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An updated version of (SJG) OMEGA - The Modular Gameplay Overhaul for SSE

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What's this About an Update?

OMEGA is a great overhaul, but sadly it's been left in the same, outdated state for some time now.  This is a new version of that mod that incorporates updates from the mods that make up OMEGA, like Morrowloot Ultimate and Skyrim Revamped - Loot and Encounter Zones, and also makes various bug and consistency fixes that were previously missed.  Both new and returning users should find it easier than ever to install and play with OMEGA. Not sure what OMEGA even is?  Keep reading, I've included the mod description from the original page, with changes to bring it up to date of course.
What is OMEGA?

In the vein of YASH, EnaiRim, Requeim, and more... OMEGA's design goal is to offer the best and most versatile gameplay overhaul available for SSE.  OMEGA is the starting point for any mod build that at its core changes Skyrim into a challenging, difficult, and balanced experience. 

OMEGA combines several mods into one and offers patches for a variety of mods to remove conflicts.  And it's modular, so that you can pick and choose which mods to use.

What's the TLDR version of OMEGA?
I'm so bad at "short versions" of anything...

OMEGA, at it's core, is a collection of mods designed to completetly overhaul the game. It is primarily based around leveling and deleveling loot and enemies to provide a more challenging gameplay experience. OMEGA also supports and encourages the use of many mods that touch other areas, such as combat and equipment.

The original design of OMEGA was to take the incredibly impressive Encounter Zone design from SR with it's increased difficulty multipliers to spawn higher level mobs and roll all of that into MLU, the best loot overhaul out there, with it's recommended Weapon AF changes.  However the result expanded and grew to become an All In One Mod forming the cornerstone of the best modular gameplay overhaul on SSE.

However before delving into specifics understand that an underlying goal of OMEGA was to make combat both interesting and fun.  The game can just get too damn easy whem your character gets into the 30's or 40's level range.  OMEGA includes multiple combat mods, a complete enemy overhaul mod, dragon overhaul mods, and many game mechanics overhauls as well.  OMEGA isn't a Loot and EZ mod with a guide.  OMEGA is THE overhaul for SSE you didn't know you were waiting for.

OMEGA is also a Mod Framework in addition to everything else.  And unlike an expansive guide such as Nordic Skyrim or Lexy's LOTD, this should offer something smaller yet equally useful.  However offering a Modular Gameplay Overhaul while also offering AIO Mods could potentially pull design goals in opposite directions.

To resolve the potential pitfalls of my design, I decided upon a course of action with 4 core tenets:
  1. Offer a tight Mod Framework allowing users customization options to swap mods in and out.
  2. Offer a core group of mods/patches in an AIO Mod format that would be essential to any user.
  3. Offer patches since there would be incompatibilities.
  4. Offer more than one way for the end user to get the full OMEGA experience.

Sorry, but OMEGA, MLU, and SR isn't for me...
I still got you fam!

The Mod Framework is Solid and doesn't require OMEGA, MLU, or SR at all.
  And it offers a proper Load Order with MCM recommendations.  You can
ignore MLU and SR entirely and still end up getting a lot from OMEGA.  Plus there are several Mods and Patches here that don't require OMEGA, MLU, or SR at all.

OMEGA offers the following:

  • A New OMEGA MorrowLoot Ultimate AIO Mod and a New OMEGA Skyrim Revamped Loot and Encounter Zones AIO Mod
  • An easy to use FOMOD option that installs up to 13 patches in just one esp
  • OMEGA MLU and OMEGA SR are 100% Compatible with all MLU and SR Patches
  • Fully integrated WACCF and Weapon AF design for 100% compatibility
  • Over 30+ NEW Mods and Patches
  • A Mod Framework of over 40 mods for a balanced Skyrim experience
  • Reduction of total ESP's required by the user
  • Non-OMEGA Patches, offering Patch support for those who don't want to use OMEGA
  • Quality of Life improvements for many mods and general gameplay
  • Many inconsistencies and missing values from MLU have been addressed
  • 4 New Skyrim Uncapper INI's
  • And the inclusion of many more improvements, tweaks, and adjustments

What does each Mod actually do?
Time to show the goods!

