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Tired of broad, thick weapons that would be far too heavy, blunt or unwieldy in actual combat? Maybe you find their styles a little too unconventional or just plain ugly? This mod simply reshapes the weapon meshes and is compatible with re-texture mods.

Permissions and credits
  • German

Take the paddlin' outta battlin'!

A simple reshaping of the vanilla weapon meshes so that they're not so big/bulky/ugly(IMO).
  • The meshes have been painstakingly reshaped and fixed, NOT simply thinned/flattened uniformly.
  • The meshes WILL WORK WITH ANY re-textures (yes blood too), look at their shape in the images, not the textures!
  • Don't take the old joke images too seriously, I made them ages ago never expecting this mod's popularity. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This mod consists of REPLACEMENT MESHES ONLY: there are no vanilla textures.
There is no .esp file, so you will not find it in your load order or plugin list.
Install order IS important, you must overwrite other mod's files to get the new shapes.
Use the installer - requires a mod manager - pretty much everything is optional.
100% SAFE: installing/uninstalling or changing options mid-game will have NO effect on your savegame.

OPTIONS in installer:
  • EVERYTHING! Don't like the new scimitar? Don't select it in the istaller.
  • Left sheath meshes for dual-sheath mods - requires a mod like Ecotone - overwrite its meshes.
  • Sheaths: select if you want sheaths for anything that doesn't have one in vanilla, including greatswords.
  • aMidianBorn Skyforge weapons: requires aMB Skyforge mod - overwrite its meshes.
  • Runed Nord Hero Weapons: requires RNHW mod - overwrite its meshes.
  • FrankFamily's Ultra HD Silver Sword: requires UHSS mod - overwrite its meshes.
  • FrankFamily's HD Imperial Weapons: requires FHDIAaW - overwrite its meshes.
  • Dawnbreaker: choice of either vanilla, Elven or Dwarven sheath versions, + ENB particle patch versions.
  • DragonBling weapons: your choice of a ruby, emerald or sapphire gem in the pommel, or vanilla gem-less.
  • New scimitar model, choice of plainer or fancy with gem.
  • Glass/Stalhrim/Keening Refraction looks better than vanilla, or can be used for transparent weapons which requires skysan4298's mods (glass/stalhrim) - overwrite his meshes Note: Skyrim's engine causes parts of the refraction to disappear when held up before particle effects like smoke. Parts of the blood may also disappear based on viewing angle with the transparent option.
Separate optional download files:
  • DragonBling Gemling All Standalone: requires Gemling Queen Jewelry's textures. Adds ruby, sapphire and emerald Dragonbone versions to the crafting menus (doesn't touch the vanilla weapons, so you'll have 4 different types of Dragonbone weapons in-game). Main file still required to change the vanilla weapon shapes).
  • Dawnbreaker Greatsword: added to bottom of Forrelhost dungeon, doesn't replace one-hander. Uses vanilla Dawnbreaker enchant.
  • SkyRealism - Shiny patch: requires SR-S - overwrite its meshes. Makes armour and weapons reflective like polished metal, but not compatible with other retextures like aMidianBorn. Note: some of his textures are missing mipmaps, causing a slight lag when viewing, this causes some loadscreens like the nord in full plate or the guy in full dwarven gear to appear partially invisible.
  • Daedric Reaper patch: requires Daedric Reaper - overwrite its meshes.
  • Runed Nordic Weapons patch: requires Runed Nordic Weapons, a standalone glowing set - overwrite its meshes.

Compatible with everything except other MESH-replacing mods.

  • Compatible means "no conflicts", it does NOT mean that this mod will auto-reshape modded weapons!
  • If a re-texture mod includes meshes, then the new textures will usually still be used, unless the author changed the texture filenames/paths, then a patch is needed.
  • Replacer mods that change weapons with completely new, uniquely-shaped meshes require no patch; just install that mod after this one to use their meshes.
  • Fully compatible (and reshape will work) with mods that change any weapon stats, enchants, etc using a plugin (.esp).
  • Fully compatible with mods that add new weapons (like Immersive Weapons), even if the new weapons are variants of vanilla weapons. If those mods use for ex. a vanilla sword to make a spear, that sword-spear will NOT look like my sword unless they used my mesh as a base. I will not make patches for such weapons, ask sword-spear guy.


  • Quivers: All - Arrows are slightly longer than vanilla
  • Daedric: Sword + Greatsword + Dagger + Waraxe + Battleaxe (incl. Bound Weapons)
  • Ebony: Sword + Greatsword + Dagger + Battleaxe (incl. Blade of Sacrifice + Nettlebane)
  • Ancient Nordic: Sword + Greatsword (incl. Drainblood + Ghostblade)
  • Nord Hero: Sword + Greatsword
  • Steel: Sword + Greatsword + Dagger + Battleaxe
  • Skyforge: Sword + Greatsword + Dagger + Battleaxe
  • Elven: Sword + Greatsword + Dagger + Waraxe
  • Glass: Sword + Greatsword + Dagger (incl. Chillrend)
  • Dwarven: Sword + Greatsword + Dagger
  • Imperial: Sword
  • Silver: Sword + Greatsword
  • Iron: Sword + Greatsword + Dagger
  • Orcish: Sword + Greatsword + Dagger + Battleaxe
  • Dragonbone: Sword + Greatsword + Dagger + Battleaxe + new arrowhead
  • Dawnbreaker: Sword + separate optional Greatsword version
  • Stalhrim: Sword + Greatsword + Dagger + Battleaxe
  • Nightingale Blade: Sword
  • Mehrune's Razor: Dagger
  • Nordic: Sword + Greatsword + Waraxe + Battleaxe
  • Scimitar: Sword
  • Keening: Dagger

You MAY use these meshes in your mod provided that:

  • you credit me (a link to this mod in your Desc is nice but I'll settle for mention in the credits),
  • you're not simply re-packing all or a good part of this mod (no modpacks unless the pack is a link list),
  • you're not charging money for your mod,
  • you can PM me to let me know, but you don't have to.
I spent ALOT of time on these (more than I'd care to admit,), so I don't think a little shout-out is asking too much. :)