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Awesome Artifacts is a lightweight unique items overhaul for those who want artifacts to be unique and powerful without being unimmersive or overpowered.

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This mod is the cheese for your Skyrim burger. It's the product of years of tinkering with Skyrim's lackluster unique items to do them justice. Yes, I'm saying it's another unique items overhaul. The mods I once found for the bland artifacts were poorly made or too boring or far too overpowered, so I took it into my own hands and learned my way to making this mod the best it can be. Awesome Artifacts aims to be lightweight and of high quality, to have effects that are unique and fun, to stay true to the original theme and be immersive, and finally, to keep things balanced enough to make things interesting. The only item that's truly overpowered is Ysmir, as you'd expect.
There are lots of hidden effects, details and quirks which you will discover naturally, but the description is already a mouthful and cannot mention everything; it's best to try the mod for yourself.

Requires the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (USKP/USSEP) on PC/XB1.
The changes that aren't available to PS4 users due to technical limitations are marked with a *.
Includes fixes and tweaks from Weapons, Armor, Clothing & Clutter Fixes (WAF/WACCF) and makes use of its extended framework. Recommended mod.
If you want the effects that increase jump height then you need powerofthree's Tweaks OR Jumping Bonus Fix.
The mod Guard Dialogue Overhaul SE is recommended but not required.

---Craftable Items---

Ysmir, Dragon of the North

- You can upgrade Konahrik to Ysmir at the Skyforge once you have ended the civil war and become the Thane of every hold and learned every vanilla Smithing perk.
- Requires all the original Dragon Priest masks and 50,000 gold to forge. Skyrim needs more gold sinks.
- Has all enchantments from said Dragon Priest masks.
- Has the hidden perk from Dragon Aspect that makes most shouts more powerful.
- The hidden perk has been optimized and now also improves the extra shouts from Dawnguard and Dragonborn.
- Ysmir comes in both Cloth, Light, and Heavy versions, which you can switch between for a fee of 1,000 gold. 
- Light version gets Matching Set bonus from all Elven and Nightingale armor, and Heavy from Daedric.
- Alternate Dragonscale and Dragonplate versions are available to suit your fancy.
- It will use any new textures you install for Konahrik.
- Konahrik's effect now makes you explode, damaging enemies and healing allies, and leaving you with a flame cloak for 15 seconds. Its janky proc mechanic has been adjusted so it won't make you accidentally immortal, and the explosion gets stronger with high Destruction skill and has an increased chance to summon a Dragon Priest.
- Includes fixes and tweaks from USKP, WAF and me to all Dragon Priest masks. Notably, they now benefit from perks related to their material, e.g. Elven Smithing for moonstone. A couple of enchantments have also been expanded upon, but it's nothing crazy. If you have another mod for the masks, load it after this one.


- You can craft an unenchanted replica of Chillrend called Rimeglass Sword. It requires Glass Smithing, Arcane Blacksmith and Deep Freeze/Crystallize to forge.
- A Rimeglass Sword can be upgraded to a Honed Rimeglass Sword once you have 100 Smithing skill. The Honed version has the stats of max-rank Chillrend.
- Rimeglass Swords have been added to leveled loot lists, so they can be found rarely after level 30 anywhere enchanted Glass Swords can appear.
- Can also be crafted at the Atronach Forge. A recipe for it can be found as random loot among the original recipes.
- Frost enchantments placed on Rimeglass Swords are 10% stronger. Generic enchanted variants have 10% more enchantment charges.
- Chillrend can be disenchanted to learn Frostfeed, and it now slows the target and damages Stamina as it should. Its chance to paralyze has been reduced from 26% to 10%. The enchantment glow is designed exclusively for Chillrend, but it looks good on most other weapons. With this, you can forge your own Chillrend (or two) and add another enchantment. I personally like adding a moderate Silent Moons enchant.

Miraak's Sword

- You can craft Miraak's Sword at the Skyforge when you have completed the Dragonborn questline. It is not unenchanted.
- Requires Arcane and Daedric Smithing to forge, and the sword now benefits from the Daedric Smithing perk when being improved.
- The crafting recipe scales with your level. The different ranks of the sword become available at these levels: 1 - 45 - 60 - 75
- You can upgrade it from a lower rank to the highest available. It takes less materials than creating a new.
- The sword has infinite charges because it's alive, and the tentacle attack animation has been removed since it's bugged and stops working every other minute.
- The new Mora's Gift enchantment Soul Traps the target for 3 seconds and absorbs 10/15/20/25 points of Health, Magicka, and Stamina, depending on item level.
60% is absorbed on impact, the remaining 40% are tapered over 2 seconds. It can be disenchanted. When enchanting, you only have control over the Soul Trap's duration; the absorption is set to 8 points, but it amplifies itself and any additional enchantments it's paired with by 50% if you have completed the quest for Oghma Infinium.