As you read further you'll see sections like this that have their own spoiler tags below them.  That's to save space on what is a tremendously huge web page so that it's easier to find everything.  But instead of rambling further let's get right into it eh?  As they say, the proof is in the pudding.  Not sure why they put it in the pudding, but since they do it's time to open up the first spoiler on this page.

Core OMEGA AIO Patches

Surprises or toys?!!

As I shift gears into a new design philosophy for OMEGA old things must be thrown away.  Which of course makes room for new things to be added in!  For those familiar with Skeleton Jack's old "Lite", "Complete", and "SJ's" versions of the AIO mods this new section will both feel familiar and set your minds at ease.  Welcome to the Core OMEGA AIO Patches which will save you 6 to 12 esp slots by replacing many patches with a single OMEGA MLU AIO Patch instead.

What does each Patch actually do?
Back for more eh?

Tons of patches were needed in order to get OMEGA into the right shape as many of the mods used were incompatible.  The end result is the streamlined format that you see now which offers more than 20 compatibility Patches.  But the best part is that OMEGA offers Patches that don't require MLU/SR at all.  And the MLU/SR patches offered are mostly compatible with the original MLU/SR mods without OMEGA.

Whether you're here for OMEGA, stopped by for some patches for MLU/SR, or you happened to just need one of the patches for OBIS, SIC, ME, or SRCEO...OMEGA's design is to be both modular and assist as many users as possible.

All Patches have been added to a Spoiler to save on page space.

Skyrim Skill Uncapper INIs
A much needed finishing touch to OMEGA.

Part of the process of OMEGA is to make the game much more difficult and challenging.  However that comes with it's own hurdles and issues when dealing with exp growth and leveling.  The early levels often felt too grindy, while the mid levels sped by far too quickly.  As I've worked very hard to get Skyrim into a balanced state, I had to look closely at rebalancing character growth with Skyrim Skill Uncapper.

Characters will level at approximately 65% of the vanilla leveling rate overall in a full play through when using OMEGA Skill Uncappers.  However Attribute, Perk, and Carry Weight awards are higher per level than with vanilla.  This creates a custom tailored leveling rate that allows for Skyrim to have the largest window of time to remain balanced, while also not making you feel Perk and Attribute starved.  As this is designed with Ordinator in mind, Perk Bloat issues have also been addressed.

All Uncappers have been added to a Spoiler to save on page space.

The OMEGA Mod Framework and Load Order

This is an example load order showcasing OMEGA.  Removing all MLU mods/patches for a SR setup should be the same mod list and load order. Please make sure you are checking the Nexus Pages of Skyrim Revamped - Loot and Encounter ZonesMorrowLoot Ultimate, and MLU Community Patches for any Patches you may want or need.

I tried to make all of the needed notes about how to sort these mods.  If I missed an instruction or a specific note, know that this is purely meant as an example. 

For those who hate Encounter Zone (EZ) mods there is a MLU Patch for Vanilla EZ's linked here that will restore all EZ's to vanilla settings.  For those who want Capped EZ's there are OMEGA Patches for that as well for users who wish to bring back a truly deleveled world.

All Mods have been added to a Spoiler to save on page space.

Why these mods make OMEGA what it is.
Story time?

As a fair warning up front, the following description is very, very long. Sorry about that. It seemed the only way to adequetly describe everything.

Adding this to a spoiler to save on page space.

Installation Instructions
Read this part for real.

