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Simply put - I didn't like choosing between Smithing Perks Overhaul perks and Ordinator perks for smithing. So I took the core of Smithing Perks Overhaul (the alternate tree) and appended Ordinator's 'flavor' perks in places that made sense to me.

All credit goes to EnaiSiaion and kryptopyr for their awesome work.

Permissions and credits
UPDATE 1: Fixed perk dependencies - also incorporated the Ordinator_SPO patch so you don't need to separately download it. Updated mod requirement list (added WACCF).

UPDATE 2: Removed an unnecessary perk dependency from Fuel the Inferno.

UPDATE 3: Removed Ordinator_SPO patch as a master. 

  • Moved Smithing Specialization after Flawless Improvement, and changed the required skill from 60 to 70
  • Moved Sandstone Sheath to immediately follow Exquisite Improvement
  • Moved Iron Lore after Smithing Specialization on account of the effect being contingent on Smithing Specialization selection
  • Reduced required skill for Arcane Blacksmith from 60 to 40 so that it is in line with Ordinator requirements
  • Added Steel/Basic Smithing as a requirement to Superior Improvement. It felt weird having access to Superior Improvement prior to basic smithing skills.
  • Oh, and I removed Recycled Materials as a condition which satisfied the Fuel the Inferno precursor (allowing you to take the perk by taking Recycled Materials instead of the order displayed in the perk UI)

Note: You do not need to start a new game to update. If you chose a perk which is now gated by a higher skill or different requirement, you can use the console to remove/add the relevant perks. 

A 30 second video to show off the perk tree shot from my iPhone...


Grab the following:

Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes


Smithing Perks Overhaul

Load this patch after the above 3 mods.

Can be safely merged via Merged Plugins - it is simply an .esp with AV and perk information. You can merge it with other late loading patches, or merge it into your Smash patch (with this patch overriding), or wherever you want as long as it is the last override on av smithing and the corresponding smithing perks - or just turn it into an ESL.

TLDR: This shouldn't take an ESP slot. 

Modified Perk Tree:

0 - Smithing Mastery (2) - 

+Basic Smithing

20 - Dwarven Autocannon (2) 
30 - Advanced Workshop 

30 - Meric Smithing (2) - 

+Elvish Smithing
+Superior Improvement

40 - Arcane Blacksmith 

+Arcane Blacksmith (WACCF approved)

40 - Electrobolt (2)
40 - Recycle Materials 
50 - Remote Control 

50 - Expert Smithing (2)

+Advanced Smithing
+Exquisite Improvement

60 - Sandstone Sheath 
60 - Smithing Specialization 

70 - Exotic Smithing (2) 

+Crystalline Smithing
+Flawless Improvement

70 - Firing Line 
80 - Iron Lore 
80 - Spin Up

90 - Planar Smithing (2) 

+Mythic Smithing
+Epic Improvement
+Legendary Improvement

90 - Fuel the Inferno
100 - Heart of Creation