Nightingale Armor, Weapons & Arrows

- You can craft unenchanted Nightingale Armor, Weapons, and Arrows* during the night after Darkness Returns to Nirn. The elegant arrows are designed by FrankFamily.
- The armor requires Advanced Armors to craft, and the weapons and arrows require Ebony Smithing. They all require Arcane Blacksmith too.
- The 25 armor rating bonus from wearing a full set has been changed to 25% Health regeneration.
- All items are unleveled and can be fully improved, the enchantments have been expanded upon, guards will comment on items, and many more tweaks and fixes.

Snow-Elven Armor (Ancient Falmer Armor)

- Auriel bestows knowledge of Snow-Elven Smithing to the owner of his bow, including the lost art of making Powdered Mammoth Tusks, which are used to craft the armor.
- Snow-Elven Crown is now Light Armor and has 13 armor. Wearing a full set of Snow-Elven armor grants 25% Health regeneration.
- Snow-Elven Smithing has prerequisites: Elven, Arcane, and Advanced Smithing.
I recommend using a retexture that makes the armor look pristine.

---Unique Items---

- Damage increased to 19.
- Swings slightly faster than normal.
- Does 20 points of piercing frost damage to Health and Stamina.
- Hits that are blocked reduce the target's armor and Block skill by 20 points for 5 seconds. This effect stacks.

Aetherial Shield
- Armor increased to 33.
- Now benefits from Dwarven Smithing.
- Bashing with the shield makes targets ethereal for 15 seconds and reduces their health regeneration by 100%. During this time they lose 5 points of Magicka and Stamina per second for a total of 75 points. The shield allows you to turn every fight into a 1 on 1 battle when you're outnumbered, escape a dangerous situation or skip a fight.

Aetherial Staff
- Now counts as Conjuration and benefits from Twin Souls. You need to wait 5 seconds for the summoning animation to end before you can summon another one.
- Fixed the bug that would permanently break the staff.
- Chance of a misfire reduced from 14% to 10%, and misfires now always summon scrap metal.
- Can summon Dwarven Centurions that have been downsized so that they can fit through doorways.
- The staff levels up with you:
- Level 1-14:    66% chance of a Dwarven Spider Worker.    20% chance of a Dwarven Sphere. 4% chance of a Dwarven Centurion.
- Level 15-29:  40% chance of a Dwarven Spider.40% chance of a Dwarven Sphere.        10% chance of a Dwarven Centurion.
- Level 30-44:  35% chance of a Dwarven Spider Guardian. 40% chance of a Dwarven Sphere Guardian.15% chance of a Dwarven Centurion Guardian.
- Level 45-59:  25% chance of a Dwarven Spider Guardian. 45% chance of a Dwarven Sphere Master.    20% chance of a Dwarven Centurion Guardian/Master.
- Level 60+:       0% chance of a Dwarven Spider Guardian.  65% chance of a Dwarven Sphere Master.    25% chance of a Dwarven Centurion Master.
- PS4: Level 1-24: Summons a Dwarven Sphere. Level 25-49: Summons a Dwarven Sphere Guardian. Level 50+: Summons a Dwarven Sphere Master. No misfires or bugs.

Ahzidal's Relics
- Ahzidal's helmet makes Conjuration and Rune spells cost 25% more, but they're 15% stronger and have greater range.
- Ahzidal's armor increases Magic Resistance by 15% and grants a 5% chance for melee attackers to be paralyzed for 7 seconds.
- The boots allow you to walk on water and muffle your movement by 50%. If any four Relics of Ahzidal are worn, increases Enchanting skill by 10 points.
- The gauntlets grant +30 points of Magicka and carrying capacity, and make Ward spells 25% less effective, but Wards absorb 50% of the Magicka from incoming spells.
- I heard you want bombs. The corpse bomb from Ahzidal's Ring of Necromancy does 100 frost damage and benefits from Deep Freeze. It also has a 10% chance to frost paralyze targets at any health percentage. It maximizes the Confidence of the subject, so bombs will always charge towards the enemy. Its bug with Dark Souls is fixed. 
- The Ignite spell from Ahzidal's Ring of Arcana is now 25% stronger, and dual-casting doubles its duration instead of its damage. It can no longer stack because that made it one of the most overpowered spells in the game even though it's an Apprentice spell with low Magicka cost.
- The Freeze spell now does double damage to Stamina. Dual-casting the spell is not recommended because of the slow effect and Todd Howard. The same goes for vanilla frost spells like Ice Spike; their slow effects do not work properly with dual-casting, and the usual fixes can't fix it. Use Freeze in one hand.

Ancient Shrouded Armor Set
- The armor increases Poison Resistance by 100% and the potency of your harmful poisons by 25%.
- The cowl increases the damage of bows by 35% and grants +3% critical strike chance and +2 critical damage.
- Gloves increase one-handed damage by 25% and grant double sneak attack damage with one-handed weapons.
- Boots use the same enchantment as Nightingale Boots, improving sneaking by 25% and muffling movement by 75% instead of 50%.
- The 25 armor rating bonus from wearing a full set of Dark Brotherhood armor has been changed to 25% Stamina regeneration.

