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some of the patches, mod fixes and tweaks, and xEdit scripts i made

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  • German

  • If you're a mod author and don't want to see something i made for your mod, just tell me. Also feel free to include any patches/tweaks into your mod.
  • If i don't update it more than half a year, consider half of the patches outdated.
  • I don't take requests for patches.
  • I refuse the right to remove anything, because i can and will change my mods, and when i do so i don't want to track updates of mods i no longer use and update my patches for them. In such cases feel free to upload my old files to nexus.
  • If i don't provide a patch for mod A + mod B even if i have other patches for each of them, it doesn't mean that such a patch isn't required (because i don't use some of the mods currently, also i use patches by other people).


This is a compilation of compatibility and consistency patches, mod fixes and tweaks, and xEdit scripts i've made. Some of the patches are made by simple drag-n-dropping in xEdit, some are more interesting. Patches and tweaks are included in an "automatic" fomod-installer, though some options should be selected manually, because the only thing the installer can check is whether you have a .esp with a specific name. See the list of files, descriptions and instructions below.






(all the patches are made for ISC SRDified, records covered by it are not included)



The Choice is Yours

Locked Chests Have Keys

Open World Loot

Reliquary of Myth

SB - Lightweight Economy Overhaul

Other patches


  • BD's Armor and Clothing Replacer Complete Collection - Fixes - Fixes farm hat 03 clipping with vanilla long hairs and missing hands when wearing thalmor gloves without the robes.
  • Better Windhelm Ground Meshes - Placement Corrections - Fixes position of a few objects that become slightly floating with the new meshes (see images).
  • CBBE Hoods (Bodyslide version) - No Rim Lighting - Does the same as this but for CBBE Hoods mod. Removes "rim lighting" that causes purple glow from the green farm hood. Only for the Bodyslide version. Of course you need to re-build the farm hoods in bodyslide.
  • Civil War Checkpoints - Fixes - A few minor placement fixes for the Whiterun checkpoint.
  • Contraband Confiscation - Fixes - Fixes notifications about contraband that you didn't even have being removed
  • Dragon Lilly - Fixes - Fixes keywords and floating sheated weapons, adds missing value, decreases the number of gold ingots required by x2, changes footstep sounds from light armor to clothing.
  • Indecent Exposure - 5G Remover - Removes the "G" letter after the number of septims in the "bounty added" message that doesn't exist in the vanilla bounty message.
  • Mihail Hanging Dead Chickens - Ownership Fix - adds missing ownership to chickens placed in exteriors.
  • Modest Elderly - Fixes - Adds merchant clothes and missing survival keywords.
  • NARC - Barbas Addon - makes Barbas don't report crimes
  • Nordic Tent upgrade by Pfusher - No BigBlurryRug - Removes the bug blurry rug clipping with objects inside tents and the landscape.
  • Realistic HD Woodcutter's Axe Remastered (Realistic HD Mods Remastered Collection) - Mesh Fix - Fixes broken physics that make axes leaning against walls, such as the one at Mixwater Mill, have incorrect position. Made by WiZkiD.
  • Skyrim 3D Furniture - Item Placement Fixes - a plugin that fixes various items in the world that fall to the floor with 3D Furniture: apples in Proudspire Manor bedroom, a book in Winking Skeever player room, multiple items in Jorrvaskr Living Quarters, a shield and an axe in Candlehearth Hall. Place after WACCF. If you use interior overhauls such as JK, place it before them (though it will prolly be completely overwritten by them).
  • Skyrim 3D Furniture - Mesh Fix - a fixed mesh for Breezehome table with bench that didn't have an animation assigned so trying to sit caused an error.
  • Small Environmental Fixes - Fixes - Fixes disappearing blocks at the Sadri's store with Better Dynamic Snow/Simplicity of Snow, a disappearing block near the marketplace reported by a user, and a duplicated banner at the Sadri's store.
  • The Choice is Yours - Lod Dialogue Tweak - Place after Bring Meeko To Lod if you use it. A tweak for Lod's dialogues in "A Daedra's Best Friend" quest. Without this if you say "Sorry, i don't have time right now", all other dialogues will be blocked until you start the quest, you won't be able to trade with Lod, he will just ask you about the dog again and again. With this tweak other dialogues won't be blocked, and the quest can be started at any time via a new dialogue if you want to do it later.
  • Water Douses Fire - Fixes - Removes IsInDangerousWater=0 condition that prevents Water Douses Fire from working with needs and other mods that set Causes Damage flag on all water records (they do it because it's the only way to check if player is in water without Papyrus Extender unless they're swimming) and adds two conditions that prevent it from working in lava, which i believe was the goal of that condition but that one didn't work, because the only water that has Causes Damage flag in vanilla is Apocrypha water.

  • Beyond Skyrim Morrowind - Bonemold Weapons Pack - Remove World Edits - Reverts all the world edits (the placed guy with bonemold weapons and all the related stuff).
  • Campfire - Cook Boars and Potatoes - Allows to cook boars and potatoes on campfires (there are no such recipes for cooking pot in vanilla, but for example Apothecary adds them).
  • Mihail Pigeons - Smaller Pigeons
  • More Werewolves - Disable City & Town Attacks - fully disables werewolf attacks to towns and cities.
  • SunHelm - Milk Not Raw - Requires powerofthree's Papyrus Extender. Replaces VendorItemFoodRaw keyword with VendorItemFood so that milk isn't processed as raw food and you don't catch diseases drinking it. Does that via a script to avoid conflicts. Works without SunHelm too.
  • SunHelm - No Meal Dialogue - Disables the dialogue "Can you serve me a full meal?". Included in my Tavern Menu Remade - SunHelm patch.

Remove those config spells (works only on new games)

xEdit (SSEEdit) Scripts

Place lilmacelib folder and scripts you need into the xEdit folder\Edit Scripts\
Don't use the xEdit x64. xEdit x64 has floating point errors, is slower than x32 and must only be used if x32 runs out of memory. Judging by user reports, errors often occur when running scripts on xEdit x64.

Disable Combat Boundary

Free Weapon Upgrades

Weapon Speed Effects Fix / Attack Speed Framework patcher

Wiseman303's Flora Fixes patcher (also for its copy included in CACO)
(if you use Scrambled Bugs or just No Scripts version, you don't need this patcher)

Use cell parameters from files


Spell Tome Sorting

Falmer Chests Have No Locks

NPC De-Standaloner

Swap Masters

Find Dialogue Infos/Topics by text

Find records by script name

Find text in records