  1. Install Skyrim Skill Uncapper and Smart Harvest before you install OMEGA, if you want to use those mods.
  2. If you have any questions regarding the installation of any mods besides OMEGA you should refer to the mod page in question.
  3. The proper Load Order is already detailed in the Mod Framework section.
  4. If you did not read through Mod Specific Notes and Settings then do not ask me questions about your setup.  Go read that section, then ask your questions.
  5. It is highly recommended you consider resetting your game to Adept difficulty and changing it as you get used to this setup.
  6. Uninstall any Patches being replaced by OMEGA (Can be done afterward as well) Some patches that OMEGA replaces share an esp name, in which case they can simply be overwritten rather than removed.
  7. Install OMEGA 2.3.5 (or later version)
  8. Install desired patches and run LOOT
  9. Preferably run xEdit to do a conflict check and resolve any issues
  10. Rebuild Bashed/Smashed Patches if using them (you should do conflict checks after this as well)
  11. Doing this on an existing save runs the risk of breaking a saved game when you remove esp's depending on which plugins you remove even if OMEGA is replacing them[/spoiler]

Mod Specific Notes and Settings
Read this part for real.

  • Armor Rating Redux SE - (MCM) General: Settings: Formula: Exponential is recommended for a similar experience to vanilla Skyrim.  Select Hyperbolic if you want better resistances early game.
  • Armor Rating Redux SE - (MCM) General: Advanced: Use Floor for Exp/Hype Modes: check this on.  Make sure to set the multiplier (next step).
  • Armor Rating Redux SE - (MCM) General: Advanced: Exp/Hype Floor: set to 0.2 (not 0.02).  This caps damage resistance at 80% just like vanilla Skyrim.
  • Armor Rating Redux SE - Note that WC follows in Load Order and sets the cap to 75%.  It is not known for certain which one wins the override; however, since ARR is changing this with a script it can be pressumed  it does.  Feel free to lower the cap below 80%.
  • Smart Harvest -  (MCM) General 1: File Operation: Load INI.  Go through the settings and make changes as you see fit.  This INI is meant to speed up the process of making your settings.  However you should still fiddle with them as it leaves many items on corpses to be manually picked up still.
  • Ars Metallica - Smelting armor/weapons for ore can break balance when they come from other mods.  Some armors/weapons from other mods can give you access to specific ores far too easily and early when smelted.  It is recommended to not smelt them.
  • Skyrim Immersive Creatures - (MCM) the "Purist" option is under General: Select Version Preset.  Use this to be more lore friendly if you want. Personally I don't use Purist.
  • Skyrim Immersive Creatures - (MCM) Advanced - Distribute NPC Potions (Off).
  • Skyrim Immersive Creatures - (MCM) Night Spawns - Start 19 PM, End 6 AM. WARNING! Night Spawns may cause crashes. If you are experiencing crashing, it is recommended you disable Night Spawns.
  • Skyrim Immersive Creatures - (MCM) Difficulty Adjustments - Assign Global Difficulty - Set this to what you are actually using (Adept, Master, etc...).
  • Skyrim Immersive Creatures - (MCM) Difficulty Adjustments - Additional Spawns - Medium. WARNING! Additional Spawns may cause crashes. If you are experiencing crashing, it is recommended you disable Additional Spawns.
  • Skyrim Immersive Creatures - (MCM) Difficulty Adjustments - Extend Damage (On).
  • Skyrim Immersive Creatures - (MCM) Feel free to modify more settings if you wish, these + Default are the recommended ones.
  • KS Dragon Overhaul 2 - (MCM) AI: Kill Move (never turn this on), Physical Effect (never turn this on), Force Landing (never turn this on).  You can mess with the other options, but these are the 3 specific ones that are reported to cause bugs in Skyrim.
  • KS Dragon Overhaul 2 - (MCM) AI: I personally recommend leaving this entire page of the MCM off (yes, everything) in order to avoid any bugs and issues this mod is reported to run into.  The OMEGA KSDO2 Patch adds back in stagger values and the normal 35% injured health %, so if you do turn them on you are doing so at your own risk when you use the OMEGA patch.
  • KS Dragon Overhaul - (MCM) Stats: Presets > Difficulty > Mighty is recommended, but feel free to raise/lower the values here.
  • KS Dragon Overhaul 2 - (MCM) Dragon Attacks: Wait (3 days), Chance (70%), Wait (72 hours), and Randomizer (24 hours).  I'm not sure of the best numbers for this yet, but this is what I'm currently testing.
  • KS Dragon Overhaul - (MCM) Soul Absorb: I left this at 1 as I don't want the mod adding more power to my character.
  • KS Dragon Overhaul - (MCM) Misc: World Cell Settings - you should leave these alone unless you know what you're doing.  FYI, this can be extremely useful if you need to reset cells for installing/uninstalling mods that require it like SIC.