Arch-Mage's Robes
- All mage robes sold at the College of Winterhold now increase the power of their associated spell school, from +5% (Novice) to +20% (Master).
- The robes without any spell school that only granted Magicka regeneration before now also grant Magicka to make them useful, from +20 (Novice) to +60 (Master).
- Arch-Mage's Robes combines all Expert-level mage robes, so it reduces spell costs by 20%, makes all spells 15% stronger, and increases Magicka regeneration by 150%.

Auriel's Bow
- Damage increased to 18.
- Critical Damage set to 12.
- Multiplies critical strike chance by 1.25, so 20% critical strike chance becomes 25%.
- Fixed the enchantment. It now does 20 Sun Damage to anyone, and triple to undead.
- The afterburn tapers off 25% less, causing more damage in the weak end of its duration.
- Has a hidden 5% chance to call upon Celestial Fury when hitting a dragon. See Dragonbane.
- Draws its power directly from the sun, so it doesn't use charges during the day in outdoor locations.
- Shoots as far as the slow Daedric Bows, but it still has the fastest speed in the game. The legend lives!

Auriel's Shield
- Changed to Light Armor, for lore consistency and to match the related Snow-Elven Armor.
- Because of this, armor rating has been reduced to 30, making it 1 point stronger than a Dragonscale Shield.
- Weight has been reduced to 6.
- Added a hidden 10% block and 10% elemental resist enchant, because dragons.
- The shockwave's speed has been fixed and it now does 3/7/15 damage, up from 2/5/10.

Blade of Woe
- Benefits from the Daedric Smithing perk instead of Steel Smithing.
- Has all tweaks from WAF, so its Attack Speed has been increased by 30% to match other daggers.
- The new Kiss of Death enchantment absorbs 10 Health and makes the target bleed 30 points of Health, Magicka, and Stamina over 10 seconds.
- The bleeding effect stacks and reduces the target's Health regeneration by 100% for the duration.
Hail Sithis!

Bloodskal Blade
- Counts as a silver weapon.
- Benefits from smithing bonuses.
- Normal attacks absorb 5+ points of Health.
- Power attacks release energy blasts that do 10+ damage on impact and absorb 5+ points of Health over 1 second.
- All effects become 3% stronger per point of Two-Handed skill, culminating in 40 + 20 points of damage and absorption at skill level 100.
- Energy blasts stagger the target on a cooldown.
- The blast has increased speed and range.

Champion's Cudgel
- Swings slightly faster than normal.
- Target takes 15 points of damage. Damage type varies depending on time of day. Each damage type has a 1% chance to deal damage at any time.
  00:00-03:00: Moon Damage. 03:00-06:00: Frost Damage. 06:00-09:00: Absorb Stamina. 09:00-12:00: Nature Damage.
  12:00-15:00: Sun Damage.    15:00-18:00: Fire Damage.    18:00-21:00: Absorb Health.    21:00-00:00: Shock Damage.
- Each effect has its own unique strengths. E.g. Frost Damage slows the target, and Nature Damage reduces armor by the amount on the tooltip for 5 seconds.
- Benefits from all elemental and poison damage increases. The Ordinator patch doubles the strength of the enchantment to compensate for the lack of Augment perks.
A leveled Nordic Sword with Chaos Damage has been placed next to the chest at the end of the Cudgel's quest, so you can still learn that enchantment by doing the quest.

- Now benefits from the Daedric Smithing perk.
- Does 15 Fire Damage with increased afterburn damage and 10 Sun Damage. Does an additional 10 Sun Damage to undead.
- Changed the Bane of the Undead explosion that it can trigger by killing undead. Originally, it made them burn for 4 seconds, and flee for 30 seconds. Now it makes them both burn and flee for 10 seconds, doing a total of 130 fire damage, and targets that die while burning from the explosion have a chance to explode again.
- The explosion no longer knocks items around, and vampire characters can become immune to it by praying to Arkay or by equipping an Amulet of Arkay.
- Soul Husk Extracts now provide protection for vampires against the explosion, and they also protect against the Drain Vitality shout used by Revered Dragons such as the two in the Forgotten Vale. The extracts increase Magic Resistance by 15% for 300 seconds, and Valerica will now continue to create them after she returns to the castle.
- If desired, the explosion's ability to chain can be disabled by typing Set DawnbreakerChainExplosion To 0 into the console.

Death-Brand's Treasure
- Deathbrand Armor increases Stamina by 15 and makes you stagger 10% less for each Deathbrand item you wear.
- The helmet allows you to breathe underwater and increases Frost Resistance by 15% for each Deathbrand item you wear.
- Boots increase carrying capacity by 10 and movement speed by 5% for each Deathbrand item you wear.
- Gauntlets increase one-handed damage by 10% and critical strike chance by 1% for each Deathbrand item you wear. Increases critical damage by 2.
- Wearing the full set still grants +100 armor.
- The weapons have 4% increased attack speed and slightly higher critical damage.
- Bloodscythe absorbs 5 points of Health on impact and 15 points over 1 second, and has a chance to reduce enemy armor by 60.
- Soulrender absorbs 5 points of Magicka on impact and 15 points over 1 second. The dispelling effect now does 30 damage instead of 1, and counts as Destruction. It can dispel wards, invisibility, armor spells, cloak spells and healing spells. It also procs on summoned creatures, reanimated undead, wisps and wispmothers, and magical anomalies, dealing damage.

