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StinkyAegis - Some meshes by QwibQwibMods

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Diversifies and enhances town guards and Stormcloaks, adding heavy armor variants and more. Like vanilla Skyrim, but sexier (but not that kind of sexy).

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Want town guards and Stormcloaks to have diverse and immersive gear while maintaining the vanilla aesthetic? Look no further.

  • A vanilla-style, lightweight overhaul; made with vanilla and vanilla+ modlists in mind.
  • Guards will have a 50/50 chance of spawning in with new heavy armor. Heavy sets will use a new heavy armor and vanilla heavy boots, gauntlets, shield, and helmet depending on city.
  • Light armor is the regular vanilla set.
  • Stormcloaks will use a variety of mismatched gear. Light use anywhere from fur to leather, heavy use iron through steel with some ancient nord mixed in. Stormcloaks will now actually look like rebels using whatever they can get their hands on. The appearance of any given Son of Skyrim will now range from anywhere between milk drinker who left their family farm to fight in the war to Hans Fuck-Beard, the greatest hero who ever lived.
  • Stormcloak Officers now have a heavy variant. Galmar will still wear the vanilla version.
  • All sets are distributed via leveled lists and outfits.
  • All new armor pieces can be improved at the workbench.
  • Customizable. Don't like one of my changes or want to make one of your own? Everything is structured in a way where you can easily add your own armors into either the light or heavy pools. Take a look for yourself, it's hard to explain in writing just trust me dude really it's easy.
  • Sexier Requiem - Guards restores the vanilla guard helmets and adds my Stormcloak modifications.

Only vanilla leveled lists and outfits are changed, except one npc record (Stormcloak officers who spawn in civil war battles.) Most of my additions take place in new records. This mod is compatible with all NPC replacers (for now, may change in the future), mods that touch the armor and armor addon records for vanilla armors, and all retextures. If you are unsure if this mod is compatible with another, load it up in xedit and take a look. This is meant to be used in place of other guard overhauls, like Guards Armor Replacer. Other guard overhauls are assumed incompatible, and I probably won't make patches for them (unless they look vanilla and I feel like adding it in, but don't count on it). Make sure it's loaded after anything else that touches the same records and you should be fine.

Patches are provided for:
  • Armor Variants Extension
  • Immersive Sounds Compendium
  • Cloaks of Skyrim
  • Winter is Coming

Heavy armor meshes from
Varied Guard Armor by QwibQwibMods, who has allowed the meshes to be used with credit.