  • KS Dragon Overhaul - (MCM) Misc: Unique Name Generator Settings - Enable.
  • Lock Overhaul - this has entirely too many options and player tastes are going to vary.  Go through these settings yourself and make your own decisions.
  • LOOT - it may warn you that you're missing Patches when using the OMEGA AIO's, such as the MLU-ZIM Patch or the MLU-Summermyst Patch.  Just make sure you're using versions that include the OMEGA Patches already or that you have the OMEGA Summermyst Patch installed.
  • moreHUD - (MCM) you can turn everything off if you want, we are only using this for the Show Enemy Level option.
  • OBIS - (MCM) if using OBIS you do not need to alter any MCM options.  You can play as is.
  • OBIS - (MCM) Special - You may want to turn on Spiders and Minotaurs, I did.
  • OBIS - (Install) I suggest using the Patrols Add On if you decided to use this.
  • OBIS Patrols - (MCM) this must be Enabled in the MCM.  Feel free to modify the settings and look at the Difficulty.
  • OBIS Patrols - (MCM) Enable (On), Difficulty: Tougher (Toughest is also a reasonable option), Give Potions (Off), 
  • SkyUI - (MCM) you should really be using the Equip States as they're an amazing tool.  Check the controls and turn the other 4 on if you want as well.
  • Smart Training - (MCM) Training Perk Points: turn this off unless you want bonus/free perk points.  In other words, turn it off.  
  • Smart Training - (MCM) Mod Active: check this to turn it on, but make sure to read it's warning if installed mid-game.
  • Ultimate Combat - (MCM) under General I turn off everything or set it to zero except for Player Killmove Immunity and Activate Mod
  • Ultimate Combat - (MCM) I strongly suggest you set all of the HP Scale/Multipliers to 1 as SRCEO is already modifying these creatures.  All enemy AI's and enemy dodging should be enabled (checked).
  • Wildcat - (MCM) Difficulty: Allow Wildcat to Manage Difficulty (turn this on, it's off by default)
  • Wildcat - (MCM) I have injuries turned off, YMMV.
  • Wildcat - (MCM) Disable Bow Interrupts: turn this off for non-archer runs to make enemy archers more challenging.
  • Wildcat - For Ultimate Combat I found that outside of the enemy AI changes/Dodging/New Attack Animations that most of what WC does, it does better.  UC goes below WC to win on AI, but I also turn almost all of it's options off so that it leaves WC to do its thing.
  • Skyrim Revamped - The Game Settings changes we've carried over are for fLeveledActorMult.  Easy from 0.33 to 0.6, Medium from 0.67 to 0.9, Hard from 1.0 to 1.2, Very Hard from 1.25 to 1.5.  This means mobs will be much higher level than you are used to seeing bc of both the increased Encounter Zone and the increased level multiplier.
  • Smashed Patches -  When you make a Smashed Patch you need to set "MLU.esp" to "Smash.ForceAll".  Right click on "MLU.esp" > Smash setting > Smash > Smash.ForceAll. WARNING! Using the Smash.ForceAll setting on MLU patches can result in unwanted behavior. Manual conflict resolution is advised.
  • Smashed Patches -  Make sure all mods have been added to "Smashed Patch".  You can right click on mods and add them to Smashed Patch if they are not added already.  Then hit the HAMMER, not the big green button. 
  • Smashed Patch - If you can't follow these instructions go watch a video on it first. This solves multiple issues. It can create a few problems, but it fixes far more than it creates doing this.
  • Warning - Adding in Mods that inject mobs into the game can break the MLU/SR loot balance, like how SIC and OBIS do without Patches for them.  It is better to have mods that add in additional spawn points than mobs made by the specific mod in question.  
  • Mods that just alter the stats of mobs while leaving their leveled item lists and equipment lists alone, such as Know Your Enemy (KYE), are excellent additions to OMEGA.  Or mods like Increased Enemy Spawns, which only adds additional spawn points while making no changes to the mobs themselves.
  • Make your own "Override.esp" - No matter what you do Smashed/Bashed will NOT fix everything for you.  You should learn enough about xEdit to make a new esp (I named my Override.esp) that sits at the end of your load order after Bashed/Smashed Patches.  Drag and drop changes that you knowshould be done to ensure you don't still get weird drops/items/npc values/etc...
  • The Method - As an alternative to Smashed/Bash patches for users who are concerned about imperfections in how those tools resolve conflicts, The Method is an xEdit workflow utilizing features like modgroups to allow users to manually resolve all conflicts in as little time as possible and allows easy installation and uninstallation of mods. See this guide for more info:

Known Issues
Read this part for real.

Armor Rating Redux
There is possibly a bug with ARR that has a weird interaction with other mods.  Being instantly killed by a bash, or instantly killing an enemy with a bash, has occurred for several players using ARR.  However resolving this issue has been done by removing other mods entirely, changing to Exponential, and changing to Hyperbolic.  The only common denominator is that this mod is being used at the same time.

It's unclear at this time whether it's actually causing the issue, but a common and simple resolution is to change the Hyperbolic setting to Exponential (or Expo to Hyper, either way).  YMMV.


Is Smart Harvest necessary?  Is x mod necessary?
Nope.  Nor are many of the mods listed here.  It's a modular framework specifically to allow you to pick and choose mods.

My Radiant Quest sent me into the pits of hell!!  WTF man?!
Sorry.  It's one of the downsides of using Encounter Zones.  It happens.  Quests Are In Skyrim can help a bit.  It helps significantly even if it can't completely solve the problem.

Where am I supposed to go so I don't get myself killed?
Whiterun and Falkreath are the easiest areas.  Riften, Eastmarch, and Hjaalmarch are the medium areas. Winterhold, the Pale, and Haafingar are the hardest areas.  Dragonborn has EZ's that range from medium to extremely hard.  Dawnguard has some of the highest EZ's in the game.  Please refer to the Skyrim Revamped page for a full description.

Why are some mobs spawning at level 1 and 6 still?
They are static spawn points that are never modified by EZ's or multipliers.  /shrug

I went to x place and the mobs were crazy high level?!  I found a boss and he was level 90?!  Why would you do this to me?
Levels are just metrics to add abilities, loot, and stats.  Bosses like Jyrik Gauldurson are possible to kill even when the player is only level 23  Jyrik is level 90.  Combat in this setup is about skill, preparation, the right gear and enchantments, etc...  That said, it's also possible to have your ass handed to you at 30+ by a level 70 boss.  You may have to give up and leave the dungeon.  It's about what you're bringing to the table versus specific problems.  It's far less about the levels themselves.  

Why did you break Disarm?
Ignoring all of the problems Disarm already has, such as items falling through the world, this ultimately came down to Key Binds.  When your weapons are disarmed they are deleted from your Favorites/Key Binds/Equip States.  So every single time this happens you have to redo your Favorites,  Key Binds, and Equip States.  Sorry, but no f'ing way.  Disarm got deleted, and good ridance.  That is terrible, awful, shite game design on Bethesda's part.

Encounter Zones are bull shit!!
They really aren't.  The worst aspect of EZ's is that they do funnel you down more limited paths and Skyrim stops being an open sandbox.  But considering how much they add to the game in this setup it's a trade off that more than makes up for itself.  The Uncapper INIs are specifically designed to get you "out there" and away from Falkreath and Whiterun incredibly fast.  If you can get used to the idea of Skyrim as a world that that would make sense in a movie/novel and accept the idea that youhave to level up for content then it's honestly no longer even an issue.

How do mobs get spawned at the level they're at?
This is not simple, but Skeleton Jack did make a post fully explaining how this works.  [SJG] PSA: How Encounter Zones, fLeveledActorMult, Leveled NPC, and Non-Player Character (Actor) all interact/work to determine the level of mobs you run into in dungeons. 