Diadem of the Savant Polymath
- Armor increased to 10, which is still very low.
- Benefits from Elven Smithing, Matching Set and Mage Armor.
- Makes life a little easier by increasing most stats by 5%.

- Is now unleveled: 14 Damage, 13 Weight.
- Katana: Attack speed increased by 12.5%. (WACCF)
- Does 30 magic damage to Health and half of that to Magicka against dragons. Does 10 shock damage to Health and Magicka against others.
- Has a 5% chance to call upon Celestial Fury when hitting a dragon, doing 100 magic damage on impact with another 300 damage over 3 seconds.
10% of this damage is also dealt to Magicka.
- All effects benefit from Augmented Shock.

Fang of Haynekhtnamet
- Has 13 damage by default.
- Target takes 20 points of shock damage to Health and half as much to Magicka.
- Normal attacks add a charge to the enemy, up to a maximum of 5 charges. Power attacks discharge 20 additional points of shock damage per charge.

Ebony Blade
- Can now be improved at a grindstone. This change is not lore-friendly, but neither are the blade's effects to begin with. You can choose not to improve it.
- Now has the stats and mechanics of an artifact Ebony Greatsword, although it benefits from the Daedric Smithing perk.
- Gains 5 points of Health absorption every time it ranks up, for a maximum of 35 points (up from 30).
- Does 5 bleeding damage over 5 seconds, which increases every rank and ends up doing 15 damage over 5 seconds.
- Sneak attacks made with this weapon are silent and do 3 times normal damage instead of 2.
- All effects are still innate; they do not use enchantment charges.

Ebony Mail
- Enemies in melee range take 8 points of Shadow Damage per second to Health and 4 points to Stamina.
- Has a 15% chance to reflect melee damage back at the attacker or absorb the Magicka of any spell that hits you.
- Still silences your movement while you're sneaking, and increases your sneaking ability by 20%. This bonus is multiplicative with the Fortify Sneak enchantment.
- The shadow cloak now comes in three hues: Red*, blue
*, and the original green. Red is the new default. It also no longer makes targets completely black, although the original full black version is also available. You can exchange color variants at a cooking pot.
- Three new recipes have been added to the Atronach Forge by request, allowing you to obtain disenchantable Shadow Damage weapons. There's one for each color variant. The recipes can be found as random loot among the original recipes.

Gauldur Blackblade
- Is now unleveled: 12 damage, 11 weight.
- Increased stagger from 0.75 to 0.8.
- Absorbs 20 points of Health.
- Absorbs 4% skill power for 10 seconds: All your skills become 4% more effective, gaining stats like 4% one-handed damage and 4% spell cost reduction. You can only absorb 4% power per target. Subsequent hits on the same target diminish the target's power by reducing all skills by 2 points per hit.

Gauldur Blackbow
- Is now unleveled: 14 damage, 9 weight.
- Counts as Honed Draugr material.
- Absorbs 30 points of Stamina.
- Absorbs 25 points of armor and 10% movement speed per target for 10 seconds. Subsequent hits on the same target reduce the target's speed and armor.

- Counts as Honed Draugr material. (Dwarven Smithing)
- Now has a hidden effect against spooky ghosts.
- Damage increased to 10.
- Critical Damage doubled to 10.
- Innate: Does 10 points of spectral damage to Health, Magicka, and Stamina.

Glass Bow of the Stag Prince
- Can level up 10 times (to 200 animal kills) instead of 4 times (to 80 kills).
- Gains 10 Health and Stamina per level (up to +100) and 2% Agility (up to +20%). See Keening for a description of Agility.
- Innate: Does 10 points of Nature Damage to Stamina and half of that to Health, increasing by 3 points every level (up to 40 points).
- Base speed slightly increased, along with Critical Strike chance multiplier and critical damage.
The hunt is on!

Harkon's Sword
- Damage increased to 12. Weight reduced to 9.
- Katana: Attack speed increased by 12.5%. (WACCF)
- Target takes 10 points of shadow damage. Living targets take double damage.
- Does an additional 5 points of shadow damage during the night and when the sun is eclipsed by Auriel's Bow.
- Vampires absorb 5 points of Health, Magicka and Stamina per second for 5 seconds. Does not stack.

- Can be enchanted.
- Value increased to 666.
- Imbued with burning hatred towards horkers.
- Guards may comment on the foul evil in this weapon.

