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Bruniik is a smithing overhaul mod that makes smithing less grindy and more immersive.

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Ever felt bored while looting dwarven metal?
Do you hate smithing perks?

If so this mod is for you,Behold! Bruniik, a smithing overhaul.

Bruniik is smithing overhaul mod that seperates smithing from other combat skills and tries to make Smithing immersive and lore friendly while removing the grindy progression and forces the player to actually play the game to get good equipment.

How does my Smithing skill Increase?

Players now advance their smithing skill when they craft a perk like misc item.These items can be crafted at forge once if the player has a crafted  set of armor from one type of item in their inventory(looted items won't work)for example hide or steel.Every time one of these items gets crafted smithing skill will increase by 4. Smithing skill won't increase when you craft other items. 

How can I craft higher tier equipment If the perks are no longer needed?

In this mod you progress from material to material  for example you can't craft leather equipment if you haven't crafted hide equipment before.Every material is connected to the other in a series of requirements.The perk like items I described above are the proof that you crafted an armor set of that material before and are requirements in recipes.


*You can't temper items you can't craft.Some items have specific requirements to tempering.To temper enchanted items you need to have smithing skill 50 or higher.You don't need the tempering boost perks provide.

*Many recipes have book,quest and skill requirements.

*Stalhrim and Chitin shields are now heavy

*Forsworn Equipment is now very weak.

*Ancient Nord Armory Extreme,Unplayable Faction Armors and New Legion mods are integrated in to the progression system of this mod.

Please do not select any smithing perk in the game they are not needed.

I want to thank distar, miken1ke,TheRealChivels and u/Martijndebakker for their help without them this mod wouldn't be possible.
I want to thank ButaneBoss,JDJ3 and Nordwarua for their amazing mods.