. So high level gear or powerful enchantment (artifacts) actually have a purpose. No more power rushing through the game with the sheer damage of a Legendary Steel Sword.
Armor tempering is untouched. Because it ties to armor point scaling and armor cap which is tweaked by many combat overhauls.

Patches and Tweaks

Vokrii - SkySA Patch
Removed the directional power attack conditions of the related one-handed (Disarming Slash) and two-handed (Sweep) perk. Because SkySA currently does not support directional power attack. Now any power attacks will trigger the effect from the perks.

By the way, check out my Scaling Rebalance for Vokrii if you think the original mod is too op for you. It contains the changes from this patch and rebalance the effect.

zxlice hitStop Preset
Reduced the camera shake strength and duration time for power attacks so I don't get motion sick.

WACCF Greatsword Weapon Speed Tweaks
This small tweak reverts the greatsword weapon speed from 0.8 to 0.75 (USSEP) for balancing and compatibility reasons.
If you are using mods that changes the fWeaponTwoHandedAnimationSpeedMult (i.e. Furious Combat or Blade and Blunt) you may found that the greatsword swing a bit too fast and make it much more superior to battleaxe and warhammer. This should now be much more balanced.

Better Stealing Setting - Reduced Max Price
Reduced max price for stolen tag from 500 to 200 septims.

Right Sneak Attack Variations - Dagger Only
Change the DAR conditions of Right Sneak attack variations DAR to dagger only.

First Person Combat Animations Overhaul - Perk Requirement for Vokrii
You need the first perk of specific weapon type to use the new animation from First Person Combat Animations Overhaul 2.0 -SIZE MATTERS.
Included the changes from Bugfix and Compatibilty Patch for Animated Armoury.

First Person Combat Animations Overhaul - Skill Requirement
You need to reach skill level 40 of one-handed or two-handed to use the new animation from First Person Combat Animations Overhaul 2.0 -SIZE MATTERS.
Included the changes from Bugfix and Compatibilty Patch for Animated Armoury.

Trua - Extended Duraton
Extended the duration of blessing in Trua - Minimalistic Faiths of Skyrim. The original time is too short it got tedious to pray all the time.

Royal Armory Malice Replacer
Replace Malice from Royal Armory - New Artifacts with Billyro's Assassin's Dagger, so it doesn't look like Bloodskal Blade anymore. Also changed the cubemap with the bronze cubemap from HD CubeMap Collection. Credits to the assets' authors.

Elder Souls Sweep Attacks - No Sneak Attack
Plugin replacer for Elder Souls - Sweep Attacks Standalone SE to disable sweep effect on sneak attacks. 
You still need the original mod.

Mortar and Pestle - No Degradation Patch
Patch to disable degradation for Mortar and Pestle - Portable Alchemy. Also renamed the item to "Mortar and Pestle" without suffix.

If you are interested in my combat setup, check here to see the full mod list for combat.