- Can now be improved at a grindstone. Counts as Dwarven.
- Damage increased from 8 to 10 (Ebony).
- Removed the cluttering "Mortal Wound" effect. Arniel Gane notes that you're unharmed.
- Has a 50% chance for each attribute to absorb 25 points of Health, Magicka, and/or Stamina. Keening resonates, empowering its wielder:
Increases Health, Magicka, and Stamina by 25 points. Increases Agility by 10%: You move and attack 10% faster, jump 10% higher*, and take 10% reduced falling damage and stagger. These effects come from TES3: Morrowind. Jump height requires powerofthree's Tweaks OR Jumping Bonus Fix.

Mace of Molag Bal
- Benefits from the Daedric Smithing perk.
- Does 30 damage to Magicka and Stamina.
- Has an 8% chance to make the target flee in horror for 30 seconds.
- The duration of its Soul Trap effect has been increased to 30 seconds.
- Does 15 bleeding damage over 30 seconds, which is doubled on critical hits.
Sheson's favorite beater for our firstborns. His little brother, Molag Bal, is just renting it from him.

- Can now be improved at a workbench. Benefits from Dragonscale and Dragonplate.
- All versions are now Light Armor with 22 armor, to match the rest of the set.
- Increases Magicka by 50, Magicka regeneration by 25%, and reduces spell costs and shout cooldown by 10%.

Miraak's Armor
- The robes have been changed to Light Armor to match the rest of the set, and now have 31 armor.
- Added 30% Poison and Shock Resistance to the robes. The tentacle explosion now also damages Stamina.
- Added 20% Conjuration and Destruction spell cost reduction to the gloves.
- Added 20% Stamina regeneration to the boots, and the wearer can walk on water and moves quietly.
- Can be improved with Dragonscale Smithing.

Miraak's Staff
- Counts as Conjuration.
- Sprays writhing tentacles that do 30 points of poison damage per second to Health and Stamina. Captures souls. Direct hits now trigger the tentacle hit effect.
- Can be sprayed on the ground to create a field of tentacles that stagger and Soul Trap foes for 15 points of poison damage per second for 5 seconds.
- Becomes 50% more powerful to you if you have completed the quest for Oghma Infinium. The same goes for Mora's Agony as it uses the ground spell.

Necromancer's Amulet
- Increases Magicka by 50 points.
- Conjuration spells cost 25% less to cast.
- Reanimation spells are 15% more powerful. They also last 15% longer, including conjured undead such as Conjure Mistman.
- Undead minions are more powerful: +5 Melee Damage, +50 Stamina, +100 Armor, +10% Magic Resistance, +10% movement speed.
- Increases effectiveness against undead by 10%: +10% physical damage, +10% spell magnitude, +10% spell duration.
- Reduces their effectiveness towards you by the same amount.
- Reduces your Health and Stamina regeneration by 75%.

Red Eagle's Bane
- WAF: Damage increased to 12. Weight reduced to 13.
- Does 8 fire damage on impact and sets the target on fire for roughly 22 damage over 5 seconds.
- Undead up to level 30 flee for the duration of the burn.
- Silky smooth taper curve.

Savior's Hide
- Armor rating increased to 36, putting it between Scaled and Glass armor.
- Benefits from the Advanced Armors perk (Scaled) instead of Ebony Smithing.
- Gets Matching Set bonus with Hide, Fur, Forsworn and Scaled armor.
- Increases Magic Resistance by 25% and Poison Resistance by 50%.
- Makes you stagger 20% less while foes stagger 20% more.
- Increases unarmed damage by 15.

Shield of Solitude
- WAF: Counts as Light Armor and benefits from Advanced Armors. (Scaled)
- Is now unleveled: Weight reduced to 5, armor rating set to 26. It's 1 point weaker and lighter than a Glass Shield.
- Increases Magic Resistance and movement speed by 15%. Fortifies blocking by 20%.

Shield of Ysgramor
- Now benefits from Ebony Smithing.
- Armor increased from 30 to 35, which is 1 armor less than a Daedric Shield.
- Increases Magic Resistance and Frost Resistance by 20%. Fortifies blocking by 30%.

Skull of Corruption
- Does 20 points of damage to Health, Magicka, and Stamina. Increases by 1 point for every dream stored, up to a maximum of 50 points at 30 dreams.
- Has a 10% chance to consume a stored dream and reduce the target's Magic Resistance by 20-50% for 5 seconds. This stacks with diminishing returns.
- Has a hidden 3% chance to consume a stored dream and make any target up to level 20-50 flee from combat for 15 seconds.
- Has an AoE and slows the target by 10-25% for 5 seconds when powered with dreams. The first hit staggers the target.
- You can now harvest dreams from a victim every third night, instead of every tenth.
- Guards (and Extra NPCs from GDO) can comment on the lingering nightmares.
- So many fixes, nothing has ever been this fixed.

- Now benefits from Dwarven Smithing.
- Has 31 points of armor.
- Increases Magic Resistance by 20%.
- Wards against spell damage for 70 points per second. The ward is applied instantly instead of waiting for condition delay. *
- All wards reach their full strength 40% faster. It's a global change which is compatible with everything, so ward spells are less terrible now, but still pretty terrible.

