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some of patches i made

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some of patches i made, classic "automatic" installer with ESL-flagged patches. there will probably be more patches in the future.
I reserve the right to refuse to update any patch and move it to old files if I no longer use the mod.


Enchanting Adjustments and Price-Charge Bug Fix (Full) - AOS

Enchanting Adjustments
and Price-Charge Bug Fix (Full) - CACO - Makes the paralysis enchantment both leveled (Enchanting Adjustments) and ragdoll (CACO), and makes the CACO paralysis resistance work with the enchantment.

Non-Exploitable Crossbow Reloading SE - ISC

Immersive Horses - AOS

Immersive Horses - Immersive Movement

Ordinator - AOS
- the same as the Qwinn's patch, but not outdated

Thugs Not Assassins - Hired Thugs Fixed

Relighting Skyrim - Skyrim Supplemental Patch
- if you've ported it. The patch fixes a black square at one fireplace moved by SSP, by moving the black panels added by RS by the same value. Though me and wizkid (Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes team) have removed SSP and going to absorb its fixes we notice, and we no longer recommend to use it on SSE.

BD UUNP Collection - USSEP WACCF plus Farm Hood Fix
- includes a fix for an armor addon Farm03Hat01AA that was clipping with vanilla long hairs. For BD's Armor and Clothing Complete Collection UUNP and CBBE conversions that require it, otherwise you can rename the mod plugin to "BD UUNP Collection" to make the patch work (i'm not sure that there are no differences in plugins).

BD UUNP Collection
- CBBE Plugin Patch - i don't know what it does, but i've patched it.

Dragon Lilly - Enchanting Adjustments
- magic-related enchantments will work better on the robe, similar to vanilla robes.


USSEP - No Book
- with this you won't get "USSEP - Remove Unwanted Effects" Book at the start. If you somehow need it, you can use a console command: player.additem xx0B1985 1.

BD UUNP Collection
- Stormcloak Helmets Hair Fix - stormcloak and guard helmets clip with vanilla long hairs when NPCs in the distance, sometimes even when a NPC is close to you (check screenshots). it will remove the hair when these helmets are equipped, so it won't clip. of course NPCs may look bald (the same as it already is with many other helmets), though with the stormcloak/guard armor from BD Replacer it's not so noticeable. Mod-added hairs like KS Hairdos already don't display under any helmets, this patch is for vanilla hairs.

Dragon Lilly
Fixes - Fixes keywords and pickup sounds. Also replaces the light armor footstep sounds with the clothing ones that are maybe not 100% suitable but probably better.


Obsidian Weathers