The game is too hard now!!  What the hell?!

Difficulty settings mean nothing in practice.  Go play Legendary with Vanilla and then come play Adept with OMEGA.  Seriously, an Adept OMEGA play through is going to be much more difficult by far.  Set the game to a lower setting than Adept.  It doesn't matter what the setting says bc it was made for Vanilla and not for OMEGA.  There's nothing wrong with lowering that setting.  Also, we installed Wildcat.  You can go into Wildcat and change the damage dealt/taken multipliers to tailor the base damage system to your personal needs.

The game is too easy.  I thought this was going to be serious bizness?!
As previously stated, this is a starting point.  The framework of your Skyrim build! Feel free to add in other things like Increased Enemy Spawns or Ultimate Deadly Encounters (Sands of Time).  You can custom tailor OMEGA to be far more than it already is.  Don't forget about changing the Damage Dealt/Damage Taken settings in Wildcat to custom tailor your experience.  That's a big part of why we're using Wildcat.

OMEGA is still too easy!
Did you check your load order?  Did you check for conflicts in xEdit?  Usually users having mods override what OMEGA is doing ends up being the most common culprit here.

I don't see TK Dodge in this list...
Enemies dodging the players attacks can be fun, but it isn't always enjoyable to dodgeenemy attacks yourself.  It can trivialize too much content and makes the game significantly easier.  YMMV and feel free to use it.

What about Know Your Enemy or True Armor?
These mods work very well with OMEGA, so enjoy if they suit you! They are by no means hard requirements however, and some users may not enjoy the "rock, paper, scissors" element of these mods.

What about High Level Enemies?
This mod should work in this setup if you'd like to add it.  But it is recommended you try this setup first without it just in case it ends up adding too much to your game.  As a caveat it adds new mobs in.  Though it is friendly to MLU loot lists, you are likely to get a wide range of inconsistent enemy behavior because of SRCEO not modifying these new mobs.  So that may end up feeling bad.  One of the additional encounter mods or altering the difficulty setting in Wildcat is more likely a better option.

What about Advanced Adversary Encounters?
This is not compatible with SRCEO as they are both enemy overhauls.  AAE has been considered several times and overall SRCEO has been found to offer more to the player than AAE does.  Add in that AAE ignores EZ's entirely and that SRCEO is designed from the ground up to work with Ordinator, Apocalypse, and Skyrim Revamped...  SRCEO clearly rises to the top of the list for a multitude of reasons.  That said AAE does offer some specific niche things SRCEO doesn't do if that's really your thing.

What about Revenge of the Enemies?
This is not compatible with SRCEO as they are both enemy overhauls.  Just like with AAE (read one up), SRCEO seems to bring more to the table.  If you simply refuse to use SRCEO then I'd look at AAE if you don't mind giving up EZ's and RotE if you absolutely did not want to give up EZ's.

Why are you refering to EverWatch as Skeleton Jack?
EverWatch is an old account name Skeleton Jack no longer uses. He goes by Skeleton Jack in most cases now.  He's also SkeletonJack_ on Reddit.

So then SJG means?
Skeleton Jack Gaming.  It's a tag to make Skeleton Jack's work more easily recognizable across several platforms and usernames.  That's all. 

Francaise -

Give your favorite mod authors the love they deserve!

"I spent somewhere around 300+ hours over 5 months working on this project.  Research, tutorials, digging through other people's mods,
youtube videos, experimenting, play testing mod interactions and leveling rates, learning how to use xEdit properly, fomod creation, manual data entry...  And before I did all of this I never truly understood the level of work and dedication mod authors invest into whatis for us just a click to download on a mod page.

OMEGA would not exist without the painstaking, arduous, and brilliant work put forth by some of the best mod authors on Nexus.  Please go back and revisit all of the mods you downloaded, got a patch for, or an AIO replacement for.  Consider giving those mods an Endorsement (and/or those authors a Kudos).  They deserve it.

