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Fixes for Animated Armoury and a patch for Weapons Armor Clothing Clutter Fixes

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Use the Leveled List verson of Animated Armoury (under optional files), NOT the scripted version!


  • Bound rapier has a crit% of 1.0 instead of 0.0.
  • Removed bound weapons equip sounds.
  • Bound Halberd has Loud sound detection instead of normal.
  • Bound Halberd Mystic no longer uses Greatsword animations.
  • Bound claw right has Silent sound detection instead of normal.
  • Mystic bound claw right spell correctly uses mystic weapon instead of normal.
  • Iron Claws now have a weight of 3 instead of 9.
  • Glass Claw right has RightHand equipment type instead of left.
  • All claws now play dagger equip and unequip sound.
  • All halberds now play 2h Axe equip and unequip sound.
  • Removed nordic and stalhrim weapons from Skyrim's leveled lists.
  • Implemented seperate leveled lists for Solstheim and Skyrim.
  • Regular bandits no longer have weapons above orcish.
  • Thalmor no longer have 2 handed weapons in 1 handed leveled lists.
  • Added Quarterstaffs to LItemWeaponAny2H.
  • Added Rapiers to LItemWeaponAny1H.
  • Replaced Guaranteed Daedric weapons in leveled lists with SublistWeapon_Daedric05.
  • SublistWeaponWhipDaedric05 and SublistWeaponRapierDaedric05 correctly have a 1/20 chance for a daedric weapon.
  • LItemWeaponClawTown uses both claws instead of just right.
  • Stalhrim weapons added to DLC2BlackSmithStalhrimWeapon75.
  • Nordic weapons added to DLC2BlackSmithNordicWeapon75.
  • LItemBanditWeapon2HBoss uses bandit boss sublists instead of regular bandit's.
  • LItemBanditWeapon2H uses bandit sublists instead of generic.
  • Glass pike no longer has 0 crit damage
  • Glass pike and rapier now weighs less than ebony
  • Nord Hero Pike damage 14 -> 16
  • Silver Pike damage 16 -> 10
  • all whips have very lound sound type
  • added temper recipes for Skyforge Steel Quarterstaff, Halberd, and Pike
  • added Atronach Forge recipes for daedric weapons
  • added Glass Rapier to LItemBanditBossRapier
  • fixes to crafting recipes

WACCF Patch:

Weapons and Leveled Lists have been rebalanced to be consistant with WACCF.

Weapon stats have been rebalanced:

reach 1.0 -> 0.85
speed 1.3 -> 1.2

speed 1.3 -> 1.1
reach 1.3 -> 1.1
stagger 0.75 -> 0.5

speed 1.2 -> 0.8

stagger 0.6 -> 0.9
speed 0.9 -> 0.7 (same as battleaxe)