Skyrim Special Edition
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Two small patches.

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At the end of the month I will be removing most of my patch files (Any that have this writing at the top of the page). It's partly because I want to concentrate on making followers, and actual mods, but mainly because I got a bit overwhelmed with the amount of updates to the mods involved, and ended up neglecting them. The latter is bad mod hosting practice, and I apologise sincerely for any inconvenience caused.

If anyone wants to take over any of the files, PM me, and I will sign them over to you. Any that aren't will be removed in early February. 

Thank you to PraedythXVI for Unique Skulls, kryptopyr for Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes, and chocolatenoodle for Morrowloot Ultimate.

The WACCF patch combines vendor item and weight edits with the new models from Unique Skulls.

The MLU patch adds a glass sword to Potema's Skeleton which is also edited by Unique Skulls.

The Unofficial Skyrim Modder's Patch changes Potema's clothes, and this patch combines those edits with Unique Skulls.

The patches are flagged as ESL and won't count towards your load order limit.