Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes includes a few changes that have a bit more of an impact on game balance than most of the bug fixes and consistency changes otherwise found in this mod. I felt that these changes were worth discussing in a bit more detail.

This mod changes the ranks and quality progression of all Dwarven, Elven, and Orcish weapons in the game. The vanilla stats and progression for these weapons are inconsistent with both the armor scaling and the arrangement of the perk tree. This creates several balance and gameplay issues. By the time you get the Orcish perk there's little reason to ever craft Orcish weapons, since Dwarven weapons are superior and you get the Dwarven perk sooner. Orcish weapons require more perks to craft than either Elven or Dwarven but are far weaker than either of these. Orichalcum is also more expensive and more difficult to acquire than Dwarven metal, which further throws off the ratio between the cost of materials and the value of the finished product.

It's also inconsistent with the lore provided by previous TES games. This is what the UESP wiki has for their Morrowind entry on Orcish: "There are very few Orcish weapons available, as they are more well-known as crafters of armor. However, the few that exist are fine weapons indeed, out-classing most other weapons in their respective classes in terms of damage." In Daggerfall, Orcish weapons were better than even Ebony weapons.

This mod corrects all of these issues.  The new progression from low to high quality is: Dwarven --> Elven --> Orcish.  By switching the stats and progression of these weapons, it allows them to scale in the same order as the matching armor styles and is consistent with the arrangement of the Smithing perks.

All of the relevant weapon stats and leveled lists have also been modified to reflect this change. I've changed not only the base weapons, but also every single Dwarven, Orcish, and Elven generic enchanted weapon. The enchantment levels have been adjusted to scale properly for these generic enchanted weapons, and they've also been renamed to properly reflect the correct enchantment levels. All of the associated leveled lists have also been altered so that the weapons will appear at the appropriate level.

WACCF also switches the values and stats for Daedric and Dragonbone weapons, so that Daedric weapons are the more powerful of the two. This change is consistent with both lore and the vanilla armor convention. This was actually a much simpler change than the Dwarven, Elven, and Orcish weapons since Dragonbone weapons don't have generic enchanted versions and they don't show up in the leveled lists.  However, this change does not address the inconsistency of having the Dragon Smithing perk arranged higher on the perk tree than the Daedric Smithing perk.  For one solution to this, see Smithing Perks Overhaul.

WACCF changes the stats and keywords for the dragon priest masks to better balance them with other gameplay options. In the original game, all of the dragon priest masks had the ArmorMaterialDaedric keyword. This had two effects:

  1. The Daedric Smithing perk was required in order to get the improvement bonus for any of the masks (even the light armor ones).
  2. Despite clearly being made from different materials, every single one of the dragon priest masks fulfilled the requirement for the Heavy Armor Matching Set perk when worn with Daedric armor, boots, and gauntlets.

This file changes the keywords to match the specific material the mask is supposedly made from. This means that each mask will now pair with a different set of armor for the Matching Set bonus. It also means that different smithing perks will apply to different masks. To balance the fact that lower ranking smithing perks can now be used to improve many of the masks, I've also adjusted the armor ratings so they are more in line with the material type they represent. They are still generally several points better than the equivalent helmet of that type. In addition, Morokei was changed to Clothing rather than armor in order to provide mages with a no-armor option, and Otar has been changed to Light Armor (due to the material it is made from and to provide a bit better ratio between the number of light and heavy masks).


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