- Skeleton Jack

CREDITS & Thank you!

chocolatenoodle, Fuma, and Trainwiz - for creating MorrowLoot Ultimate and giving permission to use their assets.
Nightman0 - for creating Skyrim Revamped and giving permission to use his assets.
center05 - for creating Mortal Enemies and giving permission to use his assets.
Kearsage and watafuzz - for Classic Classes (LE & SSE) and the permission to use their assets.
tonycubed2 - for permissions to use his Populated mods to create the OMEGA Populated mod.
Parapets's Adaptive Leveling - Specialized Character Development - he helping create the INI based off of his numbers for OMEGA.
Dirty Weasel Media's Ordinator Uncapper INI  - permission/blessing given by Dirty Weasel to adapt his INI for a custom tailored experience with OMEGA.
EnaiSiaion - because he's the man and created such amazing mods that are the cornerstone in many Skyrim playthroughs. 
sabrio204 - for assisting in many fixes and improvements on OMEGA and for allowing his patch, OMEGA MLU Consistency Patch, to be included.
thelegg77 - for creating the ME & SIC patch, the OMEGA Survival and Keyword patch, and assisting in many fixes and improvements to OMEGA.
icecreamassassin and sirjesto - for permissions and creating the LOTD Patches necessary to make merged options here for OMEGA compatibility.
mtreis86 - for creating the Weapon AF script he allowed use of to finally finish the proper WAF integration for the Leveled Item lists.
hishutup -  for creating UPF Cell Encounter Level in Name Patcher which helped Patch Hammet's and formed the Cell entries for Cell Names.
kryptopyr - for creating Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes and giving open permissions " include keywords, item stat changes, and other record
edits in your mod for the purpose of maintaining compatibility and consistency with WACCF."
Ilav - for creating the Survival Mode - Immersive Armors patch, from which various keyword additions were forwarded from.
Darkladylexy and ImRevelation - for creating Lexy's LOTD Consistency Patches and allowing the use of use assets from that mod.
Mebantiza - for continuing to update MLU and for creating and allowing the inclusion of edits from the MLU - WACCF patch.
Skeleton Jack/SkeletonJack_/EverWatch - for creating the original OMEGA, OMEGA - Ashara SSE Merchants and Trainers, and Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul - Patches and allowing the use of his assets here.
SydneyB - for creating the original Ashara SSE Mercahnts and Trainers and for allowing open permissions on that mod.
GaracktheMad - for creating the CACO Sancrosanct Court Chef fix and allowing open permissions for that mod.
ValtyrBrutalious - for creating the MorrowLoot Ultimate and Complete Crafting Overhaul Remastered Patch and allowing the use of his assets here.
BeastlyBeast - for creating the Morrowloot Ultimate - Guards Armor Replacer Patch and allowing the use of his assets here.
Arenthia - for creating the Beyond Skyrim Bruma - MLU Patch and giving permission to use thier assets here.
Beldoril - for creating the Beyond Skyrim - Bruma "loot cap" and for having open permissions on that mod.
SteveTownsend - for creating Smart Harvest SE and reaching out to me during its development.

Thank you to everyone who helped  make OMEGA what it is today.  From an xEdit hack, to a series of 3 Patches, to AIO mods, to what it is now.  OMEGA exists only because of amazing mod authors and amazing users!

Any other cool stuff?!
Skeleton Jack's other mods!!

(SJG) OMEGA - Heavy Armory - The Weapon AIO Mod for MorrowLoot Ultimate
(SJG) Lights On - Spells Emit Light (Compatible with Ordinator - Apocalypse - Sacrosanct - Shadow Spell Package)
(SJG) Lights Out - Spells Emit No Light (Compatible with Ordinator - Apocalypse - Sacrosanct - Shadow Spell Package)
(SJG) Dual Wield Parrying Reimplementation for SSE (Works for Spell Blades as well)
(SJG) Better Sounding Female Dragon Shouts
(SJG) Quick Light Patch (based upon in game Torch values for light settings)
(SJG) UPF Patcher - See the Encounter Zone level in the name of the zone

Skeleton Jack
-Suffer Well Brothers and Sisters...