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A patch that carries over WACCF's level list changes into Summermyst Enchantments and is required for consistency, even if you use a bashed patch.

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Main File: This is a patch that carries over the level list changes made by Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes into Summermyst Enchantments.

Optional Patch
: I have uploaded a fix that resolves conflicts for WACCF and CC Survival Mode. The patch I found on Kryptopyr's patch hub WILL conflict with Andromeda since it makes changes to a standing stone. This patch has ONLY the necessary changes and will not conflict with anything.
NOTE:The patch on Kryptopyr's patch hub for CACO and CC Survival Mode will also conflict with Andromeda. To be safe, load Andromeda low  on your load order.

Optional Patch: I have uploaded a patch that corrects minor inconsistencies between WACCF and High Level Enemies.

NEW V2.0: Adjusted every weapon added by Summermyst Enchantments to mirror changes in WACCF. Its a lot of records (a few hundred) hopefully I didn't miss anything. This patch should now be 100% complete.

NEW V1.1: Added bash tags so it works properly when using Wyre Bash. You may need to redo your bash patch. I also fixed a couple of things I missed the first time around.

This patch is required for consistency, even if you use a bashed patch.

I made this because a bashed patch will copy the weapons into the level lists fine, but It wont allow the Summermyst Enchantments to start showing up at the proper WACCR levels.
In vanilla Skyrim if a orc axe shows up at level 10, WACCR will make it show up at level 30. Summermyst Enchantments are set to spawn the same axe at level 10. So, with a bashed patch you now have the level 30 WACCR axe and the level 10 Summermyst axe. This patch allows for the WACCR axe and the Summermyst axe to both show up at level 30.

For example:

Vanilla: Level 10 Orc Axe.

WACCF: Level 30 Orc Axe.

WACCF and Summermyst with a bashed patch: Level 10 Orc Axe (from Summermyst) and Level 30 Orc Axe (from WACCF)

WACCF and my Summermyst patch: Level 30 Orc Axes from BOTH mods.

As you can see above, without a proper patch to carry over the level lists, a bashed patch wont work correctly and will break the theme of WACCF. So make sure this patch is loaded below WACCF and Summermyst so a bashed patch will carry over the correct level list changes.

Kryptopyr made some changes to the naming of a few weapons but I didn't bother changing the names of any of the Summermyst Enchantment weapons, I simply mirrored the level lists.