Staff of Magnus
- Absorbs 25 Magicka and 10 Health per second. If target is out of Magicka, absorbs 25 Health instead. Magical anomalies take extreme damage.
- The Magicka absorption originally did 100% extra absorption over 1 second; an untapered afterburn. I made both Health and Magicka taper 50% extra instead.
- The effect has been fixed and costs less enchantment charge per second. I also gave it an AoE that's as wide as the beam, to make it easier to hit with.
- The staff protects its user with the Shield of Magnus, granting a 25% chance to absorb the Magicka from incoming spells and restoring 1 point of Health per second.
This effect comes from TES3: Morrowind.

- Upgraded to Skyforge Steel quality.
- Does 10 points of piercing frost damage to Health and Stamina.
- Hits have three 10% chances to inflict 20/30/40 shock damage.
- Each shock damage proc has its own set of thunder sounds.
- Benefits from Augmented Frost and Shock.

Sword of Jyggalag
- Has increased attack speed consistent with greatswords in WACCF.
- Has increased stagger. Critical hits always stagger the target.
- Ignores 25% of armor.
- Can be enchanted.

Tenchi (Akaviri Sword)
- Counts as a silversteel weapon and uses this beautiful model by cnyylzy123456789.*
- Damage increased to 12. Weight reduced to 9.
- Attack speed increased by 12.5%. (WACCF)
- Multiplies critical strike chance by 1.25.
- Ignores 25% of a target's armor.
- Can be enchanted.

The Pale Blade
- Is now unleveled.
- WAF: Damage increased to 12. Weight reduced to 13.
- Does 25 frost damage to Health and twice as much to Stamina.
- Creatures and people up to level 20 flee for 30 seconds.
- The tooltip now shows the correct enchantment values.
- Minor increases to attack speed and critical damage.
*All frost enchantments already do double damage to Stamina, and the USSEP team refuse to fix it. So this weapon actually does triple damage to Stamina.

The Rueful Axe
- Benefits from Daedric Smithing, and gets Daedric-tier bleeding damage from perks.
- Now swings 4% faster than other battleaxes, instead of 30% slower.
- Now staggers as much as other battleaxes.
- Damage increased from 22 to 24.
- Weight increased from 10 to 18.
- Ignores 25% of a target's armor.
- Counts as a silver weapon.
- Has 10% critical strike chance, and critical hits cause extra bleeding damage equal to the rank 1 perk.
- Removed the stamina damage enchantment, so it can benefit from the Elemental Fury shout.

The White Phial
- "I want to resist the forces of magic." - Resist 20% of magic for 300 seconds.
- "I want to strengthen my magical skills." - All spells are 20% stronger for 300 seconds.
- "I want to deal more damage in battle." - One-handed and two-handed attacks are 35% stronger for 300 seconds.
- "I want to be fleet of foot." - Increases your movement speed and jump height* by 20% and your carrying capacity by 50 points for 300 seconds.
- "I want to be better hidden in the shadows." - Grants invisibility for 60 seconds. You are 20% harder to detect for 300 seconds.
"I'd like it to have the power of healing." - Fully restores health. Cures poison and all diseases.

Vampire Royal Armor
- Armor increased from 30 to 34.
- Weight decreased from 9 to 7.
- Magicka regeneration decreased from 125% to 100%.
- Reduces the magicka cost of Conjuration and Illusion spells by 25%.

- Now benefits from the Daedric Smithing perk.
- Damage increased by 1, putting it between Ebony and Daedric Warhammers.
- Still swings faster than normal.
- Now has Critical Damage. (17)
- Absorbs 50 points of Stamina.
- PC and XB1: Power attacks have a 20% chance to critical strike. Critical strikes stun the target for 3 seconds.
- PS4: Power attacks do 25% more damage and have 20% critical strike chance.

- Can be improved and counts as Ebony, giving it bleeding damage from perks.
- Now has Critical Damage. (16)
- Can be enchanted.
- USKP: The 20% bonus damage affects all types of elves, including Orsimer and vampire elves.

