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some of the patches, mod tweaks and xEdit scripts i made

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If you're a mod author and you don't want to see something i made for your mod, just tell me. Also feel free to grab my patches and tweaks.

Here you can find some of the patches, mod tweaks, and xEdit scripts i made. Some of the patches are made by simple drag-n-dropping in xEdit, some are more interesting. Patches and tweaks are included in an "automatic" fomod-installer, though you will need to select some things manually so please check what's selected. Check the descritions below for additional instructions and requirements (i didn't add them to the fomod so i can change them easier and don't have to update fomod if i find out some new info). The number of patches will grow, though i also reserve the right to remove anything.

Disclaimer: You need to understand that it's not a modding guide and your load order may require additional patching for the patches included. If you use all the patches you found on nexus for mods you have, it doesn't mean that your load order doesn't have other incompatibilities. Also, if i don't provide a patch for mod A + mod B even if i have other patches for each of them, it doesn't mean that such a patch isn't required.

If i don't update it more than half a year, consider it outdated


ISC - Dawnguard + USSEP
- the Dawnguard part includes the same changes as ISC Patch for Dawnguard but with USSEP edits forwarded, so you don't need that with my patch

ISC - WACCF (Updated patch)
- Added/updated records: DLC1IvoryCuirassAlternateAA [ARMA:0200CAD2], OrcishBattleaxe "Orcish Battleaxe" [WEAP:0001398C], ForswornSword "Forsworn Sword" [WEAP:000CADE9 .

Non-Exploitable Crossbow Reloading SE - ISC

Ars Metallica - WACCF
- also adjusts some melt down recipe perk requirements to match WACCF changes to vanilla recipes and progression.

Adamant - WACCF
- also adjusts some recipe perk requirements to match Adamant perks. Load order: WACCF > Adamant > Adamant-WACCF >
Lightweight Smithing Tweaks > ArsMetallica > ArsMetallica-WACCF > Adamant-ArsMetallica (everything is optional).

Ars Metallica - Adamant
- also adjusts some melt down recipe perk requirements to match Adamant changes to vanilla recipes. Load order: WACCF > Adamant > Adamant-WACCF > Lightweight Smithing Tweaks > ArsMetallica > ArsMetallica-WACCF > Adamant-ArsMetallica (everything is optional).

Immersive Horses - AOS

Immersive Horses - AOS - Mortal Enemies
- my IH-AOS patch is redundant with this

Immersive Horses - RDO

Immersive Horses - Immersive Movement

Immersive Horses - SkyHUD (No SkyUILib Notifications)
- Replaces SkyUiLib notifications that cause double notification bug with SkyHUD with regular ones (you don't lose anything). As a bonus, removes 4 useless notifications at the game start.
Now included in Immersive Horses Script Fixes, so better get that instead.

The Choice Is Yours - RDO

Falion Is Rude (Assorted Tiny Tweaks) - RDO

Thugs Not Assasins - Timing Is Everything Patch Fix
- Fix for the official patch from TNA page (the original patch is required). Adds a conditon Player.GetDetected(000 Owner) = 1 to Player alias that implements the requirement on player detection but wasn't forwarded.

Random Encounter Tweaks - Timing Is Everything

Reliquary of Myth - AOS

Reliquary of Myth - AOS - AllGUD
- my RoM-AOS patch is redundant with this

Dragon War - No Killmoves, No Killcams, No Killbites

House of Horrors - The Choice is Yours

House of Horrors - No More Logrolf Houdini
- doesn't require original No More Logrolf Houdinig. Not compatible with EBQO and Wintersun

WIDeadBodyCleanupScript Crash Fix - Vanilla Script (micro)Optimizations / replacement WIDeadBodyCleanupScript
- it's not essential to forward edits from (micro)Optimizations but i think the one in this script is a relatively huge improvement

Less Music - Still + Melodies of Civilization + Around The Fire

Mihail Pigeons - Alchemy Adjustments
- makes pigeon meat and cooked meat effects consistent with Alchemy Adjustments and fixes keywords on the cooked meat. Only for the full version of Alchemy Adjustments (with food).

Falmer Blood Elixir Replacer - Thieves Guild Requirements
- the elixir that Brinjolf sells to you will get the replaced mesh.

Falmer Blood Elixir Replacer - Alchemy Adjustments

Heathfire Crispy Dumplings - Alchemy Adjustments
- Only for the full version of Alchemy Adjustments (with food).

Unquantum Forgemaster's Fingers - WACCF

Torches Ignite Oil (
Shock Edition) -  AOS - i made it as a standalone replacement for the original plugin, because all of the records are patched

BD Armor Replacer* - USSEP WACCF
- Also, college hoods don't display circlets to prevent clipping.

