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some of patches, mod tweaks, and xEdit scripts i made

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Here you can find some of patches, mod tweaks, and xEdit scripts i made. Everything (except xEdit scripts) is included in an "automatic" fomod-installer, though you will need to select some things manually.
The number of patches will continue to grow, though i also reserve the right to refuse to update any patch and remove it if i don't use the mod anymore and it has been updated.
It's recommended to know the basic usage of xEdit and check everything you install, even my patches. I upload all the patches and tweaks to save your time and, with some of the patches and fixes, to give you something that would require more than simple drag-n-dropping in xEdit, but there's no patch collections that you can just install after downloading random mods and don't worry about any incompatibilities or issues - check everything yourself to be sure.
If you're a mod author and you don't want to see something i made for your mod, just tell me.


Realistic Water Two - CACO - Fixes two mushroom piles that were flying due to the RWT landscape changes (see images).

Enchanting Adjustments and Price-Charge Bug Fix (Full) - AOS

Enchanting Adjustments
and Price-Charge Bug Fix (Full) - CACO - Makes the paralysis enchantment both leveled (Enchanting Adjustments) and ragdoll (CACO), and makes the CACO paralysis resistance work with the enchantment.

Non-Exploitable Crossbow Reloading SE - ISC

Ars Metallica - WACCF
- also adjusts some melt down recipes perk requirements to match WACCF changes to vanilla recipes.

Ars Metallica - Wiseman303's Flora Fixes Revamped
- ignore if you already have combined patches from the WM Flora Fixes page

Ars Metallica - Mining Makes Noise
- a script patch. Note that MineOreScript is often edited by mods, so you may have more that these two mods that edit this script, so this patch won't be enough. For example, Vokrii (though it will work if you overwrite Vokrii with Smithing Perks Overhaul). Completely overwrites Mining Makes Noise so MMN can be removed.

Immersive Horses - AOS

Immersive Horses - Immersive Movement

Immersive Horses - SkyHUD (No SkyUILib Notifications)
- Replaces SkyUiLib notifications that cause double notification bug with SkyHUD with regular ones. You don't lose anything with this. As a bonus, this patch removes 4 useless notifications at the game start.

Ordinator - AOS
- the same as the Qwinn's patch, but not outdated

Better Vampires - ISC

Better Vampires - CACO
- also makes the magicka and stamina bonuses from blood potions have duration set in the CACO MCM, applies the same for the Stale Blood Potion, and makes the value of Stale Blood Potion lower than the normal one.

Better Vampires - Alchemy Adjustments
- in addition to the conflict resolution, makes the magicka and stamina bonuses from blood potions have duration.

Better Vampires - Disease Fixes
- a script patch

Reliquary of Myth - AOS

Reliquary of Myth - AOS + AllGUD

Reliquary of Myth - Better Vampires

Falmer Blood Elixir Replacer - Thieves Guild Requirements
- the elixir that Brinjolf sells to you will get the replaced mesh.

Falmer Blood Elixir Replacer - Alchemy Adjustments

Heathfire Crispy Dumplings - Alchemy Adjustments
- Only for the full version of Alchemy Adjustments (with food).

Unquantum Forgemaster's Fingers - WACCF

Stalhrim Heavy Shields Integrated - Ars Metallica
- only adds a melt down recipe for the shield

Torches Ignite Oil (
Shock Edition) -  AOS - i made it as a standalone replacement for the original plugin, because all of the records are patched

Relighting Skyrim - Skyrim Supplemental Patch
- if you've ported it. The patch fixes a black square at one fireplace moved by SSP, by moving the black panels added by RS by the same value. Though me and wizkid (Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes team) have removed SSP and going to absorb its fixes we notice, and we no longer recommend to use it on SSE.

BD UUNP Collection - USSEP WACCF plus Fixes
- also includes a fix for farm hat 03 that was clipping with vanilla long hairs and thalmor gloves that had a part of the hand missed. College hoods don't display circlets to prevent clipping. For BD's Armor and Clothing Complete Collection UUNP and CBBE conversions that require it, otherwise you can rename the mod plugin to "BD UUNP Collection" to make the patch work (though i'm not sure there is no differences between the plugins).

Dragon Lilly - Enchanting Adjustments
- magic-related enchantments will work better on the robe, similar to vanilla robes.


The Choice is Yours - Lod Dialogue Tweak
- A tweak for Lod's dialogues. Without this if you say "Sorry, i don't have time right now", all other dialogues will be blocked until you start the quest, you won't be able to trade with him, he will just ask you about the dog again and again. With this tweak other dialogues won't be blocked, and the quest can be started at any time via a new dialogue if you want to do it after. Place after Wintersun if you use it

Small Environmental Fixes - Fixes
- fixed disappearing blocks at the Sadri's store with Better Dynamic Snow and a disappearing block near the marketplace reported by a user.

CACO - Chaurus Eggs Value Nerf
- no more getting 5k septims from a single falmer dungeon (still not so bad)

Enchanting Adjustments and Price-Charge Bug Fix (Full) - Fixes
- You won't see Dummy Item on enemies killed with frost enchantments, also two leveled list fixes from user reports. Place before any Enchanting Adjustments patches

Better Vampires - More No Sun Damage Worldspaces
- adds two missing worldspaces where you shouldn't get the sun damage, that wasn't covered by BV but was by this mod (it's actually a patch between BV and this mod, but the last one isn't required).

Better Vampires - Night Vision Uses Vampiric Vision Colors
 - it's designed for ENB users. Some ENBs have Night Vision Fix that works with vanilla night vision, and here you can find the required settings to make it work with Vampiric Vision (sneaking) from BV. But unfortunatelly it works only with one night vision effect. This plugin switches the night vision colors to the ones fron vampiric vision, so ENB night vision fix with those settings will work with both visions. Of course the colors will be the same, but you can easily adjust brightness and colors via ENB to find a balance between these two.

Miners and Farmers Sell Supplies - Farmers Don't Buy - they will pay you nothing unless you have Merchant perk

Smaller Mihail Pigeons

BD UUNP Collection
- Stormcloak Helmets Hair Fix - stormcloak and guard helmets clip with vanilla long hairs when NPCs in the distance, sometimes even when a NPC is close to you (check screenshots). it will remove the hair when these helmets are equipped, so it won't clip. of course NPCs may look bald (the same as it already is with many other helmets), though with the stormcloak/guard armor from BD Replacer it's not so noticeable. Mod-added hairs like KS Hairdos already don't display under any helmets, this patch is for vanilla hairs.

Dragon Lilly - Fixes - Fixed keywords and pickup sounds. Also replaces the light armor footstep sounds with the clothing ones that are maybe not 100% suitable but probably better.

Draconic Bloodline - Fixes - Fixed the book that may not work. With this the craft menu will be opened after you close the inventory.

Remove those config spells*
*works only on new games

Wildcat - As a bonus, also removes a useless notification at the game start.
Obsidian Weathers

xEdit (SSEEdit) Scripts
Can be found in the optional files. Place lilmacelib folder and scripts you need into 
the xEdit folder\Edit Scripts\.
Many scripts require MXPF - Mator's xEdit Patching Framework (you only need the Edit Scripts\lib folder).

Disable Combat Boundary

Free Weapon Upgrades

Wiseman303's Flora Fixes patcher (also for its copy included in CACO)

cell parameter patcher

Spell Tome Sorting

NPC De-Standaloner

Swap Masters

Get PapyrusUtil Form String

Find dialogue topics\infos by text

Find records by script name

Find where exactly referenced