Additional Changes
- Saarthal Amulet reduces all spell costs by 5%.
- Helm of Yngol has 20% shout cooldown reduction.
- Firiniel's End does 50% increased sneak attack damage.
Denstagmer's Ring increases elemental resistances by 25%. 
Dwarven Black Bow of Fate absorption increased to 50 points.
Masque of Clavicus Vile has 25% regeneration to all attributes.
Ring of Namira reflects 15% of all melee damage back at the attacker.
Nettlebane has a hidden effect against spriggans. Works with any mod.
Mentor's Ring reduces all spell costs by 12% and has a cleaner Active Effect List.
Bloodthorn absorbs 10 points of Health on impact and 10 points over 2 seconds.
Mehrunes' Razor ignores 25% of armor, has 12 base damage, and benefits from Daedric Smithing.
- Eye of Melka shoots an upgraded vampiric fireball which absorbs 10-15 points of Health in its radius.
Grimsever does 20 frost damage, and 15 bleeding damage over 30 seconds which is doubled on critical hits.
Vampiric Ring's Drain Life spell benefits from Apprentice Destruction and absorbs 6 points per second, up from 3.
Muiri's Ring and Silver-Blood Family Ring increase carry weight by 30 and improve either Alchemy or Smithing by 15%.
Armor of the Old Gods has expanded low-level enchantments and grants 25% Health regeneration when the full set is worn.
Ring of Surroundings improves sneaking by 20% and reduces the cost of Illusion spells by 15% and makes them 10% stronger.
- Staada's Helmet has an added +3% critical strike chance and +2 critical damage in addition to increasing Stamina by 70 points.
Targe of the Blooded's bash does 3 piercing damage on impact and 15 bleeding damage over 5 seconds which are doubled when power bashing.
- The Staff of Jyrik Gauldurson now correctly does twice its damage to Magicka, counts as Destruction, and provides its intended boost to Magicka affinity.
Nightweaver's Band improves sneaking by 20%, reduces the cost of Destruction spells by 15%, and grants +3% critical strike chance and +2 critical damage.
Warlock's Ring wards for 30 points per second, and the ward gets applied instantly instead of waiting for condition delay. It now increases jump height by 5%. *
Ring of Khajiit and Ring of the Wind increase your jump height along with movement speed. Ring of the Wind also increases your Stamina regeneration by 20%.
- The Hide spell from Ring of Khajiit is now a Lesser Power which costs 5 Stamina per second, so you no longer need to cast it with your hands.
Guild Master's and Blackguard's armor sets also have Linwe's combat enchantments. Guild Master's is better for thieving and Blackguard's is better for combat.
Bolar's Oathblade does extra damage to Altmer, halves your chance to be critically hit, and reduces incoming damage and spells from dragons and animals by 10%.
The Gauldur Amulet increases base regeneration per second by roughly 20%. Health: 0.7 -> 0.875% (+25%) | Magicka: 3.0 -> 3.5% (+16.67%) | Stamina: 5.0 -> 6.0% (+20%)
Kyne's Token increases the damage of bows by 30% and reduces incoming damage and spells from animals and spriggans by 15%.
Savos Aren's Amulet increases your Magicka by 60 points and makes you stagger 25% less from incoming attacks.
Locket of Saint Jiub increases your Stamina and carrying capacity by 50 points, and your movement speed by 20%.
- Amulet of Articulation is now properly unleveled and can be improved, but doesn't benefit from any Smithing perk.
Eduj and Okin reduce your shout cooldown by 15% and increase your Frost Resistance by 30% when wielded together.
Notched Pickaxe can be disenchanted to learn the Storm Notch enchant, which now has a weak afterburn.
Poacher's Axe does 8 extra damage to animals. It can be disenchanted and has no charge cost. Good for followers.
Briarheart Geis does 15 extra damage to Nords, and is held by a forsworn at Lost Valley Redoubt just like in CRF. It can be disenchanted and has no charge cost. 
- Silent Moons Enchant does 25% of its damage to Magicka, and its afterburn is synchronized with its improved visual effect which creates twice as many particles.
Bleeding Damage spells from perks have been balanced to a point where they actually matter. Orcish axes cause the longest lasting bleeds, and Daedric the strongest.
- Improved random enchanted weapon material lists. Instead of finding tons of enchanted Iron weapons, you'll find more Steel weapons, and a little more of other types.

---Creation Club---

The items in the spoiler are for the Anniversary Edition of the mod.