BD Armor Replacer* - Reliquary of Myth - Load order: WACCF > RoM > BD Replacer > BD Fixes > BD-WACCF > BD-RoM.

Modest Elderly - WACCF (Updated patch) - Requires my Modest Elderly Fixes and must be placed after them.

Dragon Lilly - Enchanting Adjustments
- makes the robe benefit from the feature that makes player magic-related enchantments work better on the robes (doesn't require my keyword plugin).

Open World Loot - AVL Iron and Steel Addon - Guard Dialogue Overhaul SENot needed if you place GDO plugin after AVL Iron and Steel Addon, but my load order doesn't allow me to do that, so this just contains copies of GDO records that allow you to place the Iron and Steel addon after GDO (works with Redux but has minor differences).

More Craftable Equipment - ISC

Draconic Bloodline - Skyrim Souls compatibility
- Fixes that the book doesn't work with Skyrim Souls.


The Choice is Yours - Lod Dialogue Tweak
- A tweak for Lod's dialogues in "A Daedra's Best Friend" quest. Without this if you say "Sorry, i don't have time right now", all other dialogues will be blocked until you start the quest, you won't be able to trade with him, he will just ask you about the dog again and again. With this tweak other dialogues won't be blocked, and the quest can be started at any time via a new dialogue if you want to do it after. Place after Bring Meeko To Lod if you use it

Improved Closefaced Helmets - Mesh Fixes
- fixed human female version of Bonemold helmet clipping on the chin and the forehead (see images).

Small Environmental Fixes - Fixes
- fixed disappearing blocks at the Sadri's store with Better Dynamic Snow and a disappearing block near the marketplace reported by a user.

Civil War Checkpoints - Fixes
- a few minor placement fixes for the Whiterun checkpoint

Enchanting Adjustments - Robes Keyword + KID Distribution
- Adds keyword that can be added to an armor/clothing to make it benefit from the feature that makes player magic-related enchantments work better on magic robes, as an alternative to adding to the formlist. Also contains a Keyword Item Distributor ini to distribute the keyword to any armor/clothing that has "Robes" in its name.

Alchemy Adjustments - Remove Slow Fix
- removes the slow fix that is already fixed on engine level by Bug Fixes.

Water Douses Fire - Fixes
- removes IsInDangerousWater=0 condition that prevents Water Douses Fire from working with needs and other mods that set Causes Damage flag on all water records (they do it because it's the only way to check if player is in water even if not swimming withour Papyrus Extender) and adds two conditions that prevent it from working in lava, which i believe was the goal of that condition but that one didn't work, because the only water that has Causes Damage flag in vanilla is Apocrypha water, Lava doesn't have it.

SunHelm - No Meal Dialogue
- Disables the dialogue "Can you serve me a full meal?". Included in my Tavern Menu Remade - SunHelm patch.

Nordic Tent upgrade by Pfusher - No BigBlurryRug
- Removes the big blurry rug, which clips with objects inside and the landscape, from the tent mesh

Indecent Exposure - 5G Remover
- removes the "G" letter after the number of septims in the "bounty added" message that doesn't exist in the vanilla bounty message

Smaller Mihail Pigeons

BD Armor Replacer* - Fixes
- fixes farm hat 03 clipping with vanilla long hairs and thalmor gloves missing hands when wearing without the robes.

Modest Elderly - Fixes - added merchant clothes + missing survival keywords.

Dragon Lilly - Fixes
- Fixes keywords, adds missing value, decreases the number of gold ingots required by x2, changed footstep sounds from light armor to clothing.

Remove those config spells
*works only on new games

Wildcat - also removes a useless notification at the game start.
Obsidian Weathers

GTFO My Room

*BD Armor Replacer - my patches and fixes are made for BD's Armor and Clothing Complete Collection UUNP or other conversions that require it. I won't make patches for other versions unless i switch to a different version myself.

xEdit (SSEEdit) Scripts
Place lilmacelib folder and scripts you need into 
the xEdit folder\Edit Scripts\

Disable Combat Boundary

Free Weapon Upgrades

Weapon Speed Effects Fix / Attack Speed Framework patcher

Wiseman303's Flora Fixes patcher (also for its copy included in CACO)
(if you use Scrambled Bugs or just No Scripts version, you don't need this patcher)

Use cell parameters from files


Spell Tome Sorting

Falmer Chests Have No Locks

NPC De-Standaloner

Swap Masters

Find Dialogue Infos/Topics by text

Find records by script name

Find text in records