- The mage robes with dual spell schools from The Spell Package now also increase spell power.
- Robe of the Lich uses the Master Conjuration enchantment for robes with increased spell power.
- Magebane counts as Glass and has increased attack speed that's consistent with WACCF, and dispels magical effects from targets, causing extra damage.
- Ice Blade of the Monarch has a chance to apply Chillrend's freezing paralysis effect. It's also the fastest 2H sword in the game by default.
- Light of Day does sun damage and restores 2 points of Health per second, and counts as a Steel weapon. Its conditions are optimized and Serana will no longer take damage from wielding it after her vampirism has been cured.
- Torment does 20 fire damage and absorbs 10 points of Health.
- Scourge has a base 10% critical strike chance, and critical strikes cause an Elemental Blast for 60 elemental damage. This includes the Critical Charge perk and any items that increase crit chance. It can banish daedra up to level 50, and daedra who can't be banished take 20 points of magic damage.
- Trueflame and Hopesfire now do 40 points of fire and shock damage, and apply their damage instantly on impact with powerful 2 second afterburns. They also have +4% attack speed. Trueflame is now affected by Augmented Flames and has a low charge cost like Hopesfire.
- Dwarven Crowns and their Visages can now be tempered at a workbench.
- Ward of the Seasons increases elemental and poison resistance by 15% and all regeneration rates by 10%.
Boneshaver does 3 piercing damage, and 15 bleeding damage over 5 seconds which is doubled on critical hits. It has infinite charges.
- The Relics of the Crusader set now has the enchantments it was lacking from its previous appearance in the franchise. Its set bonus now also reduces spell damage from undead and daedra instead of just melee damage. Corrected the description to reflect that it also works against daedra. The shield now wards for 70 points instantly instead of waiting for condition delay. It also increases blocking by 20% to make it compete with Spellbreaker with a different effect. The light armor set can now be fully improved with the Advanced Armors perk.
- Stendarr's Hammer damage increased from 28 (Dragonbone) to 30 (Aedric). Increased its "smite damage" from 22 to 30 points. It looks like fire damage but it isn't affected by fire resistance (Bethesda's idea) and it now has increased afterburn damage and is affected by Augmented Flames. Reduced critical damage to 20 from its absurdly high value of 100, which is still higher than any other weapon. Increased stagger from 1.25 to a massive 2.0.
- Shadowrend now does 20 points of shadow damage. Its magic resistance debuff has been fixed so that it actually works.
- Dragon's Oath and Akatosh's Talon increase fire spell damage by 20%.
Storm-Bear Sword and Tsun's Judgement increase frost spell damage by 20%.
Storm-Bear armor and Imperial Dragon armor now receive proper recognition in dialogue if GDO is installed.
- Bow of Shadows should now always apply its invisibility instead of bugging out. Its attack speed buff has been fixed too and it shoots further. It now benefits from the Ebony Smithing perk. Increased critical strike chance multiplier by 10%.
Lord's Mail now absorbs 5 points of health per second like it says, up from 3, and the absorption is now red instead of blue. It now counts as Ebony and gets better recognition in dialogue if GDO is installed. 
- Increased Fire/Frost damage on Dawnfang/Duskfang from 7 to 10 points. Increased absorptions from 5 to 8 points. Note that it has infinite enchantment charges and benefits from Augmented Flames and Frost. Removed the enchantment charge display bar and made the enchantment strength display correctly.
- Increased health absorption on Bloodthirst from 15 to 20 points. The bleeding damage is now a part of the enchantment so that it doesn't block other perk effects. The attack speed buff has been fixed.
Umbra has more enchantment charges and minor tweaks.
- Chrysamere grants 25% Fire Resistance and a 15% chance to absorb the Magicka of incoming spells. It regenerates your Health during combat.
- Sunder now increases your melee damage multiplicatively by 15% when empowered by Wraithguard instead of just being an additive One-Handed damage enchantment. So it's better. It also adds 50% stamina regeneration.
- Wraithguard's bonus effect for Keening increases Health, Magicka and Stamina by 25 points.
- Fixed Fists of Randagulf's tempering recipe. Corrected its enchantment description; it actually increases unarmed damage by 20 points instead of a meager 20%.
- Skull Crusher ignores 25% of armor and has 20% increased stagger, and slightly increased speed. Note that it has Dragonbone damage and 15 weight, which is the lowest weight in the game by far. Removed the stamina damage enchantment to let it benefit from temporary enchantments such as Elemental Fury.
- Increased damage of Ruin's Edge from 12 to 14. Increased frost damage proc to 30 points. Added +5% critical strike chance multiplier.
- Goldbrand now has 12.5% increased attack speed over other swords, consistent with WACCF's handling of katanas. It has 15% increased critical strike chance multiplier.
- Eltonbrand can be obtained by having exactly 11171 gold in your inventory and bringing Goldbrand to the Skyforge while wearing Konahrik (or Ysmir). Then you can upgrade it to Eltonbrand for a daedra heart. Go to hell, Carolina!
- Blackwater Blade staggers the target on critical hits.
- Cyrus' Sabre has +10% attack speed and +25% critical strike chance multiplier.
- Headman's Cleaver has 10% critical strike chance and increased attack speed, and does 15 bleeding damage over 5 seconds which is doubled on power attacks and critical strikes. Hits that are both a power attack and a critical strike do triple bleeding damage. It stacks with bleeding damage perks but that damage is not multiplied.


Install using a mod manager. There's no real need here but you're going to regret it one day if you're not using one. The mod can be installed in the middle of a playthrough without issues, but you should unequip any enchanted items that this mod changes before installing or updating!
Awesome Artifacts is simple, clean, and made with compatibility in mind, and there are several compatibility patches available. The standard version requires the free DLC that came with the 1.6 update, but you can stay on 1.5.97 if you wish by using the downgrade patcher's "Best of Both Worlds" option as mentioned in the sticky post. The mod should be loaded after any item changes or fixes such as WACCF or CRF. Most compatibility issues can be resolved by using the right load order. Want to use another mod that changes the same leveled lists for enchanted weapons? Or perhaps there's a Wuuthrad mod which you're particularly fond of? Just load them after this mod so that they take priority. It will work without problems most of the time.

Awesome Artifacts is available for Xbox One and Playstation 4 on